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Palm Restores iTunes Syncing To Pre

By Chris Scott Barr

It was pretty obvious from the start that Palm’s decision to make the Pre sync with iTunes was going to cause some issues. Well Apple pulled the plug by simply issuing an update that broke the feature, and Palm responded by complaining to the USB-IF. Not only did they reject Palm’s complaint, but found that the company had violated the USB-IF policies in trying to make their handset work with iTunes. You’d think that all of this would discourage them from trying anything further, right? Wrong.

The latest version of the WebOS software (1.2.1) “resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (9.0.1).” To make things even better, you can now also sync pictures as well. If I owned a Pre, I would no doubt be happy to have this functionality. However, Palm is really pushing it. How about instead of focusing on making your phone work with the competition’s software, you make your own? That would be too much effort, no doubt. Your move Apple.

[ Palm ] VIA [ Mashable ]

Palm Complains To USB-IF, Admits Violating Policies To Make iTunes Work With The Pre


By Chris Scott Barr

The battle between Palm and Apple over the Pre’s ability to sync with iTunes has been an interesting one. When it made its debut, the Pre was able to sync natively with Apple’s popular music application. However, the lastest versions of iTunes have since blocked this function. At this point Palm could either roll over and admit defeat, or find some way to force Apple to play nice with their phone. Can you guess which choice they made?

Not wanting to say “die,” the company went to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) which owns the intellectual property of the Universal Serial Bus. They complained that Apple’s decision to block the Pre from using iTunes was violating the spirit of inter-connectivity that was the basis for USB. They even went so far as to describe the underhanded tactics they were forced to use in order to initially get the two to work together.

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Apple Finally Cripples iTunes Syncing For Pre


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember back when we found out that the Pre was able to sync with iTunes? I suspected that it wouldn’t be long until Apple put an end to that handy little feature. Well it took a good month and a half, but they’ve finally done it.

The latest iTunes update (8.2.1) mentions in the notes that it “addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices.” In case it wasn’t specific enough for you, it means that the Pre is no longer mistaken as an iPod. It was fun while it lasted guys, but if you want to keep using the two together, you probably shouldn’t update iTunes. Ever. Time to find something better to suit your music syncing needs.

[ Apple ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

Palm Pre Syncs With iTunes, No Hassle Required


By Chris Scott Barr

There’s no denying that iTunes is one of the more popular music players out there. This of course makes things easy for iPhone users such as myself, since there’s no real hassle when importing your tracks. Unfortunately the iPhone is really the only phone that plays nice with Apple’s music player. (Yes, I’m choosing to ignore the very existence of the motoROKR, and for good reason)

Well we know that Palm is trying to edge into some of Apple’s market share with the Pre, and it seems that they’ve found one place to hit them. It seems that the Pre will in fact sync iTunes straight out of the box. For those on the fence, this could be something to push them towards Palm’s flagship phone. The only downside is that you won’t have access to music purchased through the Apple Music that’s still infested with DRM (which shouldn’t be an issue for music purchased now, as it is DRM-free).

VIA [ Fortune ]

Good Luck Getting A Pre On Launch Day


By Chris Scott Barr

Wow, three Palm Pre stories in one week, whatever will my iPhone buddies think? Well if you’re looking to get your hands on a Pre when it debuts next month, you’ll probably be happy that I’ve been keeping you updated on the latest news. What new info do have that will assist you in getting ahold of your own Pre? Lets just say that if you plan on going to Best Buy or RadioShack to get your fix, you’d better get there really freaking early. Best Buy will be getting 4 per store, while RadioShack will only have 2. Suddenly I’m having flashbacks to Nintendo’s launch of the Wii.

[ Sprint ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Palm Pre Will Be Sold Without A Contract For $549

By Chris Scott Barr

The Palm Pre is definitely making a lot of buzz these days, what with the official release coming up quickly and all. It certainly has a lot of promise, but what if you’re wanting to buy the phone without re-upping your Sprint contract for another two years? Well don’t worry, if you’re that worked up about being tied down to one network for the next 24 months, you can always buy it sans contract. Of course, like any phone it will cost you. $549 to be exact. And no, for that price it still won’t be unlocked.

[ Sprint ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Palm Pre To Officially Launch June 6th


By Chris Scott Barr

It’s been really hard to see Palm as anything other than a dying brand for quite some time. After the Foleo idea went south, it looked like the company was finished. Luckily they still had one ace up their sleeve, and that’s the Pre. I’m an iPhone user, and I’ll admit that I am intrigued by this device. No, I won’t be tossing aside my phone any time soon, but it might just be able to give Apple some good competition.

Palm and Sprint have finally decided to grace us with an official launch date for the device. It’s quite apparent that they’re wanting to take Apple head-on, since that’s only two days before the WWDC. Will their gambit work? We’ll know in a few short weeks. Starting June 6th you’ll be able to pick the Pre up at Sprint stores (including, Best Buy Radio Shack and even select Walmart stores for $199.99.

[ Sprint ]

Palm May Bring Foleo Back as webOS Netbook


By Shane McGlaun

Back in 1997 before the netbook revolution really began and ultimately turned into the hottest segment of the computer market, Palm announced a small netbook-like device called the Foleo. The company spent big bucks developing and even talked the product up a lot. Shortly after the hyped product was announced, Palm evidentially realized that the entire Foleo idea was flawed and never actually built it.

Some analysts are now saying that Palm is expected to revive the Foleo and bring it to market as a netbook running webOS. I’d just like to go on record pointing out to Palm that sales of alternate OS netbooks are not good. I’m just saying, you can’t act surprised if the product doesn’t work out again Palm.

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