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The Slända Pens Always Stay Upright, Possibly Leaving Marks All Over Your Desk

By David Ponce

Designers sometimes like to re-invent the wheel. Or to create solutions for problems they themselves invent. The result is sometimes stupid, sometimes intriguing but most often a combination of both. This is the case with the self-standing Slända pens, which admittedly do look cool. They never lay flat on the table, which might make them easier to grasp. Additionally, they won’t roll off your desk, ever, which we suppose is a plus. But… they’re also entirely unnecessary. And at $30 a pop, very hard to justify.

Still, the need to stand out at the office just might be strong enough a motivation to click on the product link below.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

This Totem Went All Tetris On Your Desktop

By David Ponce

Lexon’s MINITOTEM is meant for the office. In one efficient stack, you get a pen cup, storage for paper clips, a clock, tape dispenser (tape included), and a 4 USB plug hub. All these objects nestle into one another more efficiently than even your best game of Tetris and make for a cleaner, neater work environment.

Price unfortunately is not available, though the item appears to be in production. It looks like one of those things that should probably not cost a whole bunch, but you can contact them at contact at lexon-design dot com (trying to fool them spam scrapers) to find out, if you’re interested.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Steelcase Walkstation Won’t Let You Stay Fat

By David Ponce

The Holidays are over soon and you’ll get back in the office looking bloated. Come on, you know you are. But that’s ok, because it’ll be the new year and you’ll be full of motivation, determined to lose that gut. But how can you? You spend your entire day at work, sitting in front a desk, not burning any calories. Send your boss this article and explain just how much more productive the office would be if you all had this. It’s called the Steelcase Walkstation and is a workstation that happens to be a treadmill. For one, you’d cost your company less in health insurance. Also, after a while you’d have more energy since there’d be less of you to carry around. Heck, we don’t need to sell you on the benefits of being able to move all day vs. sitting. The Walkstation has a top speed of 2mph and is very silent, as it should in an office. One of the listed features is actually a little funny: “Motor designed to withstand the rigors of slow speeds and possible higher weights for long periods of use (our emphasis).”

Now… they aren’t cheap. $4,400 and up, depending on the sort of accessories you buy with them, such as the movable monitor arm, or other organizational elements; it is an office workstation after all.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Our Desk Beckons The CSYS LED Task Light

By David Ponce

Looking like a construction crane, the CSYS LED Task Light from designer Jake Dyson is an object of desire. At least as much as one can desire such an industrial looking object… which is a lot. Made from aluminum, copper and plastic…

[the] CSYS LED task light can be adjusted effortlessly in three axes to allow exact, stable positioning. Setting the LED head close to the working area allows focussed illumination, whilst raising it creates a wide, even pool of light. The mechanics are designed with precision to ensure a smooth accurate movement and positioning.

The heat pipe within the CSYS LED task light conducts heat away from the LEDs and distributes it evenly over the length of the heat sink. It uses no external pumps or extra energy to cool the LEDs and is instrumental in keeping the CSYS task light running brightly and efficiently for 37+ years.

As usual with objects that look decent, you can expect to pay a price premium. The CSYS Task Light is £550.00 (around $858 USD).

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Nothing Quite Says “Screw You, Boss” Like The Inflatable Pillow Tie

By David Ponce

Oh you hippie, you… why’d you have to get all corporate and find yourself a job working for the Man? Doesn’t matter, a day will come when you’ve had enough of never ending meetings and will want to commit career suicide. Do it in style with the inflatable Pillow Tie. As the website says: “Most functions that require a tie deserve to be slept through.” This particular tie has an inflatable bladder and can be turned into a pillow in seconds. It’s roughly $20.

We realize this wonderful novelty item may not be new, but it is new to us so it may be to some of you.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Don’t Be Tying No Strings On Your Fingers, Use This Instead

By David Ponce

Sometimes you have to remember something real bad. Just can’t forget it. Tying a string on your finger is one way to do it, but hey, what if you don’t remember why you tied a string? Buy a set of these die-cut Post-Its and wear them like wristwatches.

€9.80 for 100 “watches”.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

Handy Notes Let You Passive Agressively Enhance Your Messages

Handy Notes (Image courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

I like the idea behind these hand-shaped sticky notes that let you fold back the fingers to create different message-enhancing gestures. But let’s not beat around the bush here. As cute as a thumbs up or pointing finger might be, there’s really only one hand gesture people are going to use these for. Because what’s better at getting your message across? “Bill, stop stealing my lunch from the breakroom fridge” with a cutesy thumbs up? Or, “Bill, stop stealing my lunch from the breakroom fridge” written on a note that’s flipping them the bird? I think the message is clear here, literally and figuratively. I just wish they weren’t ~$12 (£7.50) for a single stack, because I’ve got a lot of passive aggressive notes to leave.

[ Handy Notes ]

This Product Only Exists For A Single Gag

This Is Spinal Tape (Image courtesy Copernicus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the movie and its “the numbers all go to eleven” amp joke, This Is Spinal Tape really only exists for a single, marginally clever, gag. It’s a basic roll of clear plastic tape, 82 feet in length, with a spinal cord graphic printed along its length. For novelty purposes it’s actually pretty pointless, even as a gift for your favorite chiropractor or surgeon. As far as I’m concerned it really only exists for the purpose of providing a humorous product shot that can be passed around in emails. Or posted as a loosely affiliated ‘gadget’ on a tech blog. It’s also $8 for a single roll, which is about $8 more than I’d be willing to pay for it.

[ This Is Spinal Tape ] VIA [ Fancy ]

Crappy Digital Camera Poses As A Compact, Fold-Out Business Card Scanner

Fold-Out Business Card Scanner (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Do you know the one thing a techno savvy business traveler, who’d actually be inclined to scan a business card, probably already has? A smartphone! And do you know the one thing every smartphone has? A digital camera! So I’m not entirely sure who this fold-out business card scanner is actually targeted at. On the plus side it’s… um… compact when folded up. And the convenient card holder means it’s almost a hands-free operation. The downside? Where do I begin? It’s got a crappy 2MP CMOS sensor, uses USB so you have to have your laptop running to use it and doesn’t even come with OCR software. That’s left up to you to supply. Plus, it’s like $40. So you’re far better off just finding a card scanning app for your smartphone, or do what I do, never contact anybody.

[ 2MP Mini Business Card Scanner (Fold Out Design) ] VIA [ Random Good Stuff ]