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Sea-Doo 4 Person Inflatable Aqua Lounge Includes Its Own Sound System

Sea-Doo Aqua Lounge 4 Person Inflatable with MP3 System (Image courtesy Sea-Doo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since the thought of even spending one precious second of our lives away from our music, possibly having an intellectual and enlightening conversation with another human being, is so scary to us, it seems everything we own will eventually feature a built-in iPod dock. Or at least a way to connect and enjoy our MP3 players. The latest company to provide such a ‘convenience’ is Sea-Doo with this massive inflatable man-made island that allows 4 people to lounge about on a lake, generating sufficient noise pollution to annoy fellow weekenders.

The specifics on what exactly the built-in ‘MP3 system’ is composed of is glossed over in their product description. But in addition to a set of waterproof speakers, it’s probably safe to assume it at least has a line-in cable allowing you to connect any audio source with a headphone jack. And hopefully some means to keep the connected device high and dry. I’m not sure if that’s enough to justify its $299.99 price tag, even with the float’s quadruple air chamber design which keeps it stable no matter what the weight distribution of the occupants is. But it’s a small price to pay if it saves us from having to talk to each other right?

[ Sea-Doo Aqua Lounge 4 Person Inflatable with MP3 System ] VIA [ Fancy ]

Sony Updates Their MP3 Walkmans

Sony Walkman NWZ-B160 (Images courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

Good news for all of you iPod haters. The Zune may have gone the way of the Dodo but Sony is continuing strong with updates to their Walkman line of MP3 players. The smallest members of that family, the NWZ-B160 series, features a USB stick type design meaning you never have to worry about losing a proprietary docking cable. You just uncap the player and jam it into an available USB port for syncing and charging.

On a full charge with with all of the battery saving features switched on (and the backlit LCD display turned off) you can expect to get up to 18 hours of playback, but if you’re pressed for time a mere 3 minute charge will provide you with 90 minutes of music enjoyment. A Bass button adds an extra bit of kick to your music by boosting the low-end, while also causing the light-up power indicator to pulse and flash in time with your music. And in true Sony fashion, the NWZ-B160 series even has a ‘scan’ mode which skips through your music playing tiny snippets until you find something you like. But since it’s a Sony ‘feature’ they refer to it as their ‘ZAPPIN song search technology’. What an innovation! Available in June in 2GB and 4GB capacities.

[ PR – Feel the bass with colourful new Walkman B Series ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

Ryobi Tek4 AllPlay Job Site Music Player

Ryobi Tek4 AllPlay Job Site Music Player (Image courtesy Ryobi)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not entirely sure if listening to music while working on a construction site is the best idea, best if you must, I don’t think something as delicate as the iPod Touch is gonna cut it. You need to go with a brand that’s synonymous with construction tools and durability, like Ryobi, who just so happen to offer their own rugged MP3 player now. The Tek4 AllPlay Job Site Music Player supports MP3, WMA and unprotected AAC files, and the 2GB of storage is good for about 500 songs. The whole player, including the control buttons, is water, dust and impact resistant, and thanks to that hefty battery you can expect to get about 72 hours of playback per charge. Available from Home Depot for $69.97.

[ Ryobi Tek4 AllPlay Job Site Music Player ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Sony Adds Walkman X-Series to Line


By Shane McGlaun

I still think of those giant yellow cassette players from the 1980’s when I hear the Walkman name. It also reminds me of those huge headphones with the built-in FM radio sporting the giant antenna that I used to see people wearing when they ran. I’m surprised most joggers didn’t end up with neck injuries from the massive things.

Sony has added a new product to the Walkman line that is slick and sounds a lot like the iPod touch. The new gadget is the Walkman X-series and it is available in 16GB for $299 and 32GB for $399. Other than the amount of storage, the two models are the same. Both sport a 3-inch OLED screen for video in WMV or MPEG-4 formats.

