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Samsung TicToc Shakeable MP3 Player

Samsung TicToc Shakeable MP3 Player (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

It apparently wasn’t important enough to make the announcement roster during Samsung’s CES press conference, but the TicToc was on display at their booth and is a clever alternative to Apple’s iPod Shuffle. A built-in motion sensor makes switching tracks as easy as shaking the player, and it’s smart enough to cue up a slow song if shaken slowly, or a fast one if shaken vigorously, should you so desire.

On one end there’s a large button that’s used to power the TicToc on and off, but it’s also used, in conjunction with gravity, to adjust the volume. Hold the button with the player upside down and the volume will decrease, and vice versa. To be honest the gimmick actually seems like kind of a pain to use, but I’m sure it will appeal to the player’s target demographic which is somewhere in the tweens.

Samsung TicToc Shakeable MP3 Player (Image property OhGizmo!)

According to reps at their booth, the Samsung TicToc will be available later this year in 2 and 4GB capacities supporting MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC audio formats with 12 hours of battery life. I’m going to assume it also comes with the syncing cradle pictured above, though the designer plastic sleeves used to customize the player’s appearance will be sold separately.

[CES 2010] Abbee Radio Records Commercial-Free Music To An Included MP3 Player


By Chris Scott Barr

These days buying music and putting it on your MP3 player of choice is a pretty simple task. Unfortunately for some of the older generation, even that can seem like a daunting task. Instead they’d perhaps just prefer to listen to the radio. Well if you’re looking to bring them into the age of MP3 players without scaring them too much, here is an interesting device that I saw while roaming the floor of CES.

Myine has created a rather curious radio called the Abbee, which is essentially used to record music. At its very basics, it  is your average FM radio that your parents and grandparents have used for years. The interesting thing is the small MP3 player docked on top of the unit. When you turn on the radio and hit the record button, that MP3 player will begin recording the music played (while automatically editing out the commercials and DJ talk).

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Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player

Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re the type of person who looks at the iPod Shuffle and thinks to yourself “it’s nice and all, but can’t they make it smaller?” then it’s pretty clear your standards are just too damn high. But thankfully you don’t seem to be alone, lest this Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player from ThinkGeek wouldn’t exist. According to them it’s only about the size of 2 sugar cubes, but includes 4GB of storage, external control buttons and a rechargeable battery. And since there’s no display, its battery life is probably half-decent.

Using the ear-piece player alone you’ll enjoy all the glory of mono sound, but you stereo audiophiles can attach an additional earbud for the other side of your head which connects to the player with a short cable. The downside of course is that you’re forced to use the earbuds the player comes with, which is never a good idea, but if size > sound quality in your mind, you’ve just found a way to rid yourself of $79.99.

[ Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]

Hello Kitty MP3 Player

Hello Kitty MP3 Player (Images courtesy Geek Stuff 4 U)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well if there’s one demographic the iPod hasn’t targeted yet, it’s the lucrative Hello Kitty fan base. Thankfully though someone has had the foresight to produce a Shuffle-like player in the shape of the famous kitty’s head. It’s not exactly feature-rich, with just 2GB of internal memory, a 10-hour rechargeable battery and support for MP3 or WMA files, but I somehow don’t think that will stop fans from dropping almost $160 (¥14,500) on it. But it does come with an angel and devil-themed silicon skin, so I guess that justifies the price.

[ Hello Kitty MP3 Player ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

Microsoft Teases With ZuneHD Details


By Chris Scott Barr

The internet can be a great and terrible thing. It’s great for people like you and I, but not so good for big companies trying to keep a secret. There have been a lot of rumors swirling around lately about a new Zune thanks to the speed at which information travels. Rather than spewing out “no comment,” Microsoft has spilled a few of the details on the upcoming device.

