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Pepsi Special Blocks Fat While Letting You Chug Down Sweet Calories

Pepsi Special

One of the hardest parts of being on a diet is having to wean yourself off of soda for the time-being. It’s especially hard if you chug a can or two with every meal and feel like your food just doesn’t sit right anymore if you go without it.

Fortunately (at least, for weight-watchers in Japan), there’s a new variant of Pepsi called ‘Pepsi Special’ that promises to block fat, even while you’re chugging down sweet calories with every gulp. Pepsi explains that the Special variant contains dextrin, which is a water-soluble fiber supplement that makes you feel full and absorb less fat from the food that you’re eating, kind of like some of the diet drinks that are currently in the market today.

Pepsi doesn’t offer any information about the amount of sugar in the drink, but it seems like a really roundabout way of trying to lose weight. But hey, if you’re anything like the dieters I mentioned earlier, then maybe this drink’s for you. It will only be available in Japan though, for $2 a pop starting on November 13th.

VIA [ Dvice ]