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Pet Peek Dog Window Satisfies Pooch’s Curiosity

The beauty of images is that the often do the talking for you. We don’t need to wax poetic about the above Pet Peek Dog Window; it’s pretty clear what it is. All we can do is add some details, like to inform you that it’s 9.5 inches in diameter and made from acrylic. And we can also point out to you that it’s likely your doggy will love it and spend hours staring at the neighbour’s fancy squirrel circus. What, your neighbour doesn’t?… Oh that’s sad, squirrel circuses are great.

See what happens when you try to fill some space with unnecessary words? So we’ll stop here.

It’s $35.

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The CatCrib Is Like A Hammock For Your Kitty

You can spend all kinds of money buying kitty a fancy new bed for him to sleep in, but you know that in the end he’ll fall in love with a random piece of cardboard and call that home. Such are cats. But if you buy him a CatCrib and he ignores it, at least you won’t have it lying around, taking up all kinds of space, like that $100 faux-fur bed you bought just last summer that hasn’t even been used once. The CatCrib is kind of like a hammock that attaches to anything with four legs, efficiently using space that would be wasted otherwise. It looks comfy enough for a feline to appreciate, and at $29 in three different colours, won’t break the bank if he just ignores it.

Hit the jump for a video of a random grey cat properly trained to use the CatCrib, as well as links.

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Quack Muzzle: Turn Your Dog Into A Novelty Pet, Dignity Need Not Apply

We suppose this goes along the lines of dressing your pet up in ridiculous costumes, except this time around the Quack Muzzle serves an actual purpose. It’s a muzzle. But yeah, it makes your dog look pretty ridiculous, so you’ll spend the day at the park attracting attention and answering questions from confused park goers. Which we suppose would kind of be the reason anyone would get this in the first place.

It’s $25 and it’s made (surprise, surprise) in Japan.

Hit the jump for more pictures and links.

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Slutty Halloween Costumes for Your Dog Don’t Look So Slutty After All

Slutty Halloween Costumes

You probably already know that the easiest costumes to do are those that begin with the “slutty” adjective. Just pick any profession, tack the adjective before it, and come to the party dressed in form-fitting clothes that are far too short and skimpy–and you’re all set. As long as you’re doing this type of costume, why not let your canine companion in on the fun with these Slutty Halloween Costumes for your dog?

Your dog will probably hate you for it, but hey, this is one day of the year where you’ll have a perfectly legitimate excuse to dress up your pet in the finest (and weirdest) threads you can find. The thing is, your dog won’t really look “slutty” but it’s the concept that makes the entire thing so incredibly fun and the costumes so oddly creative.

Above, you’ll see a doggy Marilyn Monroe. Adorable, right? Although I have a feeling the chest padding is a tad uncomfortable. Check out more pooches dressed like Snooki, Katy Perry, and Madonna after the jump.

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Orapup Promises to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Doggy Breath


Love your pets like you love your kids? Then you’ll probably want to hear all about the Orapup, which is a doggy tongue cleaner that promises to combat bad doggy breath by getting rid of it, right at the source.

Most people brush their teeth and scrape their tongues every day, but some of them still end up with pretty nasty breath. So you can’t really blame your canine pals for having less-than-stellar breath since they can’t brush and all. While there are a ton of doggy toothbrushes available, there’s only one pet tongue cleaner that I’ve heard of so far–and that’s the Orapup.

If you’ve ever tried brushing your dog’s teeth, then you know it could end up being quite the chore, especially since you have to hold them down and make them stay still while you brush. The cool thing about the Orapup is that you don’t need to hold them down, because it’s been designed to clean your pooch’s tongue in the easiest way possible: by having them lick it.

Hit the jump to check out a video featuring the Orapup, as well as links on how you can get one for yourself!

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The WaterDog Automates Your Pooch’s Water Dispenser

Dogs are funny little animals. Some of them hate water while others will try to attack it coming out of the sprinkler in the yard. If your canine is of the type that enjoys it enough to drink from a fountain, the WaterDog could be pretty a pretty cool item to buy. It plugs into the outdoor hose spigot and features a motion detector. When it senses your dog approaching, it opens up a gentle flow of drinking water; when he’s done and walks away, the flow is cut off. This saves water while letting your dog stay hydrated and not dependent on your remembering to fill up his water bowl.

It’s $70 for the WaterDog. If for some reason you don’t want to plug it right into the hose spigot, there’s a $35 Remote Location kit that lets you place it anywhere in your yard, perhaps right next to Fido’s doghouse if he’s an outdoor pet.

[ Product Page ] VIA [DVice ]

Fat Cats Will Think These Cat Headphones Are the Cat’s Meow

Cat Headphones

So the sofa with the cat habitrail was just a concept, but these Cat Headphones aren’t. They’re actually the brainchild of Sol Republic and Meowingtons, who have decided to churn out ten of these super limited edition babies that’s perfect for feline audiophiles.

Your cat might hate you if you get one of these thousand-dollar headphones (because, really, they’re probably uncomfortable and a pain to wear), but ASPCA won’t. That’s because all proceeds from the sales of the Cat Headphones will go straight to fund their animal advocacy efforts.

Hit the jump to check out an infomercial showing off the Cat Headphones and a link to join the waitlist so you’ll be notified once they go on sale.

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Fairdale Dograck: Because Your Dog Could Be Lazier Than You

You could probably argue that if you’re out of the house and cycling, you’re technically not all that lazy. But it’s entirely possible your dog is, and that all that exercise you’ve been giving it has been seen as a chore by the little pooch. Unlikely because let’s face it, dogs are awesome, but it’s possible. So give them a little rest with the Dograck by Fairdale. They’ve modified their successful Skaterack and turned it into what you see above, a nice resting place for Rover which attaches to mounting points usually reserved for panniers. It’s also supposedly been designed to give maximum clearance so that you don’t end up kicking your pet in the snout.

We… suppose the canines they’ve tested this on are fairly well trained, because we’re pretty sure any dog that belongs to us would get off in a heartbeat. But you know what, this looks fake. Paws in spokes anyone? Also, not comfortable at all with no belly support. We don’t know how much it is, but if it’s similar in price to their Skaterack, you’re looking at about $40. However we have a feeling the product is just not going to be made. Heck, this could all just be some kind of joke. The article we’re linking to is from November 2011, and the item still doesn’t appear in their store. Fishy.

[ Fairldale Dograck ] VIA [Incredible Things ]

Big Head Squirrel Feeder Makes The Fluffy Rats Look Silly

We don’t really like squirrels; shave their tails and they’re just rats. So we take great pleasure in the above feeder because it makes squirrels look stupid. Oh sure, squirrels can’t tell their dignity is being trampled, but you can laugh at their expense, and that’s all that matters. You could of course argue that if we really disliked squirrels we wouldn’t be feeding them in the first place. We don’t think of it that way. The squirrel food is the price we’d be ready to pay for the tiny bit lulz we can imagine ourselves having.

It’s $15.

[ Product Page ]