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Mosquito Net Pants: No More Insect Bites!

Mosquito Net Pants

Did you get bitten by a damn mosquito again? Not only are the bites extremely annoying when they get really itchy, but you’re also putting yourself in harm’s way with every bite you get because mosquitoes carry and transmit various diseases as well. Aside from mosquitoes, there’s a whole host of other bugs out there, just biding their time and looking for a patch of exposed flesh so they can swoop in and take the bite.Continue Reading

This Patch Makes You Invisible To Mosquitos

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 12.11.31 AM

Everybody loves to hate mosquitos, and the market is flooded with products aimed at getting you rid of the nuisance. The Kite patch, pictured above, claims to contain natural ingredients that, when worn, make you undetectable to the insects for 48 hours. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be worn on the skin, but will work just fine on clothing. We’re not sure what’s in it, but if it works as advertised, it should become an instant hit. Currently doing the crowdfunding dance on IndieGogo, the plan is for the makers to test the first batch in Uganda, where malaria is common. Once that’s done, and once they’ve received US EPA approval, Kite will become available stateside.

Meanwhile, the money you give to the campaign will not only go towards getting you some patches for yourself, but will contribute to getting the product to some of the parts of Africa hardest hit with the disease. The company received initial backing from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so we’re not looking at some random folks with a shaky IndieGogo campaign; this looks like the real deal and definitely worth getting into. They’ve currently blown past their $75,000 funding goal and are floating around $300k. The smallest contribution you can make that’ll get you some patches for yourself is $35. However, expect to wait 10 to 14 months before getting yours.

Kite Patch from SPARKHOUSE on Vimeo.

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This Mosquito Flamethrower Will Zap Those Buggers to Ashes

Mosquito Flamethrower

Mosquitoes bugging you while you’re taking your afternoon nap? Johannes Vogl has come up with a solution, but it seems like something that might do more harm than good when it’s in the wrong hands: the Mosquito Flamethrower. Vogl actually came up with it last 2005, but it’s making the rounds once again thanks to the BugASalt.

Despite its extreme nature, the Mosquito Flamethrower seems like the more humane alternative compared to the BugASalt. Note that the latter kills the targeted insects by shooting tiny salt pellets right at them–and right into their eyes. Sounds like a painful way to die, doesn’t it? On the other hand, one zap with the Flamethrower will incinerate those bad guys so fast that they won’t know what hit them. Heck, they won’t even have time to feel the pain because they’ll be dead and gone in an instant.

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Mosquito Inspired Needle Takes Away The Pain Of Vaccinations

By Jonathan Kimak

The prospect of going to the doctor to get vaccination shots can be a total nightmare for kids and even adults. Some of that fear of needles can be attributed more to the intimidating size of the needle than the actual injection. Now a new needle has eliminated the size and the sting.

This microneedle, being designed at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and Tokai University of Japan was created to emulate a mosquito. The needle is only 60 microns in diameter(compared to a regular needle’s 900 micron diameter) and draws blood via a micro-electro-mechanical based suction system that emulates the method mosquitos use to suck out your blood and make you claw at your skin hoping for the pain to go away.

The needle is made of titanium to help prevent snapping and it is hoped to be used in medical processes such as glucose monitoring, insulin shots and drawing blood.

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