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The Best Patty Ever: Cat Burger Pillow

Cat Burger Pillow

A comfortable cat is a happy cat, and nothing is more comfortable than the Cat Burger Pillow. As the name implies, it’s a pillow for cats in the shape of really fat and really plushy burger buns. Just open it up and sandwich your cat in between when it’s nap time. She might resist it at first, but she’ll love it for you in the end.

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Whistle Dog Collar Is A Wearable For Your Puppy


Wearables are all the rage these days, from smartwatches to life logging devices, there’s something for everyone. So why should your dog feel left out? The Whistle Activity Monitor is like a Fitbit for your canine companion. It tracks your dog’s every movement and feeds it back to your through a smartphone app. This way you can know if he’s getting enough exercise, enough playtime, and enough rest.


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Pet Safe Pet Paint: It Exists


Some of your will roll their eyes and want to tell us that this has been around for years. It probably has, but guess what, we’d never seen it. Shame on us, we suppose. But for those of you equally in the dark, PetPaint seems to be the most effective way to strip your pet from whatever dignity a pet might have. It’ll make you look like that guy (or gal) but hey, if getting noticed is your thing, you’re but a few clicks away. This product is safe for the animals to lick and chew, and is usually applied with the use of a stencil. A can of spray costs around $10, while a stencil is $5.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of dogs being treated like art class projects.

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Pug Stars in Adorably Hilarious Remake of ‘Home Alone’

Home Alone is one of those Christmas classics that never gets old. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen this, it’s about a kid named Kevin who gets left behind when his family goes on vacation in Paris. He lives it up and does everything he normally wouldn’t be able to do with his parents around–until a pair of burglars come and try to rob his house. That’s when the fun begins.

But what would the movie be like if Macaulay Culkin were replaced with a pug? With the same plot, the same characters, different actors, the result is as hilarious as it is adorable. This puppy-themed remake of the movie was done by The Pet Collective.

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Ca$hcats is a Website that Shows Cool Cats With Cold Hard Cash


Apparently, taking pictures of your cat while it’s buried in piles of cash is a thing now–so much so that a website called Ca$hcats eventually came to be. It’s a site that accepts submissions from folks all over the world who have two things: a cat and lots of money (or lots of $1 bills.) Some pictures contain combo cats and stacks of cash, while others have a single feline curled up on a cushy bed of paper bills.

Wouldn’t it be funny though, if the cat decided to stretch and proceed to scratch the bills apart mid-shoot? Yeah, I bet that would put this strange trend to a stop if it happened enough to owners with now-empty wallets.

Head on over to Ca$hcats to check out some shots of cats with their cash.

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Uber Delivers Adoptable Kittens On-Demand for National Cat Day

Uber Kittens

Every year, people all across the country celebrate cats and their awesomeness on October 29, which is known as National Cat Day. This year, Uber collaborated meme site Cheezburger to do something different. They set up a temporary service which ran for five hours to deliver adoptable kittens on demand to people who wanted one.

In case you haven’t heard of them, Uber is an app that lets people call for a car service with a tap of a button. They updated their app with a “KITTENS!” button last week, where users can instead opt to have a cat delivered instead of a car for $20. For that amount, users were treated to fifteen minutes of snuggling with a kitty plus cupcakes from Ace of Cakes while supplies lasted. They also had the option to adopt the kitten if they wanted to.

The best part? All of the proceeds were donated to local animal shelters. More details about the event that was here.


Aqualibrium: Where Fishes Grow Plants and Where Plants Grow Fishes


In a world of constant imbalance, it’s refreshing to see something that attempts to incorporate equilibrium into its very core. I’m talking about Aqualibrium, which is a combination planter and fish tank of sorts that allows fish to grow plants and vice versa. The top part of the tank is where various plants are growing, while the fish live at the bottom tank.

Water from the fish tank, which contains fish poop, among other things, is pumped up and carried to the upper tank, where it serves as fertilizer for the growing plants. On the other hand, the water is effectively filtered through the plants’ growing medium, where ammonia-neutralizing bacteria are found, so that the fishes have cleaner water to swim around in.

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Cat Lounge Doubles As Cat Scratcher


Oh sure, this has been around a long while. But it’s new to us, and surely some of you. It’s called the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge and if you’re the owner of happy cats and unhappy furniture, this might be for you. Made from sandwiched layers of cardboard, the thing lets your feline friend both nap (as this is a cat’s primary bread-winning activity) and sharpen his claws (which he does, regardless of pay). It has attracted over 1,300 5-star reviews on Amazon, so we’re hoping it’s a sign cats like it. It weighs 10 pounds, so it’s unlikely your kitty will move it around the house or otherwise mess up your Feng Shui.



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Video Chat And Dispense Treats To Your Pets Remotely


Ever find yourself at work, wondering how your furry ball of love is doing? You know, that food processing machine that sits around all day doing its best to be useless? You know… your cat? If you’re crazy enough, you can get the PetChatz two-way videoconferencing apparatus for pets. Not only can it alert you when your kitty is around (we say kitty, but really, it could work with anything, we suppose), but it can call him with a special tone and scent. And once he’s in front of that screen and he can see you, and you him, and you’ve “talked” for a while… just press a button to dispense a treat! Isn’t that neat? Yeah… it’s neat. It’s also so neat how expensive it is: $349. Yeah, that’s neat too, isn’t it? Cats are neat. Neat and appreciative. Cats are grand. Yeah they are.

You can pre-order now.

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