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The Lotus C-01 is a Helluva Superbike

Lotus C-01 superbike

Lotus is known for their four-wheelers, but they’ll soon be known for something other than that with the unveiling of their first motorcycle, the C-01, by Kodewa Performance Motorcycles. Designed by Daniel Simon with support from the Holzer Group, the C-01 comes equipped with a powerful engine encased in an aesthetically-pleasing chassis. Specifically, it’s powered by a 1.2-liter twin V2 engine that can produce up to 200HP and is dressed up in a chassis built from titanium, carbon fiber, and aerospace-quality steel.

With a dry weight of 400lb, that’s a power-to-weight ratio of 0.5HP/lb or 0.83kW/kg. So not only is it one sexy bike, but it’s also mighty powerful, too.

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Wheelbarrow with Internal Combustion Engine: Can Your Wheelbarrow Go Faster Than This?

world's fastest wheelbarrow

Hold your horses–er, barrows–because this might just be the fastest motor-powered wheelbarrow you’ll ever see!

Apparently modding wheelbarrows is a thing now, at least in Poland, where one dude decided to hook his barrow up with what sounds like a trail bike motor to give it that extra boost. It’s probably all for novelty’s sake. I mean, it’s admittedly pretty cool to have a wheelbarrow you can ride like a Segway, right?

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Go Cruisin’ on the Scrooser Electric Scooter


Vespas can be incredibly bulky, although they’re relatively comfortable to ride on. Segways can cut your travel time down in half, but it can also make you look like a fool in the process if you’ve got poor balance. The solution? The Scrooser, a hybrid vehicle that looks like a cross benween a Vespa and a Segway.

The Scrooser is an electric scooter, but it’s not the like the usual ones where all you have to do is sit and twist the throttle to go your merry way. Instead, you’ve got to give it a good kick-off by standing up and kicking at the ground to move it along. The direct-drive 1,000-watt electric motor helps you along by amplifying that initial burst of speed with four times as much power.

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