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PCs of the Future: Mouse Box is a PC in a Mouse!


PCs can’t possibly get any smaller than this– or can they? By “this,” we mean the Mouse Box, which houses a PC inside it. Pretty impressive, considering all you’ll need is a display to get it up and running. The mouse is about the same size as your average mouse. It houses a 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex CPU with 128GB of flash storage, plus a micro HDMI port and a USB 3.0 port. It also features WiFi connectivity, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

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Point and Click, Point and Shoot with the Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse

What’s one thing that you constantly take with you when you’ve got your laptop? Unless you’ve mastered scrolling and maneuvering through documents, spreadsheets, and canvases on image-editing software with just your touchpad, then your answer to that question would be your mouse.

When you’re in front of your computer and on a roll and happen to see something worthwhile that you want to take a picture of, would you actually stand up and walk across the room to grab your camera or smartphone to take a shot? If you answered no, then you’ll find this Camera Mouse worth having.

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Combimouse is a Keyboard and a Mouse, Combined into One


There have been a number of modded keyboards and computer mouses released in the market in the last few years, but none are quite like the Combimouse. As its name suggests, this gizmo is basically a hybrid keyboard and mouse that have been combined into one. There are essentially two parts that make up the keyboard-slash-mouse: the left, which contains the keys on the left part of the keyboard; and the right, which contains the rest of the keys and doubles as the mouse at the same time.

The Combimouse is an invention that has been a long time coming. It was invented and patented by Ari Zagnoev in 1999, and has been in development since 2003. Now, a decade later, they’re finally ready to start manufacturing the Combimouse.

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Mycestro is a Computer Mouse That You Put On Your Finger


For years, people have been creating mock-ups of a computer mouse ring concept that’ll let users replace their current computer mice with something they can wear on their fingers. Now people can stop imagining because Nick Mastandrea has taken that idea and turned it into a reality with the Mycestro.

The Mycestro is a 3D mouse that allows its wearer to control his or her computer with hand gestures, and of course, the basic mouse functions. The handy device is fitted with a touch-sensitive panel that you’re supposed to touch to initiate cursor movement. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth and has a range of up to thirty feet. Pretty impressive and extra useful, especially when you’re making presentations.

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Computer Mouse Doubles As Scanner

It’s a corded mouse, so it’s tempting to dismiss it as a useless trinket from 2005. But this mouse by King Jim Co. doubles as a document scanner. Just press a button on the side and it launches the related application. You’re then invited to move the mouse around over the document you want until it’s been entirely scanned. The document is scanned at up to 400dpi, which is pretty respectable, and then saved in one of several file formats. It doesn’t say however what kind of movements are required during the scanning process; whether you can just move it around the page randomly as we’d like to (and as the pictures suggest), or if you have to be more methodical. Regardless, it’s a useful feature to have in a mouse, and you’ll have to pay 11550 Yen ($114) for the privilege.

Hit the jump for more pictures and a link.

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This Mouse Doubles As A Vibration Device (wink wink)

It’s nice when products are able to do more than one thing. We usually call that convergence and it sort of makes sense, like when your phone also browses the Interwebs. That makes sense. Or if your printer can also scan; that too makes sense. We’re not so sure about the Massager Mouse. Officially, it’s a computer mouse that offers up to 10 vibration levels and 2 vibration patterns and is meant to “relieve stress”. But, uh, it’s being displayed at EroFrame 2012 which happens to be a sex show. So when the product description includes “ambidextrous design” as a feature, we know what they’re hoping you’ll do with it. Even its shape and the use of a mood-setting LED is clearly designed with one thing in mind, and we don’t really believe that it’s stress relief. Although, really, stress would be relieved as a side-effect, we suppose.

All this being said, if we ever see that thing on anyone’s desk, you can be sure we won’t touch it with a 10 ft pole. There’s no price or availability information but we hear it’ll also be at CES, so we’ll try to update you on that when we go.

[ Product Page (down at the moment) ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]

Up Mouse Wants You to Click Up Instead of Click Down


Relatively simple or easy tasks usually take longer to do on a laptop without a mouse. I’m not a huge fan of touchpads, although I do find them useful on the occasion that I forget to bring my USB mouse with me. And when you’ve got a desktop with a busted mouse? Just forget about it.

Unfortunately, what seems like a godsend invention can also be your wrist’s downfall. Because clicking involves pushing your finger down on the clicker again and again and again, the muscles in your forearm and wrist will eventually rebel and a nerve might get stuck somewhere in between. Thus will begin your battle against carpal tunnel syndrome.

The solution? The Up Mouse. Instead of clicking down, this mouse will have you clicking up. This way, you’ll be using a whole different set of muscles that don’t go through the carpal tunnel at all. It might feel weird at first and will definitely take some time to get used to, but your wrist will thank you for it.

Check out a video of the Up Mouse prototype and a link on how you can get it after the jump.

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Kandenchi Battery Mouse

Kandenchi Battery Mouse (Image courtesy Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Elecom continues their partnership with Japanese design studio nendo, this time bringing the world a compact wireless mouse that looks like it was made from a discarded D-cell battery. The unique design certainly makes it compact and easy to travel with, but at first glance the ergonomics look like they’d take a little while to get used to. (Given most of us are used to mousing with our hands laid flat.) The Kandenchi has 3 buttons in total, with the bottom one on the side doubling as a scroll wheel. And an included tiny wireless USB receiver can be stashed inside the mouse when not in use. “Shipping Soon” with a TBD price point.

[ Kandenchi Battery Mouse ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Elecom’s New Rinkak Mouse Embraces Its Cord As A Design Element

Elecom Rinkak Mouse (Images courtesy nendo & Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cordless mice certainly have their advantages when it comes to keeping your desk free of tangled cables, but they also require batteries and tend to be a bit heavier than their tethered brethren. So to show that corded mice are still very much alive, well and occasionally even appreciated, Elecom has once again teamed up with Japanese design studio nendo.

If you recall, their last collaboration resulted in the jellyfish-inspired Otokurage earbuds, and this time around it’s the Rinkak mouse which not only still uses a USB cable, but is damned proud of it. So much so that the cord actually appears to be integrated into the mouse’s design. In Japanese, ‘Rinkak’ is a term that “refers to an object’s outline against its background” (silhouette?) so in this case it’s the colored cable that encircles and stands out against the mouse’s white facade. The mice will be available in Japan at the end of June for a yet to be specified price, and internationally sometime after that.

[ PR – Elecom rinkak Mouse ] VIA [ Dezeen ]