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Deal Of The Day: 41% Off On SKEYE Nano Drone


Quadrotor copters are all the rage these days, and the SKEYE Nano Drone stands out. The thing is tiny, measuring 4.0 × 4.0 centimers (or 1.57 × 1.57 inches), and literally fits in the palm of your hand.

The Nano Drone is high thrust, low weight, and has incredibly responsive controls that are complimented by sophisticated circuitry, piezoelectric gyros, and accelerometers to give the Nano Drone outstanding stability and maneuverability.

You’ll love this drone because anyone can fly it anywhere. It offers three distinct flight modes – one for beginners who are just learning to fly, another for more advanced pilots, and a third, ‘expert’ mode for seasoned flight veterans.

A 30 minute charge will give you about 8 minutes of flight time, with a 50m range. No, there’s no video camera on this one, but at $35 that would be asking for a miracle. Still, it’s the time to be thinking of Christmas presents and the SKENE Nano Drone seems right in the sweet spot.


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Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On NES30 Bluetooth Controller


If you want to play games on your tablet or smartphone, you have two choices. Use the on-screen controls like a peasant. Or get yourself dedicated controller. The NES30 is as good as any, and some would argue even better since it’s shaped to look exactly like an NES controller of old. The only difference is it connects through Bluetooth and has reconfigurable buttons. Oh, and there are two additional action buttons and two shoulder buttons. Because, well, today’s games might need more than three buttons. But there you have it, for $29 you can party like it’s 1986.

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Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On LithiumCard AIR


You’re looking at a 5-credit-card-thick external battery in a nice aluminum housing, one which packs a very respectable 1,200mAh. It’s called the LithiumCard Air, but it’s not the capacity that’s most impressive, it’s what they’re calling the HyperCharging feature. See, the battery cranks out an impressive 2Amps of power, which is a lot and is enough to charge your device up to 1% per minute. The cables are integrated and flip out, making it so that you don’t have to carry anything else but the card. There’s even a sticky pad included in case you want to glue it on to your device. And best of all, the LithiumCard AIR is all of $40, after today’s 33$ rebate. You have to pick a Lightning connector or MicroUSB option on checkout.


[ Get The LithiumCard AIR ]

Deal Of The Day: 24% Off On The Pocket Kick Speaker


SoundFreaq makes some pretty cool speakers, like the DoubleSpot Bluetooth speaker we featured last month. But this time we’re looking at something slightly different. It’s the Pocket Kick speaker. It’s small, yet rocks a big sound:

It features a pair of custom-engineered drivers and a passive radiator which is set between two full-metal, open air grills to optimize airflow and project full-frequency sound with lower frequencies kicked out the back.

With 10+ hours of battery life, a tiny 5.9” x 2.5” x 1.2” footprint and a $75 price tag, it’s hard not to like it. Toss it in a bag, a pocket, and carry the party anywhere you go.

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Deal Of The Day: 58% Off On Limefuel LP200X, a 20,000 mAh Powerhouse


You’re looking at a portable battery pack with a capacity of 20,000 mAh, and two USB ports, for $35. That alone right there should be enough to convince you that it’s an amazing deal. That’s because the Limefuel LP200X does at $35 more than the Energizer XP18000A does at $179! Not only will you be able to charge two devices multiple times over, you also get an integrated flashlight as well as a digital charge indicator.

It’s pretty small, clocking in at 6.4×3.1×0.9 inches and 15 ounces, and well… it’s $35!

[ Get the Limefuel LP200X ]

Deal Of The Day: 152 Duracell Batteries For $60


If you’ve ever stopped by a convenience store on the way home to buy just a pair of AA batteries, you’ll know just what a racket that is. Costing as much as $5-$6 a pair, these things can get ridiculously expensive if not bought at the right time and place. Like now. You’re looking at a kit of 100 AA and 52 AAA Duracell batteries, and they’re going for $59.99. That works out to around 34 cents a piece, rather than the $2-$3 they can sometimes cost. The batteries are good until 2019, so it’s not like you’re buying old, unsold stuff.

[ Get The 152 Duracell Batteries ]

Deal Of The Day: 46% Off On Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera


Drones are all the rage these days, and it’s nice to see prices dropping. The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera features self-stabilizing flight that works even in windy conditions. Throw it about and watch it right itself automatically. A 2.4GHZ transmitter gives you a 400 foot range, while the attached camera can swivel about to catch shots from more angles. For $75, it’s hard to find a better deal.

[ Get The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 ]

Deal Of The Day: 56% Off On MIGHTY Rugged Bluetooth Speaker


Rugged Bluetooth speakers seem to be all the rage these days, but we like MIGHTY because it’s so inexpensive. For $35 you’ll be able to get a speaker that you can toss in your bath, your pool, or anywhere at the beach. It’s dustproof, sandproof, and definitely waterproof and will play back your music for up to 6 hours at a time on a single charge. There’s a suction cup included so you can stick it to a wall or flat surface, and that’s it really. There really isn’t much more to say about a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s $35, down from $80.


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Deal Of The Day: The Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway


Yes, you can enter to win a $650 Apple gift card, with which to buy yourself an iPhone 6. It’s pretty simple. Just enter to win!

Do we need to give you more details? No, we don’t think so. It takes a couple of seconds, and you’ll find out in 5 days if you’re the lucky winner!

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