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The Designer In Your Life Will Love These Pantone Christmas Ornaments


These have been around for a few years, so don’t think you’ll be getting your hands on groundbreaking tech, here. But the Pantone Christmas Ornaments make the perfect casual gift for any designer, regardless of how long they’ve been on the market. Featuring classics like 268 Purple, or 7406 Yellow, each 3in. ball costs roughly $20 when you factor in shipping.


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Blown Glass Solar System Christmas Tree Ornament Set


Last time we spoke of planetary glassware, it was for the Solar System Glass Set and you guys seemed to love it. Well today you’re looking at a set of blown glass tree ornaments featuring 9 planets and the Sun. Yes, 9 planets, which means Pluto once again made it! But as cool as this set is, there’s some bad news. First off, it’ll take 3 to 5 weeks to ship, which means you probably can’t get it in time for Christmas. And on top of that, the thing is $375! So yeah, that’s out of budget for most people.

Still, if you’ve got too much disposable income and like to plan things way, way, way ahead of time, you can always get these for next year.

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Deck the Graves: Zombie Christmas Ornaments

Four Zombie Christmas Ornaments

The Walking Dead invades your tree this Christmas! Well, sort of. So these undead zombie ornaments don’t exactly feature characters from the hit TV series and comic book franchise, but no one needs to know. They come in sets of four, with a bloody reindeer and killer snowman accompanying a horrific-looking elf and an undead Santa.

They’re just dying to be hung from your tree this year…dying. Get it? (insert groan here.)

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It’s A Ballsy Christmas: Let These Bauballs Hang Low on Your Tree


Got balls? I do, even though I’m not a dude. And I don’t mean the figurative kind of balls. I’m talking about real but hairless man-balls that are big, heavy, and bright red. You know, the kind of man-balls that I can hang on my tree, like the one you see in the image above. Got you there, didn’t I?

No offense intended for anyone all around, though. The bauble you see above is actually the Bauball, which is a totally ridiculous ornament but one that I’d willingly buy all the same. That’s because these are being made for a good cause: to spread the word about testicular cancer. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Orchid Cancer Society.

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LEGO Ornaments Will Geek Up Your Christmas Tree

LEGO Ornaments

Geeky ornaments have become increasingly uncommon these days, what with more and more geeks storming planet Earth and all. More ornaments that prospective geeks can look forward to hanging up this year are these colorful LEGO ornaments that will bring a smidge of class and a whole lot of awesome to their trees.

These ornaments are being sold as a set of six by LEGO builder Agnieszka Biernacka for $80. They’re made from brand-new LEGO bricks so the ornaments still have that fresh, scratch-free shine to them. They’re also glued together so they won’t fall apart and break into bricks if you happen to drop them.

Of course, you can just build your own LEGO ornaments if you’ve got the time and if you’ve got the bricks.

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