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Deal Of The Day: 60% Off on Camera Lens Mug


You could drink your gallon of coffee like a regular person and let it get cold as the day goes by. Or you could show the world you’re a fan of photography, while at the same time keeping your beverage hot (or cold) for longer thanks to this Camera Lens Mug’s insulated walls. It’s shaped to look like a 24-105mm lens, but instead just contains liquids. It’s normally $50, but today is a much more reasonable $20.

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Coffee Mug Keeps Your Coffee At The Optimal Temperature


The Temperfect mug looks like a regular everyday coffee mug, but it isn’t. Instead of keeping your drink piping hot for as long as possible, this device aims to cool it to a drinkable temperature quickly, and then to maintain it there for an extended period of time. It does this by replacing the air in the double walls with a special material, which Dean Verhoeven, the creator, is calling “Material X”. It’s solid at room temperature but melts when heated, storing large amounts of energy in the process; this has the effect of cooling the liquid inside. But since the “Material X” stored all that heat, it is able to transfer it back to your coffee as it cools, keeping it warm for longer. It’s the same exact principle that we saw in the Coffee Joulies 2.5 years ago, only now in a more practical form factor than little metal pebbles that you carry separately.

Unfortunately, we seem to remember testing showed the Coffee Joulies didn’t do such an amazing job at what they claimed to do, extending the coffee’s temperature sweetspot by an almost negligible amount. However, that doesn’t mean the Temperfect will suffer the same fate. Thermodynamics is a complex field and for all we know, mug-shaped is more efficient than pebble-shaped. If you want your own, you’ll have to pledge $40 to the fully funded Kickstarter.

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Beer Mug Makes Foam At The Press Of A Button

By David Ponce

It’s generally accepted that a good two-finger head of foam atop your beer is a good pour. Something about it bringing out the aroma. But it’s not easy getting that perfect pour every time; you have to tilt the glass at the right angle, and pour at a particular rate, and finally straighten the glass at the right time and finish pouring. It’s hard. But the Japanese have it all figured out. Screw all that stuff and just pour. The above mug has a spring loaded mechanism that generates a bunch of bubbles at the press of a button, even if you completely failed to make any head. From what we gather a hammer will tap against the bottom of the mug, releasing the foam. If the excited folk in the video below are to be believed, it’s quite the fun activity. At $22.50, we’re tempted to try one ourselves…

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