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The Unexpected Health Benefits of Owning the New Moto 360 Smart Watch


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Technology never stands still, and with all the developments within smart technology in recent years, it feels like it’s moving forward faster than ever before.

It’s an exciting time not just for the developers and the industry itself, but for us – the consumers – who have already seen huge improvements in wearable technology, most specifically smart watches.

If you’re in any doubt as to what a smart watch is, here’s the deal – these little wrist-worn gadgets tell the time, and can also (if you’ve connected it via Bluetooth to your smartphone) receive messages, social media updates and notifications, and some can take phone calls too. You’re also able to control things like the music that’s playing on your smartphone.

Like any bit of tech kit, every smartwatch differs, and the compatibility of each particular smartwatch varies. At present, the jury is out as to whether smartwatches are set to take the tech world by storm, but whereas previous early generation smartwatches might have proved a little lacklustre, these days they are picking up the pace and making the world stand up and take notice.

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Would You Wear The Moto Hint Bluetooth Speaker?


The stigma with Bluetooth earbuds continues mostly unabated; being seen with one in your ear is still a surefire way to declare yourself as a somewhat of a pompous nerd. But the Motorola Hint has a design aesthetic that makes it tempting to believe you could be forgiven for wearing it in public. It’s tiny, and doesn’t have a boom mic that wraps around your cheek, nor a plastic hook to hold on to your ear. It’s just a tiny bud that inserts in your ear and looks like a stylish hearing aid. Due to its small size, the battery doesn’t last very long, but the cool carrying case it comes in features a battery of its own that tops the Hint back up, up to twice, before needing a charge of its own. Pass-through audio also means you don’t have to sacrifice hearing in one ear when you’re not using it. It’s also not device specific, and will work with anything that has Bluetooth. It’s $149, but isn’t available yet. You can visit the website to sign up to be notified of its availability.

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Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset Announced


By Shane McGlaun

A few weeks back I bought a new car. I figured my kids were old enough that they only need booster seats, so I would go ahead and get the convertible Mustang GT with a 5-speed. The problem is that you can’t drive the car and talk on the phone in traffic and most of the Bluetooth headsets I have tried don’t work with the top down at highway speeds.

Motorola has announced a new Bluetooth headset called the Endeavor HX1 that promises to allow the user to talk and be heard in even the most extreme environment. I think the top down at 70mph on the highway is pretty extreme as far as wind noise goes.

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Verizon Wireless Gets Motorola Rival


By Shane McGlaun

I’m not a particularly heavy texter myself, but my wife is. I am here to tell you that when the wife or significant other likes to text, you will be answering lots of them and becoming much more of a texter than you might want. You may as well get a decent texting phone and make it easier on yourself.

Verizon Wireless has announced a new text optimized mobile phone from Motorola called the Rival. The device is a boxy slider design that has a full QWERTY keyboard. The handset comes in silver or purple colors and has a touch dial-pad (whatever that is). Messages are organized by contact and displayed in a chat format.

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Motorola Adds Three ROKR Handsets to Line

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Motorola has been unable to duplicate the success it had several years ago with its RAZR handset. Motorola is looking to regain some of its glory and its latest attempt to separate the mobile phone user from their cash is three new ROKR handsets.

The coolest one of the trio is the ROKR EM30. This phone uses Motorola’s ModeShift technology to illuminate the keyboard. When the phone is in music mode the keypad with controls for music are red. When the phone is in talk mode, the handset keys are blue. The EM30 also features a FM receiver built-in with RDS 4 technology for identifying the song and artists being played. The EM30 is also compatible with Windows Media Player 11 and has a 3.5mm headphone jack built-in.

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Motorola RAZR2 Now Availalbe in U.S.

Motorola RAZR2 (Image via Motorola)By Shane McGlaun

Motorola announced yesterday that their new RAZR2 mobile phone is now available here in the United States. Motorola says the new RAZR2 is sleeker outside and more powerful inside. Three versions of the phone are available so users of all three major technologies will be able to use the RAZR2.

The MOTORAZR2 family will have a V9 version that runs on 3G HSDPA, a V9m version that runs on 3G EVDO CDMA, and a V8 running on plain vanilla GSM. Updates to the RAZR2 include a larger screen for full HTML web browsing and an external screen that allows viewing media, music and messaging without opening the phone.

Motorola also says that users will be able to get touch feedback on the external screen through a haptic key technology; and no I’m not sure what that means either. The phone will be equipped with up to 2GB of onboard memory and will support wireless music via headphones like Motorola’s ROKR S9.

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