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Drinkmaster Hoodie Lets You Drink In Style In the Great Outdoors

Drinkmaster Hoodie

If you’ve ever tried to drink outdoors on a cold night, then you might’ve been able to make the unpleasant realization that it’s not as simple or easy as it looks. It’s too cold to grip the bottle using your bare hands, but it slips and slides when you try to hold it using the sleeve of your jacket. Then there’s the matter of trying to pop the bottle open with shaking and shivering hands. So do yourself a favor and swap out your regular jacket for the Drinkmaster Hoodie.

It’s the only hoodie in the market that’s made especially for a drinker’s enjoyment. The Drinkmaster is fashioned from quality cotton and polyblend. It has a built-in Neoprine-lined beer koozie pocket, a zipper with a bottle opener wedged somewhere in between, a flask pocket on the inside of the jacket, and built-in drinking gloves on the sleeve with a non-slip grip. It even has a snappable ID pocket so you can hand your ID over to buy your booze in a snap.

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Homelite 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Having a cabin in the woods doesn’t automatically mean you’re a rugged outdoorsman. You can enjoy the fine pleasures that being away from the city provides (fresh air, anyone?), while still indulging in the comforts and luxuries urban environments have accustomed us to. The Homelite 5-Ton Electric Log splitter will make stocking up on firewood as easy as pressing a button. Its 15 Amp electric motor can split logs up to 20 inches long and 10 inches in diameter, and its 20 second cycle time will give you just enough of a rest to not strain yourself from loading the logs up in the first place. It’s a $300 luxury that will have some more genuine woodsy types looking down on you, but one that you’ll be happy you purchased anyway when you’re watching Will & Grace reruns on your flatscreen TV “in the woods”, while sipping on some hot cocoa.

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Datrex 3600 Food Bars Can Save Your Life When Stranded In The Wild

If you’re about to embark on the sort of journey that could have you away from civilization for a prolonged period of time, you probably want to spend some time looking at the gear you take with you. Chief among this is the stuff that’ll keep your body ticking: food. The Datrex 3600 food bars aim to cram as many calories in as small a package for as little money as possible. The bars are ready to eat and do not provoke thirst, and each of the Datrex 3600 will provide, yes, 3,600 calories of sustenance. That’s about enough for one day’s worth of walking through a forest, looking for help, though of course you’ll also need water. They have a 5 year shelf life and no, we have no idea what they taste like though some reviewers seem to have come away not completely disgusted. And lets be honest, it’s probably better than anything Bear Grylls would have you eating…

It’s $8.45 for one package, which contains 18 chunks of 200 calories each.

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The VitalGrill Is A Green, Turbocharged, Portable BBQ

When you start a fire, it’s well known that fanning or blowing on the flame will make it stronger. It’s the principle behind turbos as well: more oxygen means a stronger, hotter fire. The VitalGrill uses this to its advantage to reach an output of 20,000 BTU without gas or accelerants of any sort. It’s a portable stove and BBQ with an integrated battery-powered fan. It accepts any dry biological material at hand as a source of fuel: pieces of wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, charcoal and combustible waste. Put them in the stove, and start up the fan and in three minutes it will reach its maximum temperature. The flame is too hot? Just dial down the fan.

The BBQ is easily portable, weighing in at 8 lbs and measuring 13 inches across. It’s too small for your Sunday tailgate parties, but will do nicely for one of those camping expeditions where you’ll be catching some fish or whatever and feel like cooking it on the spot. The stove sells separately (if you want to put pots on it, fox example) for $80, and the BBQ with stove are $150.

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Grower’s Cup Coffee Takes Brewing To Its Bare Minimum

By David Ponce

There’s a branch of coffee purists who swear that using a machine to brew your coffee is an abomination. Or at the very least, the people behind The Coffeebrewer think so. It’s a specially designed, PE-coated paper bag that contains 25g of fine ground coffee, as well as a specially positioned filter. You’re supposed to open the bag from the top, pour in 0.5L of boiling water, let stand for 5-8 minutes and pour your fresh coffee out through the side opening. The filter will keep all the grounds inside; it’s almost like a portable french press. We say almost because once you’ve poured half the bag, the remaining coffee will not even touch the grounds inside, preventing the coffee from going bitter over time as it does with a french press. This is a great idea anytime, but especially when camping or in other situations where carrying even the most basic coffee making apparatuses would be inconvenient. We’re not sure what the price is, though if you’re in Europe you can actually buy some in specialty stores and some supermarkets.

