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Nintendo’s ‘Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS ‘ Bluetooth Keyboard Accessory Will Work With Your iPhone Too

Nintendo's 'Pokemon Typing DS' Bluetooth Keyboard (Image courtesy Nintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to find fault with Apple’s own wireless Bluetooth keyboard, but if you’d prefer to punch away at something designed by Nintendo instead, this is the first pic of the keyboard accessory that will be included with the upcoming Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS. The game is basically the same idea as those Mavis Beacon programs you might have used in school to learn how to properly type, but with more entertaining challenges, and a sure-fire way to keep kids interested; Pokemon!

Since the DS is lacking in Bluetooth connectivity the actual Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS game cart will include the necessary Bluetooth hardware (at least that’s how I interpret Google’s translation of Nintendo’s Press Release) which means the keyboard can’t be used with other titles that require typing. However, while Nintendo won’t guarantee everything is smooth sailing, the keyboard apparently also works just fine with the iPhone and Android based smartphones. The game and keyboard are slated to hit store shelves in Japan in April, though pricing info, and availability outside Japan, is still unknown.

[ PR – Nintendo’s Third-Quarter Results Briefing ] VIA [ Joystiq ]

Nintendo 3DS Officially Available On March 27th For $249.99

Nintendo 3DS (Image courtesy Nintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the uncertainty has had you holding back on placing a pre-order, you’ll happy to know that Nintendo has finally revealed that their new 3DS system will be officially hitting the United States on March 27th for $249.99, in stylish Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black color schemes. And even more importantly, between the console’s release and E3 in June there will be over 30 titles announced including an updated 3D version of Nintendogs+Cats, the glorious return of the PilotWings franchise, their new Kid Icarus title and of course a 3D version of one of the greatest video game titles of all time, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Team Cyclops’ New CycloDS iEvolution Is The First Homebrew Cart To Access The DSi’s Camera And SD Slot

CycloDS iEvolution Cart (Image courtesy Team Cyclops)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Nintendo does what it can to hinder ‘homebrew’ solutions from running on their various consoles and gaming platforms, eventually their measures are compromised. The most recent success comes from Team Cyclops, who were responsible for the most excellent CycloDS Evolution for the DS and DSLite. Of course those carts don’t work on the latest version of the DS, the DSi, but the team’s upcoming CycloDS iEvolution will, with an important advantage over its competitors.

The DSi’s countermeasures were circumvented a while ago, but only while the DSi was in ‘DSL’ mode, meaning its new tricks like the cameras and SD card slot were inaccessible to homebrew applications. But Team Cyclops’ new card works in ‘DSi’ mode which means that developers will finally have the ability to access those features. The new cart isn’t available to the public just yet, but the team is encouraging legitimate homebrew developers to contact them for a free iEVO cart to help in its development.

[ Team Cyclops’ CycloDS iEvolution ] VIA [ ]

Boobs And Goombass Pt 2 – The Review

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Boobs and Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque has been playing in Chicago for the past few weeks. This show was going to run until the end of October, but has been so popular that it has been extended into December because of it’s popularity.

Why am I writing about this you may ask? If it hasn’t hit you yet, an extraordinary opportunity came up and I did in fact, get to to witness this outstanding performance this past weekend.

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Wii Console Shaped HD Enclosure Includes Two Wiimote Whistles For Some Inexplicable Reason

Wii Console Shaped HD Enclosure (Images courtesy DealExtreme)
By Andrew Liszewski

DealExtreme, purveyors of bizarre, unlicensed video game crap (plus other stuff) and masters of the watermark are now offering this Wii console shaped SATA hard drive enclosure ($9.70) that for some reason includes two plastic Wiimote-shaped whistles. Tiny Wiimote-shaped USB flash drives makes way more sense to me, though including those as a premium probably costs a lot more than 1/3 of a cent.

[ Mini Wii Console Shaped USB 2.0 2.5″ SATA Portable Hard Drive Enclosure ] VIA [ Tiny Cartridge ]

Nintendo 3DS Gets Priced And Dated – Start Saving Your Coins

Nintendo 3DS (Image courtesy Nintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

So it turns out that November release date rumor for the Nintendo 3DS was wrong, wrong, wrong. The 3D version of their dual-screen portable gaming system will actually be available starting in Japan on February 26, 2011, with a slightly vaguer ‘March 2011′ for North America and Europe. Not that long of a wait, particularly since it will give you an extra few months to save up ¥25,000 or around $300 which is what the 3DS will retail for in Japan. Hopefully that will be a little cheaper elsewhere, but still, ouch.

It will initially be available in two color choices, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black, and will come with a charging cradle, telescoping stylus, 2GB SD card and some augmented reality cards that can be used with the 3DS’ cameras. Other revelations include the ability to jump to the home screen and access other features at any time without having to end or shut down a game in progress, the ability to transfer purchases from your DSi to the new system, and the one that’s got me most excited, a mini Virtual Console letting you buy old Game Boy, GBC and GBA titles!

