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Profane Sticky Notes: Annotate With Style


You may think that sticky notes that say “F**k this” and “Don’t F**k this up” are just novelty items meant to sell by sheer shock value (although, let’s be honest, the “f word” doesn’t exactly have the shock value it once might’ve had). But if you really believe that, you’d be missing an essential point: a swear word’s ability to catch your attention. If you’re annotating documents where it’s essential to get someone to do something and notice your instructions, you may as well give these “Get The Hint – Loud and Clear” stickers a shot. They’re all of $5, and come in a 2-pack with the following captions: “f**k this”, “f**k that”, “this is f**king urgent”, “don’t f**k this up”, and “f**k yeah”.

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Wipebook is a Handy, Dandy Reusable Whiteboard Notebook


People are always saying that you should write down thoughts or sketch ideas as they hit you, because you’re bound to forget them if you wait, even for a little while. There’s just something about seeing those doodles and notes in front of you that makes plans and concepts much more real. A lot of folks I know use a stylus with their tablets or smartphones along with a notepad app to do this. But sometimes, it’s just not the same as using pen on paper or whiteboard pen on whiteboard.

For the latter, there’s Wipebook. It’s essentially a notebook that’s got sheets of whiteboard inside instead of paper. Write, doodle, scribble, take notes, and construct graphs using a dry erase pen, and just wipe the pages clean when you’re done with your notes or change your mind about your ideas.

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iSketchnote: From Your Pen and Paper to Your iPad


Stylus pens make it easier for you to scribble notes or doodle on your iPad, but what if you wanted a physical copy of it, too? The last time I did this, I had to take screenshots of my work, transfer the files to my laptop, and arrange everything on a Word processor before I could print it. It took up a lot of time and I didn’t really end up with the kind of printed notes that I wanted.

If you do this a lot, then you might want to check out the iSketchnote. It’s smarter than your average smart iPad cover as it integrates a new digitizing technology called ISKN technology.

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