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What A 6 Year Old’s Drawings Would Look Like In Real Life


No, not even close to being a gadget. But it gave us a good laugh on a Thursday morning, so why not share it with you guys? Below is a series of images that bring to life one lucky kid’s masterful art pieces. His name is Dom, he’s 6, he likes to draw, and he even has an Instagram account where he shares his life’s work. That’s cool enough as it is, but then his dad takes each drawing and through the magic of photoshop, recreates a “real life version” of the subject. It’s creepy, it’s hilarious, and frankly we think it’s awesome. Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures.


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Deal Of The Day: 94% Off On Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.56.14 AM

You’ve seen the magic some people can accomplish with their Photoshop skills, right? Honestly, it really does seem like magic to us, but of course it isn’t; everything can be learned. The Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle provides you with 41 hours of instruction so you can create your own magic. Each course involves detailed lectures and hours of videos to guide you through every step of the learning process, and they’re available 24/7. Normally costing $566, this bundle is yours for only $29.99!

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Massive Keyboard Developed To Replace Photoshop Shortcuts


If you spend a lot of time working in Photoshop, you’ve probably become acquainted with a lot of the shortcuts that allow you to access the seemingly endless many functions. Some of these shortcuts are pretty complex, involving up to 4 keys and often requiring both hands. The Shortcut-S keyboard, however, wants to let you keep one hand on the mouse at all times, and to do so, it’s decked itself out with 319 keys, 299 of which are hard coded and 20 customizable. There’s an overlay graphic that’s specific to Photoshop, although the company is talking about making others for other similarly complex programs like Illustrator, Final Cut, Corel Draw, etc. Ctrl-Shift-Atl-G for Gaussian Blur? No sir, just press the Gaussian Blur button and you’re good to go. Plus, imagine how spacey your desk will look with this on it.

It’s an $89 pledge to get your own, though the campaign is currently quite far from being funded.


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These Photoshop Parody Ads Are Spot On

Photoshop Parody Ads

Every day, people look at their reflections on the mirror and mentally list down everything that’s wrong with their faces. Their pores. Their eyes. Their skin. Their hair. Their eyebrows. Their nose. The picture-perfect mugs of celebrities and models in magazines certainly don’t help any. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that most of them look like that thanks to PhotoShop. Sure, there are a lot of natural beauties out there, but most images that appear in print media are retouched in one way or another.

Highlighting the features of the image-editing software in a tongue-in-cheek manner is artist and photographer Anna Hill  with her series of parody PhotoShop ads called “Beauty is Only Pixel Deep.”

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Squirrels are Superheroes

Squirrel Hero

Squirrels are superheroes in their own little way. They’re apparently responsible for planting a whole bunch of trees every year because they forgot where they buried their acorns. Even if it’s unintentional, we’ll take it as face value and consider these little, adorable creatures heroes either way.

Taking the “hero” bit more literally is Santiago-Perez from Spain, who used PhotoShop to transform your ordinary, run-of-the-mill squirrel into some of the most powerful and well-known superheroes of all time, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, and even Batman. A Yoda squirrel is thrown somewhere into the mix, too. Check out the rest of the images in the series after the break.

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This Is What Barbie Looks Like Without Makeup

Barbie No MakeUp

For years, people have frowned upon the all-too-perfect looks and body shape of Barbie because it encourages kids to be superficial and overly-conscious about their looks, which makes them lose sight of the bigger picture. The big picture being that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, as long as he or she has got a good heart and a compassionate spirit.

Every Barbie doll that leaves the manufacturing line looks perfectly made-up with bright lipstick and dark eyeliner accentuating her pretty doll features. Artist Eddi Aguirre, however, had different ideas. He stripped Barbie off her makeup and came up with the image that you see above. You can check out a close-up of Barbie sans the heavy makeup after the break.

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Photoshop Mega-Disaster: Because Women Are Now Stick-Thin and 7-Feet Tall

PS Bomb

If you’ve ever shopped for clothes online before, then you already know by now that pictures lie. What looked so good online (and on the model) looks pretty much like crap when it comes in the mail. And if you happened to shop at a site with an equally crappy return policy, then you’re stuck with an unwearable piece of clothing and a burning hole in your wallet.

Retailers know this. They’re well-aware of the fact that pictures sell, and that the more appealing the photos look, the better. Those product images might not look like they’ve been tinkered with, but most shots that do end up online have probably been processed and edited a number of times. Sometimes it works and sells more stuff; other times, it makes consumers and critics wonder what the heck they were thinking when they decided to publish awkward and badly-Photoshopped images like the one you see above. It’s an absolute disgrace.

But hey, if you happen to be 7-feet tall and need some red, low-waist pants, then you know where to go.

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Keyboard Key Decals Helps With Photoshop Shortcuts

By David Ponce

To get the most out of software these days, it’s important to learn how to use it properly. This goes as much for operating systems as for specific applications. Something as complex as Photoshop can take months to master, and developing an efficient workflow is important. To do this, you have to learn keyboard shortcuts and this set of decals can help. They are made specifically for the MacBook Pro’s keyboard and are “made using ultra-high resolution pictures, printed on transparent vinyl MPI material from Avery Graphics, which guarantees no residue with 3-5 years outdoor life.” And most importantly they are not expensive: $16.

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