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Up Mouse Wants You to Click Up Instead of Click Down


Relatively simple or easy tasks usually take longer to do on a laptop without a mouse. I’m not a huge fan of touchpads, although I do find them useful on the occasion that I forget to bring my USB mouse with me. And when you’ve got a desktop with a busted mouse? Just forget about it.

Unfortunately, what seems like a godsend invention can also be your wrist’s downfall. Because clicking involves pushing your finger down on the clicker again and again and again, the muscles in your forearm and wrist will eventually rebel and a nerve might get stuck somewhere in between. Thus will begin your battle against carpal tunnel syndrome.

The solution? The Up Mouse. Instead of clicking down, this mouse will have you clicking up. This way, you’ll be using a whole different set of muscles that don’t go through the carpal tunnel at all. It might feel weird at first and will definitely take some time to get used to, but your wrist will thank you for it.

Check out a video of the Up Mouse prototype and a link on how you can get it after the jump.

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Kandenchi Battery Mouse

Kandenchi Battery Mouse (Image courtesy Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Elecom continues their partnership with Japanese design studio nendo, this time bringing the world a compact wireless mouse that looks like it was made from a discarded D-cell battery. The unique design certainly makes it compact and easy to travel with, but at first glance the ergonomics look like they’d take a little while to get used to. (Given most of us are used to mousing with our hands laid flat.) The Kandenchi has 3 buttons in total, with the bottom one on the side doubling as a scroll wheel. And an included tiny wireless USB receiver can be stashed inside the mouse when not in use. “Shipping Soon” with a TBD price point.

[ Kandenchi Battery Mouse ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Elecom’s New Rinkak Mouse Embraces Its Cord As A Design Element

Elecom Rinkak Mouse (Images courtesy nendo & Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cordless mice certainly have their advantages when it comes to keeping your desk free of tangled cables, but they also require batteries and tend to be a bit heavier than their tethered brethren. So to show that corded mice are still very much alive, well and occasionally even appreciated, Elecom has once again teamed up with Japanese design studio nendo.

If you recall, their last collaboration resulted in the jellyfish-inspired Otokurage earbuds, and this time around it’s the Rinkak mouse which not only still uses a USB cable, but is damned proud of it. So much so that the cord actually appears to be integrated into the mouse’s design. In Japanese, ‘Rinkak’ is a term that “refers to an object’s outline against its background” (silhouette?) so in this case it’s the colored cable that encircles and stands out against the mouse’s white facade. The mice will be available in Japan at the end of June for a yet to be specified price, and internationally sometime after that.

[ PR – Elecom rinkak Mouse ] VIA [ Dezeen ]

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Reviewed. Verdict: Perfect Balance Between Ergonomics and Precision

By Paul McCollum

Building a better mouse trap may be a phrase nearly lost to time, but building a better mouse has never been more timely. Spending 8 to 12 hours per day at a computer, you really start to develop an appreciation for the tiniest changes in your controls. Logitech, who has made a name for itself subtly tweaking and perfecting the mouse, has made more radical changes in its line of trackballs. Their latest, the M570 Trackball, has moved the almost comfortably placed trackball out from under our fingers. The bright blue, gumball-sized sphere is now exclusively controlled by your thumb.

With the ball out of the way, the rest of the M570 looks like a perfectly comfortable mouse with four conveniently placed buttons and a scroll wheel. Ergonomics aside, the trackball is exclusively made for right handed users and there’s inherently a steep learning curve, especially for first time users. Additionally, the trackball also comes with Unifying receiver so you can easily share the wireless USB dongle with other compliant input devices. Although much better for your wrists, how hard will it be to switch to using your thumbs to ‘mouse’ around? Does the more natural feel of the rest of trackball make up for having to retrain your clumsy thumb? You can decide for yourself after checking out the review at Everything USB.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

Announcing The Winners Of The Smartfish Whirl Mini Mice!

By Chris Scott Barr

Well, it’s Friday, and I promised to hand out mice to three lucky winners. Since I like to keep my promises, it’s time to announce who those people are. In accordance with the rules that I made up, I picked the three comments at random. I thought about playing favorites, but then I realized that I don’t actually know any of you, and just went with the ones my cat pointed to on the screen. (It is possible that she may be playing favorites, as I don’t know what she does on the computer when I’m not around.)

The three winners are Ivan Gustavo Flores Molina, Billy Kent, and lizmoney. Each of you will be receiving a Smartfish Whirl Mini mouse! Congratulations to these three, and for those that didn’t win, we’ll be announcing a new contest happening over at a little later in the day, so stay tuned!

[ Smartfish ]

Review – Raptor M3x Gaming Mouse

This post is syndicated with permission from

When I first saw this mouse I wasn’t too impressed, compared to other gaming mice it was lacking the initial wow factor that draws you to it. The M3x offers an on the fly DPI adjustment, however you must pick between eight predetermined settings (no customizing here). The eight options are associated with a colored LED so you would have to memorize which color coincides with each  resolution. The DPI selection is on a cyclic system, in other words you have to cycle all the way through to get to a lower DPI. I found this irritating, and almost counter-productive.

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OhGizmo! Review – Whirl Mini Laser Mouse

By Chris Scott Barr

When you’re in the market for a a notebook mouse, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, when you really start looking closely, you’ll find that most of them are very similar. Sure, one might have an extra button or two here, or maybe a slightly different shape. Rarely do you find one that’s truly different. The Smartfish Whirl would be one of those rare devices. Today I’ll be sharing my review of the Whirl.

First Look

When first observed, you might think that the Whirl was an ordinary notebook mouse, sitting on top of something. Upon closer inspection, you’d find that the thing it’s sitting on is actually a part of the mouse. The plastic stand is what makes this mouse different from pretty much every other one on the market. The stand is only connected at a small point at the bottom of the mouse. The mouse is able to pivot on this point, providing a unique mousing experience.

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evoMouse Lets Your Fingers Do The Mousing

Celluon evoMouse (Images courtesy Celluon)
By Andrew Liszewski

When I stop and think about it, between laptop touchpads, touchscreen phones and tablets and my Wacom tablet, I very rarely use a mouse these days. And if a company called Celluon has anything to say about it, the mouse as we know it may soon be extinct. Using similar technology to those projected laser keyboards, the evoMouse sits on your desk just above where you’d normally be pushing a mouse around, and instead tracks the movements of your fingers. Those movements are then translated into cursor movements on screen, allowing you to use just your fingers for everything from scrolling to dragging files to even accessing context menus.

The evoMouse itself is barely larger than an actual mouse, seemingly making it ideal for traveling, and you can connect it to your computer via USB or via Bluetooth if you’d prefer to keep things wireless. It’s even compatible with styluses if you’d like to use it as a portable drawing tablet, or want to take advantage of the evoMouse’s handwriting recognition technology. Pricing and availability are still TBA.

[ Celluon evoMouse ] VIA [ Pocket-lint ]

Upcoming LG Mouse Gets A Scanner Built-In

By Chris Scott Barr

Your mouse; It points, it clicks. Don’t you sometimes wish that it could do so much more than that? What if it could scan documents? That could be useful, right? I’m sure there’s someone out there that gets excited at the prospect of waving their mouse over a sheet of paper in order to reproduce it digitally on their computer.

I could see this being useful for oversized documents that won’t fit on a normal scanner, but that’s really about it. Honestly, with a resolution of only 300dpi, I can’t say I’d be all that excited to use it. Maybe if they could increase that to at least 600 by the time they bring this thing to market, LG might be able to sell a few units.

[ LG ] VIA [ Engadget ]