At this point I guess I’m supposed to complain that the 3DS is going to cost more than a Wii, but I’m not going to kid anyone, I’ll have my pre-order in on the first day and will be there with credit card in hand when it’s finally released in North America.

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Say Hello To The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS (Image courtesy Kotaku)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo’s E3 presentation wrapped up a short while ago, and thanks to the chaps at Kotaku, here’s one of the first photos of what the latest generation of the DS actually looks like. It’s not that far off from the description that was leaked over the weekend, with a wider 3D-capable top screen and the standard touch screen on the bottom. But new additions include an analog ‘slide pad’ that’s hopefully a marked improvement over what the PSP had, a slider on the side of the screen for adjusting the depth effect, and a pair of cameras on the outside for snapping photos in 3D.

On the inside it’s got built-in motion and gyro sensors, an always on wifi system for downloading game content from the internet or from other 3DS’s even if you’re not playing a specific title, and improved graphics, though not drastically given the demo they showed of a new Kid Icarus game that will be available when the system launches. And speaking of games, Nintendo also went through a quick list of titles in development for the 3DS and there’s some exciting stuff in there including DJ Hero 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Saints Row, Dead or Alive 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter IV, Riiiiiiiiidge Racer and most surprisingly, a Metal Gear Solid title.

Now even Nintendo admitted that showing off the 3D effect was impossible via a 2D video, so after their presentation they flooded the theater with 3DS units running timed demos. And Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson posted one of the first hands-on with the system and had this to say about the 3D effect.

In our 2-minute demo, we weren’t able to actually play anything. Instead, Nintendo had the demo units (tethered to models) running through a loop of 3D spinning images of famous characters like Mario and Yoshi. Head-on, the new screen is bright, colorful and, yes, 3D. You look a bit more into the screen than the images jump out, like a window—an effect that’s surprisingly natural, actually—until you view the screen from the side. Anywhere but head-on, the 3D effect fails completely and the colors wash out a bit.

I’ll hand it to Nintendo, they seem to have made 3D extremely intuitive. In our admittedly brief hands-on, we were impressed but not necessarily floored by the tech alone. Until developers really exploit the new technology, the experience is akin to the average decently made 3D movie: Neat, but not necessarily integral to the experience. Nintendo still needs an Avatar to really sell the idea.

There was unfortunately no announcement on when the 3DS will hit stores, but given the hundreds of demo units that were paraded out after the presentation it’s safe to assume they’ve already gone into production.

Update: Just got a press release from Nintendo in the mail and it includes mentions of a few other titles being demo’d for the 3DS at E3 this week including PilotWings Resort: “a flying simulation that lets players soar above Wuhu Island.” I was a big fan of the original PilotWings for the SNES, and it looks like Nintendo’s already got an impressive lineup of titles en route.

[ Kotaku – Your First Look At The Nintendo 3DS & Gizmodo – First Hands On: Nintendo 3DS ]

Custom GameBoy Arcade Mod – Yours For Just $149.99

Custom GameBoy Arcade Mod (Images courtesy XCKDIY)
By Andrew Liszewski

Every gamer would like to have an arcade in their home full of classic titles, but not everyone has the space, or the money, needed to buy and/or build one. Chinese modder XCKDIY may have found a happy medium though. They’ve converted an old Game Boy, well 10 of them actually, into a miniature arcade cabinet by removing and angling the handheld’s controls, and swapping out the 4-way directional pad with an actual joystick. As I mentioned, 10 of these creations are currently available on eBay at $149.99 a piece, and while it’s a clever mod for sure, for that kind of money I’d like to be able to request some different cabinet graphics, and maybe a simple overhead LED to better illuminate the Game Boy’s monochromatic display.

[ eBay – Custom GameBoy Arcade Mod ] VIA [ Tiny Cartridge ]

CTA Digital Milking This Wii Thing For All It’s Worth – Introduces Inflatable Racing Kart Accessory

Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii (Image courtesy CTA Digital)
By Andrew Liszewski

Continuing in a long line of confusing, awkward and utterly pointless gaming accessories like the Wii Bowling Ball and the Wings for Wii comes CTA Digital’s latest creation, an inflatable racing cart designed to take games like Mario Kart Wii to the next level. It includes a plastic steering wheel which will accommodate a Wiimote, just like the accessory that comes with the actual game, and while it’s listed as being “safe for both kids and adults” I just can’t see anyone over 15 comfortably fitting into it.

The accessory will be officially unveiled at E3 where attendees will have a chance to give it a go, but if you’re already sold on the idea you can pre-order one from Amazon right now for $39.99.

[ Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii ] VIA [ GoNintendo ]