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HeatStick Will Get Your Water Boiling, No Flame Required

By David Ponce

If you’re out in the field, doing field-y things and generally getting yourself into trouble Bear Grylls-style… you’re gonna end up needing the HeatStick. It’s a heat delivery system that screws right into a water bottle and uses an aluminum canister of propane/butane to heat an element up, and get your water hot in a jiffy. There’s no open flame, and none of the combustible material ever comes into contact with your water; only the metal element ever gets hot.

HeatStick was developed for freeze-dried rations, boil-in-the-bag rations, MREs, beverages and personal hygiene in extreme climatic conditions where efficiency, safety and performance are everything. It’s developed to meet the needs of Special Forces and outdoor professionals under the most hostile conditions.

There’s more tech in this device than you can shake a stick at, but you’re going to have to visit the product website to find out all about them. All you need to know out here is that you can get hot water, fast, efficiently, silently, and stealthily. A 1 litre bottle with the HeatStick system will set you back 2,379KR or about $404 USD. A packet of 10 FuelSticks is 460KR or about $78, which works out to almost $8 per charge. Each FuelStick has enough juice to heat between 6 and 9 litres of water.

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The Bobber Keeps Your GoPro Floatin’

By David Ponce

Whenever a GoPro camera is involved you’ll see dudes flinging themselves down slopes on wheeled contraptions, face-first, for everyone’s recording enjoyment. Or underwater, scuba-free, wrestling a manatee. Fun as these are to watch, it’s possible that something happens to the protagonist. Or perhaps even more dramatically, to the GoPro. Should you for instance accidentally let go of it underwater, the little camera will plunge to some irretrievable depth, and you’ll likely cry. But if you’ve equipped it with the Bobber beforehand, it’ll just float back up to the surface where you can easily spot it and fetch it. It’s a buoyant handle that not only gives you a grip with which to hold the camera, but has enough floating power to take care of the weight of GoPro’s 3D system, or of cameras using the optional LCD or Battery BacPacs.

It’s $29.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

The Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot Looks Pretty Badass

By David Ponce

Slingshots don’t have to be all ghetto, made up of some discarded tree branch and rubber bands. There’s a small industry built around them, and some are pretty hardcore. While it may not be the most accurate or even the most powerful on the market, the Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot looks like it means business. Cut from a “1/2inch thick aluminum plate with a waterjet at 50,000 psi for unrivaled strength and low weight,” the hunting/target practice tool has a band made from Thera-Band Gold material (for a fast shot and long life) with a 16 pound pull weight at approximately a 28″ draw. The handle is wrapped in “550 test weight paracord for comfort. The paracord also provides a source of very strong cord (should you ever need it while in the field).” Clearly it’s designed for the outdoorsy type in mind, but at $100, you’ll have plenty of money left over to buy other outdoorsy gear as well. Due to recent spike in demand, there is a 3-4 week backorder.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Some People Just Like To Watch The World Burn

By David Ponce

If you want a pretty badass firepit to put in your backyard, look no further than this:

The Third Rock Fire Pit is designed by Rick Wittrig. Each one is made from one quarter inch (6.35 mm) thick carbon steel. This is by far the heaviest gauge metal used in any fire pit available today. The sturdy construction assures you of having this functional art for many years to come. They have an iron oxide finish/patina on the outside which will darken a little with time then become permanent. The interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and has an 1-1/2″ rain drain in the bottom. This high quality fire pit requires no maintenance and has an overall height of 42″ and a diameter of 36″

Something this large and this heavy and this… awesome, can’t be cheap. And it’s not, making a $1,679 dent in your bank account. Each one is handmade so yours will be somewhat unique. And shipping within the continental United States is thankfully free.

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