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This Is How ‘The Hobbit’ Should Have Ended

The thing about trilogies is that they’re often made to leave you hanging, at least in the case of the first two movies. One of the most excruciating trilogies to wait for a conclusion to was The Lord of the Rings, and it looks like Peter Jackson is putting us all through that same agony once more with The Hobbit. We already know how it’s going to end, since it’s the prequel and all, but seeing the events play out on the big screen is a different experience altogether.

Without going into the debate on whether The Hobbit should or shouldn’t have been made into a trilogy, we present to you this hilarious video of How the Hobbit Should Have Ended. I won’t spoil anything, but all I’m saying is that if this had happened, then there would be no need for LOTR either. Enjoy!

Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor Prop

Iron Man Movie Arc Reactor Prop Replica (Image courtesy Entertainment Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’re in-between Iron Man movies this year, which means there’s probably not going to be a lot of demand for Iron Man or Tony Stark costumes this October. So logically it’s the perfect time to go out as the crime-fighting billionaire industrialist, since you won’t run into those awkward ‘same costume’ incidents.

And thanks to this arc reactor prop replica, dressing up like Tony Stark is as easy as ever. It’s made from machined aluminum, stainless steel and custom molded plastic with real-working LEDs and was modeled after the actual prop made by Stan Winston Studios for the first film. It comes in a Plexiglas display case, but is easily removable, and should be available from Entertainment Earth sometime in September for $149.99.

[ Iron Man Movie Arc Reactor Prop Replica ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Up Limited Edition On Blu-ray To Include Luxo Jr. Lamp

Up - Limited Edition Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Pack (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Pixar’s Up will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in November, but fans of Carl Fredricksen and Russel’s adventure to South America might be particularly interested in this special edition of the movie that not only comes with a Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy of the film, but a replica of the Luxo Jr. lamp seen in the company’s animated logo as well. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for the Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Pack, but it will set you back a whopping $140. I mean the movie was was fun and all, but I can’t say I enjoyed it that much.

[ Up – Limited Edition Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Pack ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Super 8 Home Movies Of The Early Years At ILM

ILM Super 8 Home Movies (Images courtesy the Official Star Wars Blog)
By Andrew Liszewski

David Berry, an ‘ILMer’ who worked at the world renowned effects shop when it was just started back in the late 70’s has posted a great collection of behind-the-scenes super 8 home movies he shot while they were working on Star Wars. These days the effects industry is mostly driven by software, so it’s cool to see how shots were created and assembled before the advent of the render button. Not to mention the fact you’re watching people who completely revolutionized an industry and obviously had fun while doing it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I can embed the video here, so you’ll have to head over to Vimeo to check it out.

[ Vimeo – 5757 ] VIA [ The Official Star Wars Blog ]

Yoostar Is Kind Of Like Karaoke For Movie Buffs

Yoostar (Image courtesy Yoostar)
By Andrew Liszewski

My general lack of music knowledge makes karaoke an uninteresting prospect for me, but applying the same general concept to movies? Now you’ve got my attention. Yoostar does just that and uses a special piece of software as well as a webcam and portable greenscreen to turn your PC or laptop into an easy to use compositing suite. You simply select a role from one of the included movie scenes, shoot your part and I assume the software does the rest to insert you into your favorite flick.

When it’s released in August Yoostar will come with a selection of famous movie scenes to choose from, though I have to wonder if there are many movie buffs who’ve been dying to recreate Harrison Ford’s role in Witness? But over time new scenes and roles will be released, and you can request scenes from your favorite movies on the Yoostar website. The kit is available for pre-order now with an MSRP of $169.95, and probably due to copyright issues will only be available in the U.S.

[ Yoostar ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Epix To Stream Movies Before DVD Release


By Chris Scott Barr

Don’t you love it when you realize that you missed a movie in theaters, and thus have to wait months for it come out on DVD? I’m sure that the movie studios have a good reason for doing it (profit, mostly), but it can still be rather frustrating. Well a few movie studios including MGM, Paramount and Lionsgate have jumped on a project that will allow you to watch movies at home, before they are released on DVD.

The project is called Epix, and it works in two ways. First, it is a TV channel that will air movies in a pay-per-view fashion before they are released on DVD. Second, they will also allow you to stream the movies to your computer, in 720p no less. This all sounds pretty good right? It would be pretty cool if it weren’t for the one little catch. Epix will only be housing their servers with select ISPs. What that means is that you will have to have both TV and internet service through a specific ISP in order to enjoy these movies. Honestly, if I can stream movies online, why do I need a TV channel for it? I ditched my cable service in favor of Hulu and Boxee and I have no regrets. I think I can wait for a DVD.

[ Epix ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Star Trek Already a Hit Movie at Fandango


By Shane McGlaun

If you are a movie fan, you know that the Star Trek film is set to launch this week. This should be one of the coolest films of the summer. At first, I didn’t like Sylar from Heroes as Spock, but with those crazy eyebrows, the dude makes a good Spock.

If you want to see the movie on opening weekend, you had better buy your tickets now. According to Fandango, the movie has sold out in more than 100 theater times around the country. The online ticket seller says that ticket sales for Star Trek alone make up 81% of its daily sales.

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