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Norton Home Office PC Build: Setting Up RAID In 17 Easy Steps

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

By David Ponce

So that there’s the finished Home Office PC I’ve been building over the last few weeks. To get there, the final hardware-related step involved setting up a RAID 1 array. I thought it would be a walk in the park.

Not so much fun, my friends. Not so much. Pasted below are the first 3 of the 17 distinct steps it took to get RAID up and running on this system. For the rest, hit the link below. Oh, and if you do visit that site, notice how the default settings in the WordPress installation turned Step 8 into a smiley face. Fun stuff.

1) Before you start, this is the most important step: Go to (on another computer, of course) and download drivers for your motherboard. Extract the files and put the entire “SATA_IDE” folder on a thumb drive.

2) On the new PC’s first boot, enter the BIOS. Usually pressing the “Del” key will take you there.

3) Most BIOS settings differ, but sound similar. In this case, you had to navigate to “Advanced > Onboard Devices > SATA Mode select > Select RAID mode.

[ Setting Up RAID 1 ]

Norton Home Office PC Build: No More Videos… Pics Instead!

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

By David Ponce

So here I was, thinking my low-qual video was at least moderately entertaining, despite being, well… horribly low quality (not so hot for an overhyped N96 video, to tell you the truth). But the more I look at it, the more I think it cruel and unusual punishment to subject you to any more of me this way. So instead, I’ll just include a little gallery of blurry iPhone pics after the jump. If you want to see the full article, with descriptions and stuff, hit the link at the end.

Does anyone here think I have an obsession with low quality?

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Norton To Release Gamer-Friendly Antivirus Software

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When it comes to a PC gamer, they need certain things that other users might not need in a computer. High-end graphics cards, lots of RAM, fancy keyboards and special mice are all things than you might find attached to a gaming rig. So when it comes to fighting computer viruses, gamers need special software for that, right? Norton seems to think so.

Norton Antivirus isn’t know for its low memory usage. In fact, it can be one of the biggest resource hogs on your computer, which isn’t good for framerates. So what has Norton done? They’ve cooked up a special Gaming Edition of their 2009 antivirus software. This release is supposed to use 80% less memory, and allow for more lax security in leu of better performance. You can even set it to “Gamers Mode” which will suspend all update downloads and antivirus alerts, thus not interrupting your gaming experience. If this special version doesn’t cost anything extra, then it might be worth looking into, that is if you can stand to have Norton on your computer in the first place.


Norton Home Office PC Build: The First Video

By David Ponce

The PC-building saga continues. So far I’ve installed the motherboard, connected the front panel and power supply and inserted the RAM. Fun stuff. To see me basically saying what I just wrote, watch the above clip.

To see a bunch of pictures of the installation process, follow the link below.

[ Building A Home Office PC To Put Norton On It ]