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‘Never Mind the Anabolics’ is Booze on Steroids

Never Mind the Anabolics

I have a feeling that beer pumped with all sorts of stimulants probably isn’t legal, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. BrewDog came up with this steroid-laced concoction as a form of protest against the London Olympics’ strict sponsorship rules that kept a lot of brands out.

Dubbed as ‘Never Mind the Anabolics’, the ingredients list for this limited-edition India pale ale includes ‘creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, matcha tea, maca powder and steroids.’ The brew was specially formulated to ‘unmask the corporate beast of the world’s biggest sporting event and highlight the shallow nature of sponsorship.’

An inside source explains that only the first batch of beer actually contained steroids. The bottles that will be made available to the public won’t contain steroids, but they’ll still be pumped with other substances that Olympics athletes are banned from consuming.

Hit the jump to check out a video promo for this controversial brew.

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Pumped for the Olympics? So is This Big Red Bus That Does Push-ups!

Double Decker Push Up Bus

The 2012 London Olympics kicks off today, and excitement for the games has already reached a fever pitch. People are painting their faces with their country’s flags, themed apparel are flying off the shelves, and banners rooting for their teams are hanging off people’s cars. Heck, even bright-red double deckers are getting in on the action.

See that particular bus in the image? It even grew huge robotic arms, just so it could do push-ups with resounding grunts and groans like the athletes you’ll see once the games begin. (Kidding aside, Czech artist David Cerny actually attached those electrical arms on the bus.)

Dubbed as the London Booster, this bad baby will be displayed outside the Czech Olympic headquarters in London to inspire the Czech athletes to bring home the gold. Go team!

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