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Synaptics Driver Update Adds Multitouch Scrolling, ChiralMotion


By Evan Ackerman

It’s a good day to have a PC with a Synaptics touchpad, as a driver update has enabled multitouch functionality on even for those of us with older touchpads that were previously not multitouch capable. The most useful feature is probably two finger scrolling, but you also get ChiralMotion (which allows you to scroll up and down at different rates by making counterclockwise and clockwise single finger gestures) and three finger taps and flicks (which allow you to launch apps, and move back and forth in your browser and in slideshows). It always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when companies update software for older computers to give them new and improved capabilities, so kudos to you, Synaptics.

You can download the driver install package directly from HP, there’s a version for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista and 7.

VIA [ HardwareZone ]

Google Adds Multitouch To Nexus One

Google Nexus One

By Chris Scott Barr

The Google Nexus One is probably one of the closest things to a real competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Yet it has lacked one of the features that really makes the iPhone stand out amongst most other devices. Yes, I’m talking about multitouch. Why bring this up now? Because thanks to the update released by Google yesterday the Nexus One officially has that one feature it was lacking.

Now owners of the phone will be able to pinch-to-zoom in the browser, gallery and maps applications. It’s good to see someone really challenging Apple in this market, as competition breeds innovation.

In other Nexus One news, Google Maps has been updated so that it will sync starred items with, as well as feed you suggestions from the same site. If you like the dimmer “night mode” that most GPS devices automatically switch to at night, you’ll be happy to know that this feature has now been added to Google Maps Navigation.

[ Google ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Behold The Citron Multitouch, aka DreaMTouch With 32 Simultaneous Touch Points

By David Ponce

German company Citron sure knows how to put the “multi” in multitouch. Where most multitouch systems these days are happy to track 2 points of contact, Citron’s dreaMTouch can track up to 32 simultaneously. It’s neither resistive nor capacitive, but rather uses IR technology which gives it “no special dependency on touch operation medium (stylus, finger, glove, …)”. More specs below:

    quick reaction with 50 coordinates per second
    optional medium between the display and the user (glass, plastic, air, …)
    no shadow spots or blind areas like with other IR multitouches
    no drift

no mechanical wear

At this stage Citron is developing this hardware and there are very few software applications using the dearMTouch’s capabilities. Recently, Germany’s Elektrosil partnered with NUITEQ to integrate Snowflake Suite on the dreaMTouch, but that’s about all we know in terms of current software integration. This of course might have something to do with the fact that dreaMTouch won’t officially be commercially available until January 2010. The system is awaiting patent approval.

[ The dreaMTouch ] VIA [ Technabob ]