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This Stake-Out Kit Has Everything You Need to Keep An Eye on Santa

Santa Stake Out Kit

So you’re a quarter of a century old, and you haven’t met Santa Claus yet? Year after year, you get presents from family and friends from all over the world, and sometimes something special and unexpected from the big guy. Isn’t time to thank him properly, face-to-face, man to man?

Providing everything you’ll need to stake him out and more is this stake-out kit by PlanetOptics. It comes with a bevy of disguises, protective gear, and gadgets that protect you from the elements without compromising your mission.

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Solar Kettle Boils Water Using Nothing But Solar Energy

Solar Kettle

Can’t live without hot water? It’s unfortunate, but you’ll have to learn to live without it if you’re traveling or spending some time in the great outdoors. That’s only if you don’t have the Solar Kettle, though.

As its name implies, the Solar Kettle is a portable thermos of sorts that uses the sun’s rays to boil the water stored inside it. There’s no need for any other power inputs, which means you can use it to heat water whenever and wherever there’s sunlight.

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Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set Makes Fine Dining on the Go Possible

Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set

Going on a camping trip? Planning to travel soon? Then you need to get yourself one of these Baladeo Folding Cutlery Sets. It’s like having a complete set of utensils all in one neat, little package.

The Baladeo Set resembles a Swiss Knife when it’s all folded up. But unfold and disassemble the entire thing and you’ll find that you’ve got a spork, a knife, a can opener, and a bottle opener. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 52 grams, and made from stainless steel. Just because you might be roughing it up outdoors doesn’t mean you have to eat with your bare hands. And it would be pretty useful to have this around especially if you’re going to chowing on a can of pork of beans for dinner, right?

The Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set is available from Moontrail for $49.

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The Chaheati Chair Keeps Your Rear Warm

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s cold outside. If you’re reading this somewhere that is warm, then I envy you. My thoughts are currently of very warm things, such as this Chaheati Chair. This might look like your average folding chair, but it is anything but. While most other such chairs simply give you a place to sit, this one gives you a warm place to sit.

This chair features a heating element that is guaranteed to keep your rear (as well as your back) nice and toasty for up to six hours at 100-degrees. If you’re attempting to endure some seriously cold weather, then you can crank it up to 145-degrees and still milk a good 1.8 hours out of it. That actually seems like it would almost be too warm, but who am I to judge. This awesome chair will set you back $90, which seems well worth it if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold.

[ Chaheati ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Need A Photography Studio? Bring One With you

By Chris Scott Barr

Being a photographer isn’t easy, especially if you don’t actually have a studio to shoot in. Yes, you can do wonderful things with outdoor shots, and maybe find a place in your house that will work, but those aren’t always the most ideal places. So what if you had a portable studio that you could setup anywhere that you had a large open space? That might come in handy.

That’s the idea behind this IPS (Inflatable Portable Studio). These studios come in two sizes (12x7x10ft, or 20x12x10ft) and can be set up in just three minutes. The enclosure is made from a thin plastic that is guaranteed to block out any external light. The contraption will cost you $330 or $350 if you order it sans fans. If you want those (which you’ll need to inflate it, unless you have a large fan lying around) it will set you back $70 or $150 depending on which size you get. It may be expensive, but it sure beats paying for a studio every month.

[ IPS-Studio ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Transcend Goggles Are First To Feature Integrated GPS

By Chris Scott Barr

Having a GPS is great when you’re visiting a new city. As there’s nothing quite like getting lost and having to stop in a seedy part of town and ask directions. However, if you’re somewhere that has no people to ask for directions, such technology is invaluable. That’s what makes these Transcend goggles so awesome.

The goggles feature a built in HUD which gives you information such as latitude/longitude, altitude, speed traveled, current temperature, time and more. The best part is that when you get back home, you can plug them into your computer and download the GPS information. The included software then overlays your route with Google Maps so you can see exactly where you’ve been. The spiffy goggles will set you back either $400 or $500 (depending on whether you want polarized lenses or not) and can be preordered now.

[ Zeal Optics ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Everyone Needs A Portable Watermelon Cooler

By Chris Scott Barr

Watermelons are a great summertime snack. My grandparents grow them, so I usually have some in my fridge. However, some people are serious about their watermelon. I’m talking about the kind of person that never leaves the house without one in a cooler. Granted, I’ve never met one of these people, nor have I heard of one. I just assume they exist, because this Portable Watermelon Cooler exists.

This device was apparently designed with the intention of carrying and cooling a single watermelon. Sure, you can put in something else instead to keep it cool. Heck, you can even keep some things warm in it too. I’m still just not quite sure why. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got an extra $230 and an unhealthy obsession with watermelons, this is your gadget.

[ Joybond ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

Stop Cats From Using Your Sandbox As A Litter Box

By Chris Scott Barr

When you were really young, I’m sure that at some point you played in a sandbox. However, did you ever dig up a cat’s buried treasure? Finding cat poop in your sandbox is just gross. If you don’t want your children to suffer the same fate, then you might check out this little device.

The Contech CatStop Cat Detterrent does exactly what you’d think it does; it deters cats. The gadget features a motion sensor that lets it know when to set off an ultrasonic alarm that will drive away felines. It’s supposed to be able to cover a 330 square foot area, which should take care of your sandbox. I suppose if you just really hate cats, you can stick a few of these in your yard for kicks. Then again $52 is a lot to pay just to get rid of a cat.

[ Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

Winter Boots Feature Studded Reversible Treads


By Chris Scott Barr

After spending a week in Vegas for CES, I was less than thrilled to come back home and find more snow on the ground. This means trading in my shoes for boots as I go wandering around outside. But even boots don’t always have the grip one needs for traversing the frozen landscape. That is why these particular boots have a little extra grip hidden underneath.

These boots seem much like any other, and can be worn whenever you like. However, when the time comes that you need that extra bit of grip, you can take the two red pieces of plastic tread and reverse them. On the other side are a number of tiny spikes to grip on the snow and ice. Granted, you’ll need to mess with putting them back the other way before stepping inside anywhere. Unless you do a lot of outdoor work in bad winter weather, I think that these $200 boots might be overdoing it.

[ Hammacher ] VIA [ Dvice ]