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Teen Takes $200 From Her Dad To “Get Off Facebook”

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 12.50.43 AM

There’s a story being reported online about a teen in Wellesley, Massachussets, who allegedly accepted $200 from her father to get off Facebook. We… think the father just got conned. The narrative goes that Paul Baier’s 14 year old daughter was having trouble finding babysitting jobs and one day turned to her dad and said “Dad, would you pay me to get off Facebook?” After explaining to him that she was finding it distracting from her school work, and managing to convince the poor man that she was “being responsible”, Baier agreed to the deal, doling out the money in increments, with the final payment coinciding with the end of the school year. She is, after all, an honor student, and this would allow her to focus on her studies…

“She turns it on, she’ll have 30 to 40, [even] 50 little alerts things popping up,” Baier said.

“It’s a responsible thing for her to do. Moderation is very good and [Facebook] in extreme, can be dangerous,”

Of course no one ever said that honor students were stupid, and we’re firmly convinced that at best, all that Paul Baier’s daughter has succeeded in doing is blocking her father and all his friends and relatives, and gotten away with $200 for the effort. At worst, this is a pretty sad attempt at getting press attention from the both of them; someone, after all, had to contact the media to tell this story.

[ 7News WHDH ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

This Clothing Retailer Shows You The Number Of “Likes” Their Clothes Have Right On The Hangers

By David Ponce

In an innovative attempt to bridge the gap between the online and the real world, Brazilian retailer C&A has started to display the amount of “likes” each of their clothing items has garnered through their being on display on their website. They’re calling this initiative “Fashion Like.” Presumably this would help clueless customers know what is more popular, perhaps helping them reach a decision faster. We wonder however if this wouldn’t lead to some cannibalization between items. Wouldn’t articles with the lowest number of likes simply become increasingly unpopular, leading to fewer sales, in favour of the more popular ones? How much of a clothing retailer’s sales figures come from a certain percentage of patrons not knowing what to buy and just grabbing whatever is there?

[ C&A Facebook Fashion Like (In Portugese) ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]

Google Translate Will Beatbox For You With The Following Text

By David Ponce

Google has its fingers in a lot of different pies. Most of these are useful and financially profitable, but the company is also known for spending some time fine-tuning its quirky sense of humour. In the following example, you’ll be able to hear a man beatboxing, courtesy of Google Translate. Simply go to the website and paste the below text into the box, set the languages from English to German and click listen. The Alt Text over the listen button even reads “Beatbox”.

pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk

We’re not sure what the German has to do with all this, nor what the point altogether is, but none of that matters. Check it out.

[ Google Translate ] VIA [ Mashable ]

Shi**er Prints A Twitter Feed Onto A Roll Of Toilet Paper

By David Ponce

Say you think really highly of someone. And by highly, we mean you’d like to wipe your behind with their words. You can do that now, thanks to a new service called Shi**er. It’s not actually called that, at least not with the asterisks, but we don’t want to have some overzealous firewall decide to block us, so we’re putting those where the letter “t” would normally be. But of course you knew that, we just wanted to point out how stupid we think firewalls can be.

Anyway, you either give the company your own feed, or someone else’s feed or even a list you create and they will ship out to you a 4-pack of regular toilet paper, with the feed nicely printed on it, for $35. Whether or not you use it to wipe your behind after paying that princely sum is entirely up to you.

[ Product Page ]

One Time Secret Helps With Privacy Fears

By David Ponce

If you have something so secret that your head might explode if someone gains access to it, then it’s probably a good idea to just keep it to yourself. But if you absolutely must share, a service like One Time Secret could help you sleep a little better at night.

When you send people passwords and private links via email or chat, there are copies of that information stored in many places. If you use a one-time link instead, the information persists for a single viewing which means it can’t be read by someone else later. This allows you to send sensitive information in a safe way knowing it’s seen by one person only. Think of it like a self-destructing message

Some might worry about search engines discovering the link and the data before it’s deleted.

