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Google Introduces Chrome OS

giBy Evan Ackerman

Google announced their new Chrome operating system yesterday, and as you’d expect from Google, it’s something innovative and entirely online, since as Google points out, we’re all online almost all the time anyway. At its heart, Chrome OS is just a browser, and all the applications that you’re used to having on your computer run as web applications (like Google Docs). A key difference from traditional web apps, though, is that Chrome will be able to harness some of the powers of the computer that it’s running on, thanks to the next generation of HTML, HTML 5. Like a browser, Chrome OS will start in mere seconds, and it’s designed specifically for netbooks. In a nutshell: Chrome OS is just like Google’s Chrome browser, except it’ll run web based applications that give it the functionality of a conventional operating system. While a developers build is available now, Chrome OS will officially launch sometime next year.

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Palm Plays Cat And Mouse With Apple With WebOS 1.1

palmpre-flightviewBy David Ponce

Palm recently updated it’s operating system for the Pre to version 1.1. Most notable in the update is that it now re-enables syncing with iTunes 8.2.1. which had previously been deliberately broken by Apple. Pre owners are now able to transfer music, videos and photos directly from the popular software.

While it’s not immediately clear just what the changes consist of, it’s not a complete surprise that Palm was able to pull this off as many of its engineers used to work at Apple. It is believed they were familiar with iTunes hardware identification scheme so were able to once again fool the software into thinking the Pre is a native device.

The update also does a few other things and is available over the air.

VIA [ Electronista ]