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Smart Pepper Spray Immobilizes Your Attacker, Takes Their Picture Too

Smart Pepper Spray

Pepper spray may send assailants running, but it won’t exactly help you catch the bad guys if they still have their bearings after being sprayed on and manage to run from the scene of the crime. Regular pepper spray, that is, because the Defender lets you do both. It’s a smart pepper spray gizmo that does a lot of things aside from peppering attackers with pepper spray.

First of all, it takes their picture, which will be useful when you have to identify them from a police lineup. Since it’s connected to Defender’s 24/7 Monitoring Service, it also sends your GPS coordinates to law enforcement and emergency responders at the push of a button so they’ll know where to find you. It’s also equipped with speakers and an oscillating light that sounds and lights up to alert people nearby that there’s a crime in progress (and possibly thwarted already.)

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PepperBall Goes For A Trifecta Of Pain

By Jonathan Kimak

So you’re walking your dog at night can carrying a flashlight. A mugger comes at you expecting an easy score and instead gets hit with a high speed ball of pepper spray, a laser in his eyes and a big bright beam of light. At least that’s what PepperBall, the makers of the FlashLauncher, would like to sell you on.

The FlashLauncher is a foot long flashlight that also contains a semi-automatic pepper spray ball launcher that can shoot off 5 rounds and comes with a laser pointer that helps out with the targeting of your shots.

At $400 though, it is unlikely a lot of people are going to be rushing to buy this. I do, however, expect to see this used in the next Jackass movie.

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