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What’s The Point: Champagne Machine Gun


So, are you one of those people that goes to clubs, gets table service, and then proceeds to shower everyone in your vicinity with obscene amounts of Champagne? Probably not, I mean, why would you be reading this website if you’ve got so much money burning a hole in your pocket. In the off chance you wandered here by accident though, can we interest you in this Champagne Machine Gun? It just holds your bottle so you can look like you’re shooting people as you spray them with your overpriced bubbly. There’s no real mechanism there; you still have to open your bottle manually, and shake it up, and even put your finger over the opening to get any kind of real pressure. Well, we’re not sure about the finger part, since it does come with a “diffuser” spout so we think maybe that does the job. Oh, and it’s $459. It comes in Gold, Chrome, and Rose Gold colors, and considering the price and ostentatiousness, we think there’s a decent chance there’s a market for this. We just don’t think they read this site.

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The Beer Briefcase Is A Thing That Exists


Spending too much on craft beers might not be enough to make you feel like these beers are really special. What you need is to wrap them up in a special briefcase with a beer-shaped foam placeholder, so that way you can look like a true fancy pants beer connoisseur when you get to the party. The Beer Briefcase does just that, and it comes with 6 fancy pants craft beers already: Titan IPA by Great Divide, Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s, Hop Ottin’ by Anderson Valley, Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point, Racer 5 by Bear Republic, Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head. We don’t know the first thing about fancy craft beer, so we’re hoping they, and the briefcase, justify the $75 asking price.


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Global Warming Mug Shows You What Happens When The World Gets Hotter


As far as pick-me-ups go, waking up in the morning to a visual reminder that a good chunk of the world will one day be under water is about as good as it gets. The Global Warming mug uses heat sensitive paint that shows you just which parts of the world are likely to end up underwater once the planet gets hot enough. Which it will, since we’re pretty much cooking the crap out of it. Looks like Florida’s a goner, along with most of the Eastern sea board and… is that Panama there in the middle? In any case, for $19, it could make an awesome gift for that Global Warming Denier in your circle…

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Minimaterials: Like Real Building Materials, Only Mini


Maybe you sometimes fantasize about how cool it would be to play around with bricks, and cinder blocks, and mortar, and just build shit. But then reality sinks in and you see how impractical it would be; what would you even do with the stuff you build? It’s not like you’re ready to commit to making an actual structure… Well, that’s where Minimaterials comes in. They make miniature versions of the big boy materials you can’t play with. Yes, real concrete cinder blocks, real mortar, real wooden pallets. The cinder blocks, for instance, measure 1.3″ x .66″ x .66″, and a 24-pack that comes on a wooden pallet costs all of $15. They even have Jersey Barriers and red bricks for your mini construction needs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.27.05 PM

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The Dog Mop That Looks Like A Mop Dog


The Komondor dogs are those little canines with the long hair that look like mops on four legs. They’re cute and they make you wonder if they could ever come in handy at home, picking up dust and little items so you don’t have to. But who are we kidding, they don’t do squat. You can however now fulfill that bizarre fantasy with these novelty mops that look just like the dogs. They are detachable mop heads that basically just spruce up your regular mop, cost 2,700 Yen (about $23) and come in three different colors.


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The Edible Spoon Maker Makes Edible Spoons


We’re not sure why anyone would spend money on a machine that makes edible spoons, except for maybe the sheer novelty of it, or an extreme reluctance to wash your utensils. Whatever the case, it seems that such a device is in the making. It uses typical pre-made dough, from the likes of Pillsbury or Pepperidge Farms, and will output a crispy spoon in as little as three minutes. The spoon-shaped surface is non-stick of course, and it’s in every other way like a panini maker. We don’t know how much it’ll cost or even when it’ll be available, but you can sign up on their website to be notified of when it’s closer to launch.

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Skull Teaspoon For Your Morning Tea


Call it a novelty spoon, but it’s one we’d like to own nonetheless. It’s from SUCK UK, who make tons of cool things, made from stainless steel like pretty much all cutlery these days, and its only claim to fame is the skull shape. Still, it’s the little things that can bring joy on a Monday morning, and at $3.22 for one, it won’t break the bank.


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Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser


Ok… we said we would stop talking about Star Wars stuff. We know. But how can you resist a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser? The toothpicks stealthily hide in his cape, and every time you need a new one you depress a lever at the back, his outstretched hands reaches in there and returns to the initial position with a new ‘Lightsaber’. It’s a novelty item, sure… but it’s Darth Vader handing out toothpicks, so there’s something a little amusing to see such a powerful character stuck with such a mundane task. It’s $34.95 on pre-order.

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Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets Are A Thing That Exists


We’re all for having a little bit of originality, but we’re not sure how to feel when that effort involves strapping something like these cat ear motorcycle helmets to our heads. They’re called the Neko-Helmets and they use a IXS-1000 base, which is then customized with these fibreglass ears. They apparently offer no additional wind resistance up to 60mph, and will break off in case of a fall. At 1,780 grams, they’re not the lightest helmets on the road, but it’s not like you were expecting that when purchasing a novelty item. Prices start at $495 and go up to $660.


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