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Philips Launches Laser Guided Beard Trimmer


Movember is in full swing, so what better time for Philips to announce a new beard trimmer? And not just any trimmer, mind you, but a laser guided one! That’s right, ladies and gents (mostly gents), you can now groom your face with the precision only a laser can afford. And to convince you it’s the real deal, this one’s called the BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000. Boy oh boy, that’s a lot of… thousands.

Aside from the aforementioned laser, you get adjustable stubble length in 0.2mm increments, as well as water resistance for easy cleaning.

9000, folks. This is serious stuff. And it’s $99.

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The Tech That Makes Mornings Almost Bearable (An OhGizmo! Review)


This post is brought to you by Best Buy. Submit a photo of your rundown small appliances in need of an #applianceupgrade to the Best Buy Facebook page for a chance to win a Small Appliance Makeover worth $1,000 in Best Buy eGift Cards.

If there’s a time and a place for everything, mornings are definitely the time to feel crummy, complain about how sleepy you are, half-glare at the people around you in a groggy haze, and otherwise try and drag yourself out of the wonderful sleep you were having just minutes ago. But being the geek that I am, I’ve discovered that little technological advances can make some morning steps at least marginally more pleasurable. I’m not saying that technology is the answer to everything, but I’ve found a peculiar sort of delight in streamlining some activities. I’d like to take a minute to explain what I mean.

A few weeks ago, I made my way to Best Buy to buy two small appliances, with the hope of making my mornings better. Yes, the retailer sells more than laptops and PCs, and while browsing their aisles, I settled on a Keurig Elite SingleServe Brewer (B48), and a Philips Sonicare – DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush. I think you see where I’m going with this. Who wants to brew a fresh pot of coffee every morning, or fuss around with instant powder, when there’s an alternative at the ready? And what self-respecting geek wouldn’t look forward to cleaning his teeth with a brush that vibrates at 31,500 “rpm” and charges through electromagnetic induction? Yeah, that was my thinking and here’s how these two machines performed.

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Follow Up: Presenting Philips’ New Talent Competition Winner

By David Ponce

Some of you may remember that Philips brought us to Amsterdam last year to witness the production of a musical piece titled “I’m No Prototype”. It was part of their Obsessed With Sound campaign and was meant to highlight the company’s commitment to excellence in audio products. As part of the campaign, they were also sponsoring a musical talent discovery competition. This effort led to the submission of over 1,400 entries and the selection of a winner. They got the chance to have their winning piece mastered by U2’s producer, Steve Lillywhite and the Metropole Orchestra from Amsterdam. The result is the video above, and the winning band is a group from Brazil called Inky. The piece is called “No One’s Town” and we happen to think it’s pretty darn awesome.

We’re doing a follow up on this not just to help spread the word on the company’s efforts, but also to make a short statement about the way music is being discovered these days. It’s a slow shift away from the traditional record label orchestrated path that artists have taken over the decades. With shows like American Idol, YouTube and now multinational-sponsored competitions, artists can be discovered in more ways than ever before. It doesn’t necessarily mean that being selected as a winner will sad to commercial success, as we don’t know if there’s a distribution arrangement in place for Inky. Still, exposure is something, and we applaud Philips’ efforts in this area.

Hit the jump to read an interview with Inky.

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Behind The Scenes Of Philips’ Obsession With Sound

By David Ponce

Royal Philips Electronics is Obsessed With Sound. Seriously. I know this because they’ve told me and they’ve shown me and now, six months after this episode started, I finally get it. I get their message. I get what they’re on about. The pieces of the puzzle have fallen in place.

And I like it.

Back in March, I told you’d I’d soon be talking about my trip to Amsterdam to check out the Metropole Orchestra. It took quite a while longer than expected, but here we are. In this article, I’d like you to come with me behind the scenes of a Philips production of a musical piece called I’m No Prototype. In the process you’ll be introduced to an awesome musical visualization technique they developed and you’ll also hear about an ambitious musical talent competition Philips is sponsoring.

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Philips Launches Updated Audio Lineup

By David Ponce

Philips recently invited me to Amsterdam. Why? Because they’re Obsessed With Sound, and they wanted to show me just how much. Take it from me: it’s a lot! In the next few days I will be releasing an exclusive article (as in I was the only member of the media there…) showing you what I mean. Stay tuned for that, it’s really good! In the meantime though, you should know that Royal Philips Electronics is announcing its revised audio product lineup in Barcelona today, and there’s some exciting new stuff. Let me give you a few highlights.

From speaking with representatives of the company, I gathered that one of the products they’re proudest of is the revamped GoGear Muse, their standalone MP4 player. It’s a crowded market for sure, not the least of which because of the iPhone/iPod’s ubiquitous presence, and yet the very good looking GoGear Muse stands out enough to have received a CES 2011 Innovation Award. Aside from playing back a slew of both audio and video formats, new features include SafeSound, which “analyses listening and informs of potentially damaging volumes”; Sound Personalization, an intuitive touch-based way to change the equalizer settings; and LikeMusic, “a feature in Philips Songbird which creates perfect playlists based on your listening.”

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Phillips Banishes Winter Blues

Wake-up Light

Article courtesy of John Beck, from The Processor.

It usually only takes a few weeks of starting my daily commute long before the meager winter sun makes an appearance until I start seriously considering tossing myself under a train. Fortunately, the Phillips Wake-up Light could be just the thing to brighten up those dingy December mornings. It’s a combined bedside lamp, alarm clock and digital radio which Phillips rather boldly claims will make waking up a “pleasant experience”.

To achieve this seriously tall order, the multi-talented lamp conspires to disturb your slumbers in a more agreeable manner by gradually illuminating your room and playing a choice of 4 “natural and pleasant wake-up sounds”, which all seems simply lovely.  It’s probably worth noting that said sounds aren’t all so terribly natural however; tweeting birds and jungle noises I can deal with, but wind chimes just remind me of living next to annoying hippies, and a “relaxing beep” sounds highly oxymoronical.

Also, it’ll set you back £130. Maybe I’ll just take my chances with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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