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DreamPad Plays Tunes Only You Can Hear



Nothing beats listening to some soothing music before heading off to dreamland. But what’s music to my ears might not be for my roommate, who thinks the Rolling Stones sing the perfect lullaby. Two speakers in one room? Not a good idea. But what’s a good idea is the DreamPad, which is a pillow that plays songs that only you can hear.

The DreamPad works by using conductive technology to send the tunes straight to your ears, so that even someone sleeping next to you won’t be able to hear them. It also makes bedtime jamming more comfortable, because if you’ve ever slept with headphones on, then you know what a pain that could be.

The DreamPad comes with five music programs that you can choose from upon purchasing. You can download the tunes to your smartphone or opt to include a Sony Walkman MP3 player in case you don’t have a music player yet. It’s available online for $179.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ C|NET ]

On A Personal Note, There’s This Restaurant I Want To Tell You All About

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.48.25 PM

So this is completely outside of anything I’d ever put on this site. However I’d like to take a second to tell you guys about this restaurant I went to last weekend. It’s called Icone, and sits in prime real estate on St-Laurent blvd. It belongs to a friend, and if you’re ever in the Montreal area, you might want to stop by. The food is fantastic, the decor top notch and the ambiance just right. The food in particular was something else, with highlights featuring Seared Scallops with sea urchin and cauliflower risotto, mascarpone, arugula and aged balsamic, or a Roasted Lamb Shoulder that fell off the bone. Prices are decent for both the food and drinks. Definitely a thumbs up.

And that, my friends, concludes my public service announcement.

[ Restaurant Icone ]

There’s A Portable Ironing Gadget For Last Second Crease-Making


You’re about to go in for that interview and notice the crease on your pants isn’t razor sharp? Or that snazzy tie of yours could be just a bit flatter? How about the lapel on your suit? God is in the details, and to make sure you put your best wrinkle-free foot forward, the Palm-sized Portable Ironing Gadget was created. It’s battery-powered and USB-charged, and comes with a clip attachment that pinches the pant crease for easier ironing. Anything on your person that folds and can use a little sharpening, this thing can take care of it. It measures 100mmx60mmx18mm (3.9in. X 2.3in. X 0.71in.) and weighs just 60 grams (2.1oz.).

It’s $10.


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The Forever Alone Back Massager


Vibrating, ball-toting devices that are meant to be used on your back are wonderful for relieving aches and pains. But they require an extra accessory that doesn’t come in the packaging: a second person to roll them around on your back. Not so if you buy the above Ergonomical Back Massager. It features a long, curved handle that allows you to keep your hands at waist level while rolling a plastic ball around on your own back. An oscillating motor provides vibrations in the 4,500 to 5,500-rpm range, while one of three interchangeable heads make for different types of massage: “[There’s] a “point” [head] for precise trigger point release, [a] “knuckle” [head] for multiple knots in the same area, and a “palm” [head] to help promote circulation.”

Scratching, or rather, massaging your own back isn’t exactly the cheapest of options, at $100. But it’s perhaps a small price to pay for someone with a knotted dorsal area, and no one around to smoothe those knots out.

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