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Oru Kayak Folds Up Origami-Style

Kayaking is fun; it’s a good exercise and you get to be outdoors and on the water. That’s about as radical as it gets in relation to the daily grind here at OhGizmo. But kayaks are bulky and we generally resort to renting one wherever the opportunity arises, which somewhat limits our chances to practice the sport. The Oru Kayak on the other hand is super light (25 lbs.) and ultra portable since it folds up into a 33″ X 29″ X 10″ case whenever you’re not using it.

Each Oru Kayak is engineered of a single sheet of double-layered plastic. The single seam is sealed with a watertight rubber gasket. Solid ribs offer strength and rigidity.The corrugated plastic skin is extremely tough and durable.

It’s not a toy boat either; it has a sturdy coaming (cockpit rim) that fits spray skirts and easily-adjustable footrests, as well as a comfortable foam seat and backband. Bill Vonnegut, a professional kayak guide/instructor says “It accelerates like a rocket, and carves a turn like a dream.” Sure, that might be a paid endorsement, but then again this might be a truly innovative product. The Kickstarter campaign has achieved its goal almost threefold, so the marketplace interest is there. An $800 pledge would get you yours by May 2013, and you’d be able to decide for yourself.

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Folding, Origami-Like Ukulele Looks Like Fun Weekend Project

By David Ponce

Ukuleles can be fun to have and now, maybe even fun to make. Origami enthusiast Brian Chen has created a laser-cut bamboo plywood kit that allows you to assemble a fully working ukulele in what he claims can be as little as half a day. By looking at the rather impressive PDF instructions, we’re thinking somewhere more along the lines of a full weekend, but hey… same ballpark. The result is not only completely functional but also folding for easy transport: the neck can be recessed into the body.

There are two versions, a regular kit for $85 or a “supermini” ukulele kit for $75. And if assembling anything at all is out of the question, you can get both of these already assembled for $375 or $250 respectively, and none of the fun.

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