They were only willing to give up a few details, which is understandable since they’ll likely be talking more about it at E3. (Shameless Plug: We’ll be at the Microsoft Media Briefing next Monday, so tune in for coverage!) What we do know is that the ZuneHD is going to feature HD video output in 720p (thus the name), HD radio, web browser and a touchscreen. We also know that Microsoft will be replacing the Xbox Live Marketplace with the Zune video store.

Microsoft is also talking about “tuners.” Essentially a tuner is a device that connects you to the Zune music and video services. So far aside from the Zune itself, the Xbox will be the first of these tuners. We’ll definitely keep you posted when we find out more Monday.

VIA [ SeattleTimes ]

kawauMicro MP3 Player Could Be A Dirt Cheap iPod Shuffle Alternative

kawauMicro USB Music Player (Images courtesy USB Geek)
By Andrew Liszewski

The latest version of the iPod Shuffle isn’t all bad, but the fact that it’s completely dependent on the less than stellar headphones that Apple includes is a deal breaker in my opinion. That and the price of course. So if you’re looking for a compact MP3 player that’s also big on storage, the $16 kawauMicro is so cheap it’s almost disposable.

Now the player is so affordable because a) the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is only good for a paltry 2 hours (after a 30 minute charge) and b) it doesn’t actually come with any storage. That’s supplied by the user in the form of a microSD or microSDHC card, which will run you about $10 for 4GB if you’d like to match the iPod Shuffle. But since it supports microSDHC cards, you can in theory cram as much as 32GB in there one day, if you’re willing to pay for it. The kawauMicro also features support for WMAs as well as MP3s, and an included pair of crappy headphones that you might be able to strip for the wire before you throw them out.

[ kawauMicro USB Music Player ] VIA [ USB Gadgets ]

Mashimaro Weird Rabbit MP3 Player


By Evan Ackerman

This is Mashimaro. It’s supposed to be a rabbit, but it’s called Mashimaro because it looks like a marshmallow or something. It is, I guess, Korea’s defense against Hello Kitty, in that it supposedly has some kind of anime series behind it (that “puts a humorous light to toilet habits”) but it’s most often seen on products of dubious quality and usefulness. And here you go, it’s a Mashimaro MP3 player.

Measuring 54 x 38 x 38mm (about matchbox sized, just fatter), the 19 gram MP3 player comes with 2 gigs of storage. It has light-up ears that also serve as a five way controller. There’s a butt-jack for headphones as well a USB connector in there somewhere that charges an internal battery for up to 9 hours of playback. the Mashimaro MP3 player costs about $45, comes in white, sky blue, or soft pink, and you may or may not be able to get it at the partially translated website below.

[ Sorikom ] VIA [ PMP Today ]

NU Dolphin TOUCH Waterproof MP3 Player

NU Dolphin TOUCH (Image courtesy NU)
By Andrew Liszewski

It looks like NU has updated their Dolphin waterproof MP3 player with a new version called the Dolphin TOUCH. How original. Upgrades include a curved touch pad interface so the device stays watertight, a small but usable LCD display and even an FM stereo tuner that apparently works underwater. It’s also got 4GB of flash memory on board, support for MP3 or WMA audio files and comes with a set of standard and waterproof headphones. Unfortunately since it was just announced a few days ago, there’s no info on pricing or availability just yet.

[ NU Dolphin TOUCH ] VIA [ Fareastgizmos ]

MP3 Player Grenade Will Attract Unwanted Attention


By Luke Anderson

Are you looking for a way to instill panic and fear into those nearby with only your MP3 player? Sure, you could go out and buy yourself a Zune, but you might just get pitied, rather than feared. No, what you really need to do is cram a Sansa Clip into a grenade housing.

Just look at that thing. If I didn’t know what was in it, I’d probably run like hell if I ever saw one. You’ve got ominous buttons, a switch and some sort of cord that’s probably connected to a wireless transmitter that will set off a chain reaction of explosions throughout the city. I really think the guy did a good job with this thing. By opting to use the buttons and switch that he did, it still has that military feel to it. You just have to wonder if he wears this thing on his belt while he’s out jogging.

[ Flickr ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]