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These Limited Edition Pac-Man Watches Are Only for Rich Gamers

Pacman Watch

Pac-Man has been around for decades. He’s one of those characters that people of all ages and generations can recognize, right off the bat. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pac-Man himself and the four villainous Ghosts who were always after him have now been immortalized in Romain Jerome’s special collection of limited edition space watches.

And we do mean a ‘space’ watch in the literal sense, because these timepieces are forged using steel that has been fused with fragments of the Apollo 11. You know, the spacecraft that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon.

Romain has kept the design playful but pretty classy at the same time, which is obviously something that’s not easy to achieve. The only downside is that this watch is crazy expensive at $17,800. That’s the price of several Rolex watches and then some.

They’ll be available at Colette in Paris from September 3rd to September 8th, in case you can actually afford it. In that case, lucky you.

VIA [ Born Rich ]