We block benevolent crawlers with our robots.txt file and we take further measures to stop malicious ones as well. If you are really concerned, protect it with a passphrase that only you and the recipient know.

The service is available now.

[ One Time Secret ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]

Facebook’s Upcoming IPO Will Make Artist David Choe A Very Rich Man

By David Ponce

Back in the early days of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg asked artist David Choe to paint the interiors of their offices. Instead of cash, Zuckerberg offered stock options which Choe wisely accepted. Fast forward a few years and Facebook is filing for an IPO which analysts say could value the company at $50billion. If Choe then chooses to cash in his options, he will net around $200million. Yeah, a fifth of a Billion dollars!

Choe is a very talented artist and we’re happy he’s about to get that kind of payday. Unlike Apple’s Ronald Wayne who sold his 10% of the company for $800, Choe was wise enough to keep his stock until now. Watch the below video where he and Zuckerberg interact on a mural he’s working on.

[ David Choe ] VIA [ Slashgear ]

Be Careful What You Say On Twitter, It Could Get You Kicked Out Of The U.S.A.

By David Ponce

Because it’s well known that terrorists will openly talk about their plans on Twitter, the DHS and CIA monitors the service for keywords. This practice has led recently to the unfortunate detention and immediate deportation of two Brits visiting the States. And what were the evil, offending tweets that had them explaining themselves for 12 hours? Leigh Van Byran said:

“free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America?”

Destroy… as in “get trashed and party” as he explained to the Daily Mail. And Emily Banting offense? A Family Guy quote!:

“3 weeks today, we’re totally in LA pissing people off on Hollywood Blvd and diggin’ Marilyn Monroe up!”

So watch out, what everyone knew has been confirmed. A sense of humor is an automatic disqualification for anyone working at DHS, as is common sense, logic and any of the skills that everyone outraged at this story clearly has. And the message is clear: foreigners, watch what you say online. The dumbest stuff will come back and bite you.

[ The Daily Mail ] VIA [ DVice ]

YBUY Lets You Try Before You Buy

By David Ponce

If you fall squarely in the early-adopters category, but find that you also have a smidge of the buyer’s remorse syndrome, new startup YBUY might ease some of your pains. They charge you a $25 per month membership fee, but as a member they will send you (with no shipping charge) one gadget per month for you to try. If you like it, you buy it and subtract that month’s membership fee. If it’s not your cup of tea, simply return it. The catch of course is that the site decides which device is featured on any given month. So that’s why it’s important that you be someone who absolutely spends his every waking hour looking for the next thing to purchase. YBUY claims they pick the items based on “the best user reviews” and at least from the picture above, the stuff on there doesn’t seem to be on the low end of the spectrum.

They recently launched and are apparently getting clobbered under too much Internet traffic. Some of that investment money should have gone to more solid servers, it looks like. Still, by the time you read this, maybe the lights will be back on.

[ YBUY ] VIA [ Engadget ]

[CES 2012] DocuSign Ink Makes The Paperless Office Possible

By David Ponce

Ok so this is going to sound like it’s terribly boring. E-Signatures… Ugh! Right? But hear me out, because this is actually interesting. So this is the thing, the dead tree business is really going to die. Like the VHS: it’s going the way of the dodo. This is a fact. But it’s a painful transition and some of us still suffer from the ongoing stretch marks. Take contracts. If for some reason you’re sent a contract over email, you’re likely going to be asked to print it, sign it and FAX it back. Fax? Even if you don’t fax, and you just print, sign, scan and email… that’s still archaic! Who prints? The printing business is a racket anyway, so DocuSign is really onto something with their new DocuSign Ink product. It’s an application on the Apple app store that lets you take any document sent to you and sign it digitally. This is how. It downloads your document (any format), converts it to a PDF and lets you affix your previously created signature and date anywhere on it. You can then email it right back and you’re done. The best part is that it’s completely free to the end user and works even if the company sending you a document doesn’t have it.