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Podio MP3 Player is the Bicyclists Friend


By Shane McGlaun

There are tons of bicyclists riding around my town. Typically, you see them in big groups clad in spandex and weaving in and out of traffic. Sometimes you see them in singles though and they are often wearing earphones. I always wonder how they will evade some wanker out to prove the point that the road is for cars if they can’t hear them coming with earphones on.

A new MP3 player from a Taiwanese firm allows bicyclists and other users to listen to music from a compact digital player that doesn’t require earphones or headphones. The device is called Podio and it crams the speaker, amp, and storage into a metal tube 88mm long that can connect to a bike’s handlebars.

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Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker

Net Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker (Image courtesy AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a relatively cheap solution if you want to enjoy your MP3s in the shower or by the pool without jeopardizing your expensive portable player. The Juke Tower from Net Japan is a completely waterproof speaker that plays music from a removable USB flash drive. That way when you want to load new songs onto it you can leave the Juke Tower in the bathroom or outside and just connect the flash drive to your PC. It’s powered by 3 AA batteries which provides about 12 hours of playback and features an embedded red LED display on the side that’s used to show the time as well as what track is currently playing. It’s available from for $129.99.

[ Net Waterproof Juke Tower MP3 Speaker ] VIA [ BallerHouse ]

OhGizmo! Review – The Zune Arrives In Canada (Finally)

Microsoft Zune 8GB (Image property of OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a lot of great reasons to live in the ‘great white north’ known as Canada, but plenty of downsides too. On one hand there’s an abundant supply of Salt & Vinegar or Ketchup flavored potato chips, you can drive 100 (kph) on all the major highways and believe it or not, I actually like traveling by dog sled to work. But on the other hand, things aren’t always so great if you’re like me and have a fondness for gadgets. Most of the time we get new gear at the same time as our southern friends, but other times we’re not so lucky. I mean it’s still a few days until I can ‘officially’ buy an iPhone here.

Such was the case with the Microsoft Zune as well. While the player has been available in the US since November of 2006, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that you could actually walk into a Canadian electronics store and pick one up. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to put the 8GB model through its paces, and if you’ve been looking for a non-Apple MP3 player, you can read my full Zune review after the jump. (And I won’t feel slighted if our American readers decide to skip this particular review.)

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Intempo Rebel Music Sampling System

Rebel Black (Images courtesy Intempo Digital Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given how many songs are ‘illegally’ downloaded from the internet every day, it’s kind of hard to claim you’re a rebel when so many other people are doing exactly the same thing. And even though this clock radio from Intempo ‘steals’ music it in a slightly different way, I still don’t think it deserves the ‘Rebel’ moniker. Instead of grabbing music online, the Rebel records the most-played tracks from any FM station and then converts them to MP3 files which can be offloaded to a memory card or USB flash drive. It does seem to be a slightly easier way to discover new music, as long as you’re happy with the quality of FM radio, which is far from CD quality. The Rebel also automatically removes DJ banter and commercials from the recordings, though I have my doubts as to how effective it is given that DJs will usually talk through the entire intro of a song.

Other features include a headphone and line-in jack, AC adapter, slots for MMC, SD and Memory Stick cards, a USB jack and enough on-board memory to store up to 40 recorded songs. You can get it directly from the Intempo website for about $136.

[ Intempo Rebel ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Samsung S2 Pebble MP3 Player

Samsung S2

By Evan Ackerman

Despite Apple’s best efforts, portable electronics are still stuck in a fairly boxy and geometric phase that I’m sure will be looked back upon with some measure of contempt. The S2 MP3 player from Samsung breaks the mold with a smoothly organic yet functional form that looks like it would be soothing to carry around in your hand or pocket. There are minimal yet functional controls on the bottom (or side or whatever), and it’ll play MP3, WMA, and OGG in capacities of up to 2 gigs, starting at about $50. They’re only available in Korea so far, but hopefully we’ll see them skip across the pacific sometime soon.

VIA [ Engadget ]