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OGCC Day 16 – The Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled

The Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 16 (Image property OhGizmo!)I still don’t know what compels humans to climb to the top of a snow covered hill and then slide back down at breakneck speeds, but damned if it isn’t fun!… Well at least the down part is. Climbing back up with a giant toboggan in tow? Not so much. But at just 3½ pounds, the Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled makes the getting back to the top part a bit more bearable.

The bobsled’s design was inspired by Johann Uttenthaler’s 1969 invention for careening down the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, and if there’s any place on Earth to put a new sled design through its paces, I imagine that would be it. The rider sits on the back of the sled with the suggestive joystick-like handle sticking up between their extended legs, kind of like riding a snow shovel. A set of molded plastic rails on the underside keeps the sled headed in a straight line, but the rider can easily turn and carve by simply leaning from side to side. And like with most sleds, braking is provided by your boots, another sledder or the nearest tree.

The Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for a reasonable $39.95.

[ The Bavarian Zipfel Bobsled ] VIA [ I4U News ]

Oral-B Triumph Electric Toothbrush With SmartGuide Giveaway – We Have A Winner! (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The comments for our Oral-B Triumph Electric Toothbrush are closed, and just like with our Neuros OSD giveaway, we’ve turned to the completely impartial to select our winner. As you can see above, the winning comment is #48, provided by Nuno Cruz, who left the following gem; “I’m in! Gimme gimme!!” I guess this time a case of the ‘gimmes’ really did pay off. So congratulations Nuno, and make sure to check the email address you provided us with.

And sorry to those of you who entered and didn’t win. If it’s any consolation, Oral-B is currently offering a $15 mail-in-rebate on any of their ProfessionalCare Electric Toothbrushes, though the offer appears to be limited once again to U.S. residents only. But let me remind you that our awesome Acer Aspire One Netbook giveaway is also still underway. You have until Sunday December 21 to leave a comment on that post for your chance to win, so if you haven’t already, do it now!

OGCC Day 15 – Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sled

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sled (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 15 (Image property OhGizmo!)While they’re no where near as predictable as a wooden toboggan when it comes to charting a straight path down a snowy hill, those plastic disc saucer-style sleds can be just as fun, if not more so. All it takes is someone at the top of the hill to give you a little spin when you start your descent, and your ride will not only be unpredictable, but should also leave your head spinning when you get to the bottom. But in a good way.

Both sled styles have their advantages, but now that I’ve discovered this Millennium Falcon shaped saucer sled, I’m afraid my classic wooden toboggan’s days are numbered. It’s only big enough to seat one person, so you can forget about bringing along a Wookie co-pilot, but it does have a pair of foam handles to help you steer and avoid other craft on your way down the hill. Unfortunately, neither Amazon nor Target appear to have the $34.99 sled in stock at the moment, but they seem to indicate it will be available in about 2 to 6 weeks.

[ Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sled ]

OGCC Day 14 – Yoda Christmas Lights

Yoda Christmas Lights (Image courtesy What on Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 14 (Image property OhGizmo!)Ever since that fateful day on November 17, 1978 when the Star Wars Holiday Special first aired, Wookies, Jedis and droids have been as much a part of Christmas for me as Santa Claus and reindeer.

So it seems perfectly natural to find this string of Jedi Master Christmas lights available just in time for the holidays. Oddly enough, I would have expected Yoda to emit more of a green glow, than the reddish-yellow tint pictured in the product shot, but who am I to question the wisdom of a Muppet? The lights are available from What on Earth for $29.95, and all-in-all you get 10 light-up Yodas that each stand 3½ inches tall on a 10-foot UL listed cord.

[ Yoda String Lights ] VIA [ Foolish Gadgets ]

OGCC Day 13 – Grand Shelters ICEBOX Tool – Igloos Made Easy!

ICEBOX Igloo Tool (Images courtesy Grand Shelters Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 13 (Image property OhGizmo!)Though I was never involved in the Boy Scouts (my parents trusted I could make friends on my own) I do like their simple motto; Be Prepared. So here’s a hypothetical scenario for you. What if on one snowy day you decide to do a little tobogganing at the local hill, and all of a sudden a blizzard comes out of nowhere making it impossible for you to traverse the 5 blocks home? I guarantee there won’t be any Ton-tons around to cut open and climb inside, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to leave home with one of these ICEBOX Igloo tools.

Now I’ve never had to build an igloo myself (my family used to raise Ton-tons, so there were always plenty around) but looking at the how-to photos on the Grand Shelters website, I think I could pull it off with the help of the ICEBOX kit. It’s essentially a simple snow block mold that features a telescoping pole which you attach to the ground as your center point. As you then build up the walls of your igloo, you simply adjust the length of the pole which ensures you end up with a perfectly shaped and secure structure. And when you’re done, the ICEBOX folds down flat making it easy to stash in a backpack or dog sled.

