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Battery Caddy – Finally! No More Loose Batteries

Battery Caddy (Images courtesy Tools Aviation)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m all for organization, almost to an obsessive degree, but I don’t know if I’m really sold on the Battery Caddy. It was originally designed for pilots to carry batteries in their flight bag without them ending up all over the place, but is now available to anyone with similar organizational problems.

The caddies have special flexible teeth that ensures a battery won’t fall out no matter how much the caddy is banged around, and even has protection for the terminals on each end. But you know what I’ve found that also works great for storing batteries? Their original packaging. Brands like Duracell and Energizer already come in resealable plastic containers, and a pair of scissors is all you need to remove the cardboard top section making them even more compact. Keeping them in the original packaging also removes any doubt in my mind that they might have been used, but to each their own.

The Battery Caddy comes in a variety of sizes and configurations for carrying large or small amounts of the same size battery, or an assortment of different sizes. They also come in your choice of 7 different colors including a glow in the dark green, and range in price from as low as $4.95 up to $13.95.

[ Battery Caddy ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

Never Lose The Remote Again With The Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity (Images courtesy Andrew Liszewski

First off I don’t think the creators of the Zero Gravity really have a grasp on what the term ‘zero gravity’ means. In fact their product seems to completely rely on the presence of gravity, otherwise it would be a pain to use.

The basic idea is to tether items that are easily lost, like your TV remote, to a coiled cable hanging from the ceiling. When you need to use the remote you just reach up and pull it down. When you’re done, you just let it go and it retracts back up, ensuring it’s always in the same place you left it. When uncoiled the cable stretches as far as 5 meters, but depending on how much elasticity it has you might want to be careful when letting go of that remote.

The Zero Gravity is available from LeDindon for about $25.

[ Zero Gravity ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

Knicks Cable Holder For Wrangling Loose Cords

Knicks Cable Holder (Image courtesy Charles & Marie)By Andrew Liszewski

USB is great and wireless USB will be even better but until that time we still have to deal with those pesky cables. And if you’re like me you have a USB cable on your desk that’s only used for syncing gadgets and has the tendency to fall off the edge when not in use. This drives me crazy so in my opinion the Knicks Cable Holder is the greatest invention ever created by man! (Take that ‘the wheel’.)

It’s basically a small clip made from metal and plastic that easily attaches to the edge of your desk and hangs off by about a half inch. On the end is a small opening that will accommodate any cable including USB. The idea is that you run any loose cables that aren’t used all the time through a Cable Holder and when they’re not needed they’ll still fall off the desk but get caught in the holder instead of hitting the floor. So the next time you need to use the cable it’s conveniently hanging just off the edge. Simple, easy and incredibly useful.

The Knicks Cable Holder is currently available from Charles & Marie in two sizes for just $11.

[ Knicks Cable Holder ]

Icon Organizer For The Visually Impaired

LevelStar Icon with Docking Station (Images courtesy LevelStar)By Andrew Liszewski

Though this device might look like nothing more than a small memo recorder don’t be fooled by its appearance. It’s actually a fully featured PDA and media player designed for persons with impaired vision. The Icon from LevelStar includes a 30GB hard drive and a list of functions that rivals pretty much any PDA on the market.

It has a calendar, an address book that syncs to MS Outlook, a word processor that’s compatible with MS Word, a web browser with built-in wifi, email, journal, clock, stopwatch, calculator and a media player that’s compatible with MP3s, audiobooks and even podcasts. You can also get an optional qwerty or braille keyboard docking station that makes text entry even more efficient.

The Icon unit itself is available on the LevelStar website for $1,395 though I can’t find prices listed for the docking station keyboards.

[ LevelStar Icon with Docking Station ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

Dimitri CD Holder

Dimitri CD Holder (Image courtesy Perpetual Kid)By Andrew Liszewski

Forget about the paperless office we’ve been promised. These days I’m more excited for the CD or DVD-less office. While my desk is completely clear of any printouts and the like it’s still covered in random CDs and DVDs in various states of labelling, burning and/or storage. Not only is it usually a pain to find the one I need but sliding against each other all day getting scratched up just brings them closer and closer to an unreadable state.

The Dimitri is a small plastic figure forever posed in an Olympic-esque weightlifting stance. But instead of weights his barbells are designed to hold a random collection of disc-based media. Besides the orange color which is bound to cheer anyone up it also gets your discs off the desk and somewhat organized into one place.

Dimitri is available from Perpetual Kid for only $6.99.

[ Dimitri CD Holder ]