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EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp (Image courtesy EA)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ever dreamed of going through all the training and workouts of an NFL player without the glory of ever actually playing in an NFL game? EA SPORT’s new Active NFL Training Camp game for the Nintendo Wii was developed with the assistance of genuine NFL strength and conditioning coaches so that the 70+ drills designed to improve your strength, balance and agility are as realistic as possible. The game includes a heart rate monitor and a wireless motion tracker that can be strapped to your person to track your progress and your technique, and you can either compete with friends, virtual representations of real NFL stars or other players around the world via EA’s Active online hub where you can post your stats. $99.95 available from EA.

[ EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

LEGO Play And Build Wiimote

LEGO Play and Build Remote for Nintendo Wii (Image courtesy Toys "R" Us)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’ll probably be seeing this on every gadget blog from here to Alpha Centauri this morning, but it’s too cool to pass up. LEGO has been responsible for some questionable electronics in the past, but this Wiimote looks like it has some potential. It features exposed studs on the top allowing you to decorate it however you want with the included 31 smooth-topped tiles, though there’s nothing stopping you from building onwards and upwards with your own collection of bricks instead. The underside is also LEGO-enhanced allowing you to build a custom docking station, or just let your imagination run wild with whatever Wiimote accessory you can think of and build. $39.99 available for pre-order now from Toys “R” Us.

[ LEGO Play and Build Remote for Nintendo Wii ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

Nintendo Celebrates Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary With A ‘Mario Red’ Wii

Red Wii (Image courtesy Kotaku)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo continue its celebrations of Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary with this Japan-only (for the time being at least) ‘Mario red’ Wii console that also includes one of their new all-in-one motion plus Wiimotes.

Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition (Image courtesy Kotaku)

Of course the blinding red hue of this Wii console isn’t that exciting to be honest, but what it comes with is. The Mario edition Wiis will include a pre-installed special copy of Super Mario Bros. on the Virtual Console where all of the coin blocks now bear the number 25 instead of a question mark. They’ll go on sale on November 11 in Japan for ~$240 (¥20,000) and I’m going to assume will be available in limited quantities.

[ Kotaku – There Is A New Wii Color, And It Is Red ]

Wait Wait Wait… A Wii Accessory That’s Not Utter Crap? Apparently This Wii Table Tennis Paddle Doesn’t Suck

Wii Table Tennis Paddle (Images courtesy Game People)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess the steadfast rule that third party Wii accessories have to suck has just been broken. Paul Govan, self-professed Wii Sports table tennis addict and writer for Game People, recently reviewed this paddle accessory from an unnamed Chinese manufacturer. Now unlike most table tennis accessories it’s not just some plastic add-on monstrosity that makes it look like your Wiimote is a paddle. It’s actually a paddle shaped controller that has all the Wii electronic-y bits inside, including Motion Plus, that ends up providing a very realistic and satisfying playing experience.

Then, I found a manufacturer in China who was prototyping a new Wii Bat. Not an extension to a Wii-mote but a replacement for it. This ingenious device not only houses the standard Wii controls in a Table Tennis Bat housing but also packs in Motion Plus.

After convincing them to send me one, and opening the jiffy bag, I was pleased to find the build quality was substantial. The bat had a similar weight distribution to it’s non-electronic counterpart. It came with a battery and charger and replicates all the features of Wii-mote and MotionPlus perfectly.

But most impressive it the added sense of connection it adds to Wii-Sports Table Tennis. Holding a controller so similar to the real thing – you could actually play real table tennis with it – you are instantly in the right frame of mind to engage wit the game.

There’s no word on if or when this accessory will ever be available worldwide, but he encourages readers to comment on his review in hopes the manufacturer will seek out an international distributor.

[ Game People – Wii-Sports Table Tennis Bat Wii Review ] VIA [ GoNintendo ]

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote (Image courtesy the Official Nintendo Magazine)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll admit to being completely ignorant when it comes to Doctor Who. Like The Prisoner, it was one of those shows that really creeped me out as a kid, and the stigma has stuck with me into adulthood. But from what little I know about the show, it must have somewhat of a following since it’s been on the air for around 120 years and will soon have its own Wii game.

