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Living Off Your Suitcase Has Never Been Easier


If you travel a lot, there’s a chance you’ve developed a system where you don’t ever fully unpack your suitcase, you just live off its contents until it’s time to go to your next destination. It might work, but does it work elegantly? Yeah, well with the ShelfPack, you won’t have to dig through your clothes to get to the one you want, unfolding and creasing everything else in the process. With this large (26″x18″x14″) suitcase, you just reach your destination, raise the supports, lift the shelves, and you’ve got yourself a dresser! All your stuff is nicely organized just like at home, and easily accessible. The ShelfPack weighs only 14lbs when empty, so it’s not like the shelving system adds much weight. It does, however, add a ton of convenience, and at $349, it’s a steal.


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Everyone Needs The Pocketo Cable Organizer


It’s everyone’s dirty little secret: “Just don’t look under my desk.” We make efforts to keep a tidy apartment, but most of us simply balk at the idea of trying to make anything beautiful with the spaghetti strands that wiggle around the back of our desktop computers, so we just ignore that area. The Pocketo Cable Organizer tries to make the task marginally easier by providing you with a plastic pin-filled board to wrap your cables around. An adhesive back allows you to stick it to a wall, or under your work surface, and then it’s just a matter of routing your cables between the pins in any pattern that makes most sense to you. Best of all, it’s super cheat at $12 for a pack of 2.


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Deal Of The Day: 31% Off On KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer


Keeping your keys tidy takes as much effort as anything else. It won’t happen by itself, but with a tool like the KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer, you’ll have the odds on your side.

Say goodbye to your annoying, bulky key ring—KeySmart organizes your keys in one convenient, compact, and lightweight place. Easily attach up to 10 keys, and use the included loop to latch on your car fob as needed. The award-winning KeySmart is meticulously designed to allow for quick and easy key access, and will rid your life of key jingling and jabbing forever.

– Frame crafted from quality titanium for lightweight body
– Bottle opener included
– Hardware milled from stainless steel for durability
– Unique ‘S’ design made to fit 2x the keys in half the space
– Size accommodates most sizes of key
– Made in Chicago

I own one myself and I love it. Normally you’d have to pay $44 for one, but after today’s deal it’s $29.99.


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Deal of The Day: 33% Off On KeyDisk Key Organizer


Keeping your keys organized requires a little bit of effort, and a little bit of gear. Otherwise you’ll end up with a janitor’s keychain that’s likely to look just as neat as your George Costanza wallet. The KeyDisk Key Organizer is a great solution for anyone thinking of doing a little bit of tidying.

The KeyDisk offers a cool alternative to conventional key rings. It’s composed of two futuristic aluminum plates, between which you sandwich up to 6 keys before screwing everything into place. When you want to use a particular key, swing it outwards so it protrudes from your KeyDisk and use as you would normally.

– Securely store & use up to 6 keys
– Enjoy a sleek alternative to conventional keyrings
– Rock a durable design: made of sandblasted & anodized aluminum
– Proudly show off its minimalist & chic aesthetic
– Avoid dealing w/ the messiness of jangling keys

Normally you’d have to pay $30 for this, but with today’s deal it’s $19.99.


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Brilliant: Shelfpack Is The Suitcase For Those Who, Well, Live Out Of Their Suitcase


You know the type: they travel somewhere, and never really unpack. They just get stuff from their suitcase as they need it. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, but if you’re going to be that way, why not make your life just a tiny bit more comfortable? The ShelfPack is an awesome suitcase that features an integrated collapsible shelving system. With it you can keep your clothes more organized and easily accessible. Granted, if you’re the “living out of a suitcase” type, it’s likely because you’re too lazy to bother getting your stuff out in the first place, which means you’re also unlikely to bother using the Shelfpack’s features. But hey, maybe spending $350 on this suitcase will give you enough motivation to actually use it as intended.


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Soba Cable Organizer Cleans Up That Mess Behind Your Monitor


Most of us choose to entirely ignore the area behind our monitors, just because we’re too lazy to deal with the spaghetti clutter of cables. If the putting-your-head-in-the-sand technique is running thin, you could try to give the Soba cable organizer from Bluelounge. Just slip them all into the “Vortex tube”and place them where you want it. The kit comes with 3 mounting caps, which can be affixed to any surface and help route the tube in your desired path. There’s even a Y-split, in case some of your cables have completely different destinations. For $25, it’s a cheap and efficient way to today up your living space.

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Trunk Dividers Stop Stuff From Sloshing Around In Your Trunk


Some of us drive around with trunks that aren’t full to the brim with useless crap, so when we go to the store to buy a gallon of milk (because someone forgot to mention we were out before the groceries were done) and put it in there, it tends to roll around for the entire drive home. It’s a first world problem, clearly, but for $13 you can fix it if it bothers you that much. The Stayhold dividers stick to the carpet that lines most car trunks, and can be placed any way you like. Create compartments where you can put only a few items, or remove them altogether when it’s time to fit the large suitcase and mozy on over to the airport for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year.

trunk dividers

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Great Balls Of Wire Cable Management

Great Balls Of Wire (Image courtesy Søren Refsgaard)
By Andrew Liszewski

They’re really nothing more than a rubber ball with a slit cut in the side, but a simple design coupled with a cute pun of a product name makes me wish these Great Balls Of Wire were all over my home. Created by Søren Refsgaard, they’re designed to store excess lengths of cable (up to 5 feet, depending on thickness) which can be quite simply bundled up and crammed inside, making things look neat and tidy under your desk or behind your home theater. They’re also available in 6 bright colors to match your decor, which makes them more appealing than simply taking a knife to a tennis ball. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere, so if anyone stumbles across them, please feel free to share.

[ Great Balls Of Wire ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]

DrawerDecor Custom Organizers

DrawerDecor (Images courtesy Daily Grommet)
By Andrew Liszewski

In addition to drawers full of random utensils in my kitchen, as a gadget writer I also have drawers full of random chargers, cables, adapters and other contraptions I use regularly enough that I’m hesitant to throw them out. I also happen to be the type who likes his crap fairly well organized, so Keith Neilson’s DrawerDecor organization system immediately caught my eye.

Its real beauty is how modular and easy to configure it is. You start off with a ‘BaseMat’ made of sticky food-grade silicone that you trim to fit the bottom of the drawer, or even places like toolboxes and cupboards. By itself it ensures anything you place on it won’t slide around as it’s opened or closed. But the system is taken one step further with the included ‘Divitz’ dividers which stick to the BaseMat creating an infinite number of custom-sized slots for even the most irregularly shaped item. (It should definitely keep my N-Gage in place.) A 16-piece set in red, blue, orange, purple or lime runs $24.95, while a “Mix n’ Match” 3-pack is $74.85, or exactly the same price as 3 regular sets.

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