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Star Wars Costumes for Your Pooch: You’ll Love ‘Em, He’ll Hate ‘Em!

Star Wars Dog

You can’t ride a dog like you ride a horse, but you can let certain creatures ride it, provided they’re the right shape and size. I’m talking about select characters from the Star Wars franchise that are being featured in this set of doggy costumes by Costume Craze.

The costimes will transform your pooch into a Bantha, Dewback, Tauntaun, or AT-AT. And to make the reference even clearer, each of these costumes feature the appropriate passenger on the species of choice. For example, a stalwart Stormtrooper sits high and mighty on the back of the Dewback costume, ready to attack.

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Fancy Dog Basket For Car Rides


You know who you are, if you like this thing. You take your toy canine in a fancy bag to the mall. And you… well, hey, listen folks, we’re not going to string out a list of stereotypes of the kind of people we think might fancy the Dog Car Seat Lookout. Some of you may take offence and for all we know, a big burly dude who eats two-pound steaks for breakfast might very well want one. So let’s just stick to the facts:

The lookout attaches securely to the console, and has a safety strap that can be attached to your pet’s harness. Made with firm yet comfortable foam, a quilted nylon cover and soft, sherpa fleece lining. Cover is machine-washable and dryable

It’s $50.

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LMAO: Dude Buys Toy Poodles, Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

Dog Ferrets

How can someone mistake a ferret for a toy poodle? When the latter has had its hair fluffed up with hair products and its system pumped with steroids, that’s what. It sounds ridiculous, but apparently, it’s actually happening in Brazil. A man was recently duped when he bought what he thought were two toy poodles for $150. A toy poodle normally costs $1000, so he probably thought he was getting a bargain…until he dropped by his vet and was told that his dogs were actually poodles instead.

Because since more traditional toy poodles (of the canine variety) can go for upwards of $1,000, one merchant at Argentina’s largest bazaar got the brilliant, nightmare-inducing idea to pump a few of what Argentinians refer to as “Brazilian rats” (otherwise known as ferrets) full of ‘roids and hair product, pass them off as warped, perhaps inbred poodles, and turn a handsome profit in the process.

When it’s too good to be true, it usually is. But I’m sure you already knew that.

P.S. Instead of buying pure-bred or toy dogs from a breeder or pet store, why not adopt an equally lovable pooch from your local shelter instead?

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Dogsbutter: Because Dogs Want Peanut Butter, Too


Dogs can eat regular human peanut butter, although in moderation. But if you want to give your canine best friend a treat without fear of causing allergies or making it sick, then give it peanut butter that’s especially formulated for dogs. Aptly called Dogsbutter, this creamy, peanut butter-flavored spread can be enjoyed slathered on your dog’s favorite biscuits or on your fingers.

Each jar is notably pricier than regular human peanut butter at $10, but if you love your dog as much as you love yourself, then price wouldn’t even be an issue.

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A Stairlift For Dogs

We’re lucky to live in a society plagued by abundance, as opposed to say, rampant disease or violence. The same can’t be said of every part of the world, of course, but it’s getting to the point where not only are people fat, but their pets are as well. We could obviously embark on a collective diet and exercise regimen, but let’s face it, it won’t happen anytime soon. In the meantime, your pooch still has trouble going up a flight of stairs (as do you, perhaps), so the Stair Of The Dog 2022 was created earlier this year. It’s a chairlift that your dog can use. It features a large button that can easily be pressed with a paw, and can presumably handle pretty large dogs. Currently only a prototype, the machine would cost about $8,000 should it ever come to market.

It was made by UK insurance company More Th>n (that’s not a typo, that’s a “greater than” sign instead of the ‘a’), seemingly as a statement about the rising pet health epidemic. It’s estimated that by 2022, more than 50% of the dogs in the UK will be overweight.

Hit the jump for a bunch of other pictures.

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Gatefeeder Uses RFID To Feed The Right Pet

You got a chubby little cat that bullies the other ones away from their food bowl and eats their portions? I do, and I’ve resorted to locking them up in separate rooms at feeding time, which, well, is annoying. The Gatefeeder features an automatic locking mechanism that is opened when an RFID chip is detected, which allows the bullied cat access to his food at all times while keeping the big bully out. So what you do in a case like this is that you feed the fat cat normally, while you put the little cat’s food in the Gatefeeder; he always has access, the other cat never. Of course this works with more than two cats, and you can order additional tags for them.

A system like this isn’t cheap, at $249. But we’ve heard of pet owners spending ungodly amounts before, so we don’t expect this to be much of a deterrent to the really determined.

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The Tuft of Grass Pet Feeder Is A Canine Gluttony Fix

Although it’s easy to make fun of, dogs eating their food too fast is somewhat of an actual problem. An article on the Internet on this topic says: “Your dog can choke, swallow so much air that they vomit or even develop bloat, which can be life threatening.” It’s not on the same level as, say, doggie cancer, but if you’ve noticed your dog pukes often after eating, this could be the reason. The Green by Northmate feeder slows him down a bit, by making him chase his dry food pellets from in between the “blades of grass.” Just scatter his portion on the feeder, and watch as he licks, pokes and prods until every last bit is devoured, only in a much longer timeframe than usual.

It’s $36, and if you’re wondering what it looks like in action, we’ve included a video after the break.

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Feed Your Pets More Intelligently With This Connected Feeder

Unlike the joke Crib Dribbler from yesterday, the Pintofeed is a real product that we’d actually like to purchase. It’s a WiFi-connected mechanical pet-feeding device. Once setup, you simply load up the 5lbs or 10lbs compartment with dry food pellets and at the press of a button from your smartphone, serve up a 1/8 cup portion of feed to your loved house companion. Over time, the application will learn your pet’s feeding habits and create an automated feeding schedule. You can even use this information to slowly trim his food intake if you’ve noticed your pet has been packing on a little too much fat.

There are a number of fail-safe features that make the Pintofeed reassuring to own. For instance, you will be notified every time your pet is fed, and if food jams the mechanism, you’ll also get an alert. There are two motors, should one of them fail, and there’s a battery that lasts three months in case the power goes out.

Considering how many products in your home are getting a connectivity upgrade, it’s about time that the lowly pet feeder got the same treatment. Currently, Pintofeed is in the fundraising phase on IndieGogo, and a $99 pledge will secure a June 2013 delivery.

[ Project Page] VIA [ GearHungry ]

Pet Peek Dog Window Satisfies Pooch’s Curiosity

The beauty of images is that the often do the talking for you. We don’t need to wax poetic about the above Pet Peek Dog Window; it’s pretty clear what it is. All we can do is add some details, like to inform you that it’s 9.5 inches in diameter and made from acrylic. And we can also point out to you that it’s likely your doggy will love it and spend hours staring at the neighbour’s fancy squirrel circus. What, your neighbour doesn’t?… Oh that’s sad, squirrel circuses are great.

See what happens when you try to fill some space with unnecessary words? So we’ll stop here.

It’s $35.

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