You can order an ICEBOX from the Grand Shelters website for $179.95, and while you might scoff at the price now, I’m sure it would have seemed quite reasonable if one day you find yourself freezing to death in a snowstorm.

[ ICEBOX Igloo Tool ] VIA [ ThisNext ]

OGCC Day 12 – M&M’S Musical Ornaments

M&M'S Musical Ornaments (Image courtesy Catalog Favorites)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 12 (Image property of OhGizmo!)I suppose the fact that I associate M&M’S with Christmas is a tribute to the marketing gurus at Mars. I mean all they really did was exclude a couple of colors come the holidays, and somehow it’s now the official candy of Christmas in my mind. (That’s right candy canes, take a hike!) But why stop at just filling your house with bowls of M&M’S when they can hang and and serenade you on your Christmas tree as well?

The Red and Green M&M characters are now available as officially licensed ornaments that feature light-up LED eyes and moving mouths that single along to either Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree or Holly Jolly Christmas. In fact the M&M’S even feature the actual voices used in the commercials, which I have to assume means the red M&M is the closest you’ll ever get to having Billy West hang out with you during the holidays.

The Red and Green M&M ornaments are available individually from Catalog Favorites for $14.95 each, or as a set for $24.95.

[ M&M’S Musical Ornaments ] VIA [ 7 Gadgets ]

OGCC Day 11 – Another Giveaway! Win An Oral-B Triumph Electric Toothbrush With SmartGuide!

Oral-B Triumph (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 11 (Image property of OhGizmo!)You might think the holidays are all about giving, but that’s only part of it. With all of those candied canes, gum drops and sugar plum fairies, you also can’t forget about good dental hygiene. So we figured we’d combine the two and give away an Oral-B Triumph electric toothbrush with SmartGuide technology.

And just to be clear here, this isn’t your garden variety electric toothbrush people. In fact, the Triumph isn’t even the Ferrari of electric toothbrushes, it’s pretty much the Enzo. Not only does it remove plaque, improve gum health and prevent and reverse gingivitis with its MicroPulse bristles, but it also comes with a wireless LCD display that provides “while-you-brush feedback” to promote better brushing habits. I’ll actually be posting my own review of the Oral-B Triumph come the new year, but rest assured this is a separate unit that’s brand new in the box.

So at this point you’re probably wondering how you can win such a marvel of oral care? Well just like with our Neuros OSD giveaway (that’s almost over) we’ll make it easy for you. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post between now and Monday (Dec. 15th) and on Tuesday (Dec. 16th) we’ll randomly choose a winner. It’s that easy! Just don’t forget to include a valid email address, otherwise we’ll have no way to contact you. (Rest assured your email address is safe.) And since this giveaway is part of our Christmas Countdown, let’s try and spread some holiday cheer with those comments. Oh, and did I mention that this giveaway is open to all of our readers, all around the world?

Good luck!

*Update – …Aaaaaaaaaand the comments are closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.

OGCC Day 10 – Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With A BeTaMaXMas

A BeTaMaXMas (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 10 (Image property OhGizmo!)I was really hoping I’d stumble across another website this year that made it easy to watch those classic Christmas TV specials that have been kicking around since the 80’s. But not in my wildest dreams could I have hoped for a website as awesome as A BeTaMaXMas.

I usually don’t have much patience for flash-only websites, but that’s not the case here. The site is done up to look like the basement TV room we all had growing up, complete with a Christmas tree, a Star Wars poster, wood paneling on the walls and most importantly, a B-Tronics TV and betamax deck playing nothing but awesome 80’s Christmas shows and commercials. Seriously, whoever put this together went above and beyond the call of duty.

At times the picture can be a bit snowy (just like I remember) but that can be easily fixed by adjusting the antennas perched atop the set. There’s even a classic TV Guide you can click on that shows what’s currently playing, and while the selection of channels is limited, it looks like there’s more than enough content to keep me distracted until New Years. And now back to the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special

[ A BeTaMaXMas ] Warning! Extremely Addictive!

OGCC Day 9 – Newspaper Log Roller

Newspaper Log Roller (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 9 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Last year on the OGCC we featured a device for turning your stacks of old newspapers into fireplace-ready paper bricks, and this year we bring you a similar contraption that makes it even easier to turn them into more traditional paper logs.

Ok, so maybe ‘contraption’ is a bit generous given it appears to be nothing more than a metal rod with a crank handle on one end, but in theory if you manage to roll the newspaper tight enough, and secure it with something that isn’t going to burn away in the first minute, these paper logs should burn considerably longer than if you were to just toss crumpled up newsprint into your fireplace. Who says print is dead?

The Newspaper Log Roller is available from for $57.50, though I don’t see why a simple wooden dowel or broom handle wouldn’t be about 99% as effective.

[ Newspaper Log Roller ] VIA [ GadgetGrid ]