Doctor Who: Return To Earth will be available sometime this Winter and true fans will want to make sure they pick up this Sonic Screwdriver themed Wiimote that will be available a bit sooner in October. I don’t think it does anything unique other than making the game feel more ‘authentic’ but if Doctor Who fans are anything like Star Wars fans, they’ll feel obliged to add this to their pile of Wii accessories no matter what.

[ The Official Nintendo Magazine – Doctor Who gets Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

THQ Reveals Their uDraw GameTablet For The Wii

uDraw GameTablet (Image courtesy THQ)
By Andrew Liszewski

If any of you are having Mario Paint flashbacks right about now, you’re not alone. Many of us have secretly pined for Nintendo to bring their classic art and animation ‘game’ to the Wii since the Wiimote seems like it would be an ideal drawing tool. It’s yet to happen though, but if anyone wants to express their artistic side on the Wii there’s now another solution from THQ.

Their just announced uDraw GameTablet is a small 4×6-inch handheld tablet that gains wireless functionality and power from a docked Wiimote. It also includes a wireless pressure-sensitive stylus that THQ feels provides finer control than a Wiimote. There’s even an SD card slot somewhere on there according to their press release allowing you to save and print your artwork on a PC. The uDraw GameTablet will be available this holiday season for $69.99 and comes with the art-based video game uDraw Studio. At launch you’ll also be able to pick up two other tablet friendly titles; Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure for just $29.99 each.

[ uDraw GameTablet ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

ICON Mini Wiimote And Nunchuck – You Know, For Kids

ICON Mini Wiimote And Nunchuck (Images courtesy ICON)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never really thought about it, but I guess the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers aren’t the most kid-friendly designs, particularly for the younger set with smaller hands. Which is probably why accessory maker ICON has come out with these third-party Wiimote and Nunchucks specifically designed for kids. Besides the bright color scheme, the controllers are drastically smaller with over-sized buttons in a redesigned layout to accommodate stubby little fingers. I also like that the sync button has been moved to the front of the Wiimote, since I actually find it quite annoying that Nintendo has hidden it underneath the battery door, particularly if you’re using the rubber safety sleeves. And ICON has even priced these right since you can get the whole set for just $34.99 which is cheaper than Nintendo’s official Wiimote by itself.

[ ICON Mini Wiimote And Nunchuck ] VIA [ GoNintendo ]

Riiflex Wii Weights Now Available


By Evan Ackerman

As if having to wave your arms around while playing Nintendo Wii games wasn’t hard enough, those Riiflex Wii weights that we heard about nearly a year ago are finally up for sale. Each weight adds two pounds to the already hefty burdens of the Wiimote and nunchuk, which last time I checked, was a lot for someone who’s used to stationary gaming and looks forward to games that don’t require any movement at all.

The Riiflex cases are ergonomic and are made of soft rubber (which sadly doesn’t make them any lighter), and you can get a set on Amazon in that ugly green color for $30.

[ Riiflex ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Wii B.O.S.S. Controller Adds A Little Nostalgia/Adds A Little Bulk To The Wiimote

Wii B.O.S.S. Controller (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t say I’ve ever been that thrilled with using the Wiimote on its side as a ‘classic’ NES controller, but it’s a cheaper solution that shelling out for Nintendo’s genuine Wii Classic Controller. However, for a mere $10 the B.O.S.S. from PDP will turn your Wiimote into something vaguely reminiscent of an SNES controller, making playing titles like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii a bit more enjoyable.

The name B.O.S.S. stands for ‘Big Oversized Super Shell’ and that’s essentially all it is; a plastic shell that you cram your Wiimote into, theoretically providing a better gaming experience. Unfortunately though Ars Technica wasn’t sold on the idea. Not only did they find the B.O.S.S. to be considerably larger than the SNES controller we all know and love, but the Wiimote sticks out of the back, making it really uncomfortable to hold. And even though it costs a mere $9.99 from Amazon, Ars feels you just suck it up and get used to using a sideways Wiimote instead. Oh well.

[ Wii B.O.S.S. ] VIA [ Ars Technica ]