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These Shoes Are Literally Bad-Ass: Disney Villainess High Heels

Disney Villain High Heels

Think your heels are bad? Then you obviously haven’t seen designer Kobi Levi‘s series of handmade high heels featuring none other than the villains from some of Disney’s most popular franchises, starting with Snow White. I’m sure you’ve recognized the Evil Queen’s face painted on the peep-toe high heels in the image above by now.

Check out a side-view of the shoes after the jump to see just how fierce they are. We’ve also got Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Ursula from The Little Mermaid after that view to tickle your fancy further.

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The GripClip Lets Glass Wearers Pull The Ole “Pencil Behind The Ear” Look


There are times in life when placing you pen and pencil behind your ear is essential. Pulling off the nerdy look, for instance. Or, you know, actually having your writing tool handy. But wearing glasses can cramp your style and make it impossible to do, hence the need for something like the GripClip. It’s a soft piece of plastic that clips onto the arm of your glasses on the one side, and grips a variety of objects on the others, including pens. The soft nature of the plastic does mean that it can hold on to other stuff, like… lighters or an iPhone. Would you wear an iPhone on the side of your head? Why not? Wearing a pen there is bad enough, so wh not go a step further? Got something against the douchey look?

Regardless of how you feel about the GripClips potential use as more than a penholder, know that you can get yours with a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign of as little as $5.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

Portal Undies and Knee-High Socks Physically Get You in the Game

Portal Socks

What better way to play Portal than to deck yourself out in themed garb? Obviously, you don’t need to, but I think it’s a little funner that way. The love that some people have for their favorite games inspires them to come up with designs revolving around the themes of the game, like these knee-high Portal 2 socks and undies.

You won’t survive any long falls even if you’ve got these socks on, but at least you’ll good in the process.

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