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3D Cone Is An iPhone Attachment That Allows For Stereoscopic Photography

In a few years from now, when your baby grows up, he’ll ask you why all his baby pictures have these awful filters applied to them (please direct hate mail to our legal department). 3D pictures on the other hand? We’re not sure about that one. For one, these aren’t nearly as common, seeing as the iPhone lacks the hardware required for true stereoscopic photography. But the 3D cone pictured above wants to change that, letting you take two quick pictures in succession from slightly different angles through the use of a specially positioned mirror. Current applications that do the same thing require you to take one pic, move to a new location and take another pic, which isn’t so great with moving subjects. All you have to do here is launch the app, take the pic, and you’re done.

Like many projects these days, the 3D Cone is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter. A $39 pledge will get you yours, although successful funding at this point is not guaranteed: they’re at $3,700 of the $55,000 they need. If you choose to help them out, you’ll get your case in March 2013.

[ Project Page ]

Trygger iPhone Case Give You Elegant Polarizing Filter Add-On

By David Ponce

Yet one more entrant to the overcrowded iDevice accessory market, albeit one that stands out for ingenious and elegant design. It’s a case that helps you take pictures with your iPhone by providing you a polarizing filter. Seen below is what such a filter can do. The thing about them is they need to be rotated depending on the angle that the sun’s rays are hitting your subject, so the Trygger features a way to adjust the angle so that you get that shot just right. Also, you might not always want to use a filter since it does diminish the amount of light that goes through somewhat, so the filter only covers your camera when you slide the panel in which it’s embedded and cover the camera with it. And yes, that panel is felt lined so you don’t have to worry about scratches. The rest of the case is made from 1.8mm of high-strength polycarbonate so your phone should be safe. And like so many of the things we talk about these days, this too is on Kickstarter for $35 for a limited time. After the early-bird pre-orders are sold out, you’re looking at just $40.

[ Project Page ]

Panasonic Releases Remote Shutter Application For LUMIX DMC-FX90

By David Ponce

The DMC-FX90 is a decent point-and-shoot camera from Panasonic that happens to have WiFi functionality. This has allowed the company to release an application that lets you control the camera remotely. So not only can you trigger it through the application, you can also see a live view of what the camera is seeing as well as checking the zoom levels and setting up a self-portrait. It seems like you’ll have to do a firmware update on the camera to get things to work properly, but the application is available both in the app store and the Android Market, now called Google Play. And although it’s only available on the FX90 right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this being rolled out to other cameras in the near future.

OF course, it’s free.

[ App Store Link ] AND [ Google Play Page ] VIA [ CultOfAndroid ]

Gizmon’s Clip-On iPhone Lenses Are Simple

By David Ponce

We often talk about lenses that you can add to your iPhone camera to extend its usefulness. There is the case with the polarizing lens. Then there’s the case with the dial that looks weird and unwieldy. And let’s not forget the SLR lens attachment. But what most of these have in common is their general bulk. Gizmon’s solution is a lot simpler and smaller. They’re clip-ons that fit perfectly over the camera on an iPhone 4 and 4S, and give you fisheye, circular polarizer and 3 image mirage filter. When done, just pull them right off and stuff them in your pocket. They’re $35 each and are available now.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]

Lens/Focus Shifter Accessory Is Inexpensive Follow Focus

By David Ponce

Shooting video with a dSLR is easier said than done. While you can get some really impressive shots thanks to the quality lenses that come with these cameras, shifting the point of focus smoothly from one subject to another is not exactly a simple matter. Turning it gingerly with the tip of your fingers just won’t cut it. That’s what the Lens/Focus Shifter kit you see above is meant to fix. It’s basically a follow focus, which lets you smoothly glide the focal point from one part of the scene to the other. There’s even a quarter circle Focus Marker that allows you to pencil in with a dry-erase pen the different focus points you might need during the scene. The ball tipped handle is easy to operate and stands a good distance away from the front of the lens, to avoid accidental fingers in the shot. And it allegedly fits pretty much any type of lens.

It’s $45 on Kickstarter with expected delivery in… September of this year.

[ Product Page ] VIA[ Gear Hungry ]

The World’s Widest Fisheye Lens Cost $160,000

By David Ponce

This is by no means a new item, but it’s pretty darn cool: it’s the world’s widest fisheye lens ever produced, the Nikon 6mm f/2.8.

The lens was credited as the world’s most extreme wideangle lens to cover the 24x36mm image area when it was unveiled at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany in 1970.

It weighs a whopping 5.2kg, is 171mm long and has a diameter of 236mm. The 12-elements-in-9-goups optic delivers a picture angle of 220º.

One Gray Levett, co-founder of Nikon dealer Grays of Westminster found it while going on a trip overseas. He believes it’s one of only a few hundred ever produced, and he has placed it on sale for the tidy sum of £100,000 or around $160,000.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Update: Potential sample picture below.

Nero Multi Trigger Will Capture The Perfect Shot

By David Ponce

You may think you’re a photography ninja, able to capture the perfect shot at the perfect moment. The truth is you may get lucky now and then, but if you’re after any sort of reliability, you’re going to want to equip yourself with more sensitive equipment. Pictures like this one sometimes happen by accident (as it did here), but very often they’ll have been triggered by a piece of gear like the above Nero Multi Trigger. Featuring extremely sensitive optical, sound and laser sensors, you’ll be able to set it so that it triggers your camera just at the right moment, whether you want to capture lightning or balloon pops, or any event that would normally be too fleeting for your own fingers. It mounts to the hot shoe on your Nikon or Canon and runs on a set of AAA batteries. As you can imagine, sensitivity levels are immensely adjustable, to accommodate for whatever event you want to shoot.

It’s $200.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

iPhone Shutter Grip Is For Serious Cellphone Pic Enthusiasts

By David Ponce

Most people are content to tap the screen, or even press the volume button to engage the iPhone’s shutter. But there reaches a point when a man wants more, and the iPhone Shutter Grip can help you get that DSLR feel without actually carrying a big bulky camera. Or nice lenses. Instead you’ll just be able to hold on to your phone more securely, producing less shake overall and allowing for a more natural picture taking experience. The grip is adjustable, so you can use it even if your phone has a case and it communicates with the phone through the 30-pin connector. There are two dedicated buttons: one for pictures, the other for video. You’ll have to use the associated application for it to work at all, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It’s $40.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CultOfMac ]

TrekPak Insert Does Away With Velcro, Could Be Gearhead’s Best Friend

By David Ponce

If you’ve got a solid collection of lenses, flashes, filters, and equipment, then you’ve probably given some thought about how to transport it all. Current solutions involve replaceable dividers that are stuck with velcro. And that’s fine except there are better, more elegant systems out there and the TrekPak looks like it fits that bill. Instead of the velcro, the dividers are held in place with U-shaped pins. The dividers themselves are perforated with holes that makes it possible to place the pins pretty much anywhere and configure the insert any way you like. The pictures above should give you an idea of the flexibility of this system. The inserts are water resistant and scratch resistant; we suspect treated polyester but what do we know.

Currently on Kickstarter and not fully funded, you can buy into the system for as little as $23. For this you have to already own a Pelican case, and wish to buy the insert system. Prices go up from there, with the customization options seemingly endless.

[ Project Page ]