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This Is What An Average Day Is Like for Severus Snape

Average Day for Severus Snape

Warning: If you haven’t read Harry Potter, then skip the text below and just look at the hilarious images of Severus Snape doing what he does on a regular basis. Which is, specifically, living a pretty normal and average life. 

If you read the entire Harry Potter series, then you already know that Severus Snape was one of the bravest characters in the book. At this point, you’ll also know that he died a hated man, because the truth about his true nature didn’t come out until the end of the great wizarding war.

But in an alternate universe where Severus Snape still lives, this is what his typical day would be like. Despite being a very powerful wizard, Snape does dishes, tries on ladies clothes, sunbathes, and works out on the treadmill. You can hit the break for more of what Snape does on an average day.

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The New Planking: Dragon Ball Moves Recreated IRL

Dragon Ball IRL

Planking is so yesterday. There’s a whole new brand of silliness in Japan that’s taking over the Internet and it doesn’t involve anyone planting themselves face-first in precarious situations or locations. Instead, this new fad is all about the action.

Japanese schoolgirls are recreating action scenes from Dragon Ball demonstrating attack moves and techniques, and it’s nothing short of awesome. Hit the break to check out more images.

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Things To Do When The Internet Is Down

By David Ponce

I’m the fetal position guy.


VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]