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Shi**er Prints A Twitter Feed Onto A Roll Of Toilet Paper

By David Ponce

Say you think really highly of someone. And by highly, we mean you’d like to wipe your behind with their words. You can do that now, thanks to a new service called Shi**er. It’s not actually called that, at least not with the asterisks, but we don’t want to have some overzealous firewall decide to block us, so we’re putting those where the letter “t” would normally be. But of course you knew that, we just wanted to point out how stupid we think firewalls can be.

Anyway, you either give the company your own feed, or someone else’s feed or even a list you create and they will ship out to you a 4-pack of regular toilet paper, with the feed nicely printed on it, for $35. Whether or not you use it to wipe your behind after paying that princely sum is entirely up to you.

[ Product Page ]

Artists Rejoice! The Eraser Brush Is Here


By Chris Scott Barr

Usually here at OhGizmo we try to cover the latest in cool gadgets. However, once in a while I’ll run across something extremely low-tech that seems brilliant. You’ll have to bear with me, as today is one of those days. It seems that someone came up with the idea to make an eraser, which has an attached brush on one end. What for? For brushing away all of those little eraser crumbs, that’s what!

Most of you will scoff at this, which is understandable. After all, you’ve got a pinkie that’s perfectly capable of performing the exact same task. However, the artists out there will ooh and aah as I have. You see, when you slide your pinkie across a paper you’ve drawn on, you smear the graphite just a little. After just a few times, your illustration starts to develop some unintended shading. This brush looks like it wouldn’t yield the same smudgy results. If you’re an artist, or just fascinated by things with brushes attached to them, you can pick one of these up for around $10.

[ Eraser Brush ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Foot Pee! Pack, For When Your Feet Just Need A Little Urine


By David Ponce

You can consistently count on Japan to come up with products that get us scratching our heads. Or maybe get us a little queasy. This here is a pack of, well… what looks like little plastic bags full of urine that may or may not take care of your foot fungus. Yeah… it seems urine has foot fungus curing abilities.

We don’t have a whole lot of details on this, other than it’s being sold in Japan and perhaps also using the product will be “easy and surprise”. Oh, and no guessing just who’s urine that is.

One more picture after the jump.

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