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Paper Speaker is Feather-Light But Offers Heavyweight Sound

Paper Speaker1


Get ready for some sweet sounds the next time you step into a room and see this. No, that’s not a paper fan or some flimsy-looking decor. That’s actually the Phonon Kamome and it’s a speaker made from paper. It’s shaped in the form of a feather and the cool part is that it’s feather light too, weighing in at only 129 grams.

So how does it work? The Phonon Kamome uses micro vibrations technology between the paper to generate sound. It’s connected to an amplifier with an output connection, which you can use to hook the speaker up to your MP3 player or phone/

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24K Gold Rolling Paper? Why Not


If you’re the kind of person who rolls up his own smokables, you’ll surely know that rolling papers come in an almost endless array of colors, flavors and patterns. But we must admit this is the first time we come across 24K gold paper. Called Shine Papers, they are just like regular rolling papers, only with 100% more gold on them. Considering we’ve seen gold flakes in Goldschlagger liquor, edible gold flakes on cakes and pastries, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see the same treatment applied to this product. As to who exactly might be attracted by this, we can venture a couple of guesses. Snoop Dog Lion is definitely not one of those guesses. Nope.

It’s $55 for a pack of 12. What… did you think it would be cheap?


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iPhone Paperback Notes To Kick It Old School


Yeah, there’s a Notes application in your iPhone, but let’s face it: no one uses it. Well, some people do, but there’s no denying that there still exists a strong contingent of people who haven’t lost all love for hand writing. The iPhone Paperback Notes consists of 80 sheets of self-adhesive paper that stick straight to the back of the iPhone 5. Write stuff down, tear that sheet out and stick it somewhere like they used to do in the 90’s. It’s $8.

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Repap Paper Made From Stones


Felling trees for the sake of turning them into paper is not only an increasingly unnecessary practice in a digital age, but it’s also one that’s always been sort of a dick move for the planet. So our interest was piqued when we read about Repap. It’s a kind of paper that’s made from stones. Yeah. Stones.

Repap is made up of 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO) and a small percentage, 20%, from non-toxic resins (high intensity polyethylene). The calcium carbonate present in Repap comes from the limestone recovered from caves and used in the construction industry. The Calcium carbonate is reduced to a fine powder and the polyethylene acts as a binder, creating Repap, a resistant and durable, as well as a waterproof paper. A paper that is also soft, smooth, bright white, resistant like a film but without the use of substances derived from petroleum.

To be perfectly honest, that sounds like a great product and if you want to get your hands on some yourself, you can. The link below takes you to a website that sells notebooks called Ogami, that are made from the stuff. Prices start as low as $13.

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