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Steampunk Iron Man Reactor Pocket Watch: Can’t Tell the Time, But It Keeps On Ticking

Steampunk Iron Man Reactor Watch

What can you do with a pocket watch, except bring it out when you want to know what time it is? Why, take its insides out and create one of the awesomest steampunked versions of Iron Man’s arc reactor! That’s what Adi Simion did and it looks out he succeeded in creating a piece that Tony Stark himself would be proud to own.

You won’t be able to read the time off of the pocket watch anymore, since its face has been taken out to make room for Iron Man’s reactor, but who needs a watch when you can have Iron Man’s source of power, right in your very own pocket?

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

iPhone Mod Lights Up Its Logo

By David Ponce

It might be a little hard to get your hands on one of these at the moment, but if you’re lucky you can apparently buy a DIY modification kit for the iPhone that will give you a backplate with a luminous apple logo. You will have to do the installation yourself (or ask a friend of yours whose hands don’t feature 10 thumbs), though it appears easy enough. You just have to replace the stock backplate with this one, and also affix a light panel on the inside. It will light up when the screen turns on and stays on for 15 seconds after. It’s also lit when you’re talking on the phone, even if the screen is off.

Due to fears of Apple getting all legal on them, their main store has run out of stock. It does appear they’re still selling the kit through the Chinese taobao store, so you might be able to get one. It’s $42.

[ Main Store ] AND [ Chinese Store ] VIA [ Techcrunch Gadgets ]

GameCube Desktop Organizers

This post is syndicated with permission from

Do you have trouble keeping your desk organized? Do you like GameCube and miss not having a need to use it anymore? After the Wii came into the picture, we lost a need for our beloved cubed shaped system. With so many a fancy squares lying about, it’s not a surprise that someone creative decided to make use out of them. There are now GameCubes that can help you keep your office space spick and span.

Seeing as the outdated consoles are just collecting space anymore, someone thought it would be better if they had a new purpose, and help us grieve the loss of new games for it. It was such a cool idea that they started selling it on Etsy under the name of GreenCub. The organizers have a magnet for staples, pencil and tack holders, and a tray for larger objects. They’ve even installed a little shelf for your phone or other compact gadgets. This is something that you could make at home, but costing only $39-49 a piece, I’d say it’s better to just buy the things.

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Ben Heck’s Portal Costume

By Chris Scott Barr

Halloween is almost upon us, which means that you should really have a costume by now. After all, no one wants to show up to a party in something they threw together an hour before they left. If you want a good costume, you’re going to have to put some effort into it. Take Ben Heck for example, this guy knows how to do it right.

The rather talented modder decided he wanted a Portal-themed costume. Since dressing up like GlaDOS or a cake just didn’t seem like the right move, he decided to put a portal on his chest. Not just a picture of a portal, but one that you could actually see through.

Using an LCD and a rear-mounted camera, he effectively creates the illusion that there is a portal (or just a hole)  through his midsection. Suddenly my steampunk costume doesn’t seem quite as cool.

[ BenHeck ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]

Use Conductive Thread To Make Your Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

Conductive Glove

By Chris Scott Barr

There are a number of phones out there with touchscreens, which under normal circumstances are great. However, once the weather turns cold and the gloves come on, these wonderful pieces of technology are rendered all but useless. If you wish to check your email, send texts or do anything other than stare at the screen you’ll need to have at least one finger exposed to the elements. That, or you simply need to be a crafty individual.

Since most phone touchscreens require a conductive material (such as your skin) to work, your gloves aren’t going to register when you touch it. However, if have a conductive material that can touch both your skin and the screen at the same time it will work. Armed with this knowledge, you can sew a bit of conductive thread (yes, apparently they make conductive thread) in the tip of your glove’s index finger. You’ll then be able to go about your business as usual, with all fingers safely inside the confines of a glove.

[ Instructables ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

NES Hack Lets You Play Games Inside Your Cartridge


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve still got a collection of my favorite NES games sitting in my closet, just begging to be used creatively. My old NES died long ago and I have emulators to satisfy my classic gaming habits, so I don’t really have a need for them. I’ve wanted to find something really cool to do with some of them, and I think I’ve found a project that will make use of at least one.

A crafty modder named airz managed to cram a working NES (emulator, not the real deal of course) and a 2.8-inch LCD inside a single cartridge. Now he can play just about any classic NES game by just grabbing his old Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game. It can do a few other things like play MP3s and whatnot, thanks to the PMP he used for the emulator. I’ve seen other similar mods, Such as the one by ‘darkeru‘ (this mod was inspired by his work) but this one is the best I’ve seen thus far.

[ Ben Heck ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Custom Optimus Prime Puts Others To Shame

Optimus Prime

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s hard to find a geek that grew up in the 80’s/early 90’s that doesn’t love the Transformers. Thanks to the fact that the Robots in Disguise are celebrating their 25th anniversary (oh, and those two movies) we’ve seen a huge influx of transforming merchandise. Of course, some of the coolest pieces have come not from Takara/Hasbro, but rather from fans of the series. Back in July we showed you someone’s custom-built Devastator,which unlike the movies, stayed true to the original design. Well here’s another custom work for you to feast your eyes on.

Yes, this Optimus Prime is based off of the second movie, which may turn some of you off to it. However, the sheer level of detail here should be enough to give you pause. Before you ask, yes it transforms. It’s actually based on the TFTM 07 Leader Class Optimus Prime figure, which does take away some of the appeal. However, the crafter replaced a number of pieces and hand-painted it to reach the more realistic level of detail. If you absolutely must have this piece, you can find it on eBay. The bidding is currently at $730, so you’d better have some deep pockets.

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Turn That Old Eee PC Into A Picture Frame


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m still not really on the whole digital picture frame bandwagon. Honestly, I guess I just don’t have a need to cycle a few hundred pictures on my wall or something. If I were going to get one, I’d go for something a little less than ordinary. I’d either get one that actually did a little more than show pictures, or I’d make my own. From the looks of this mod, it would be pretty easy to use an Eee PC for one.

Having a full-fledged computer working as your picture frame does leave you with a lot more options. Now you can add a touchscreen and control various media through the house with a touch. The early Eee PCs are really cheap, so this might just be a fun mod for someone who doesn’t just want a boring digital picture frame.

[ Awooga ] VIA [ HackADay ]

Bricked 360 Becomes The Ultimate Arcade Stick


This post is syndicated with permission from

We all know that the 360 is prone to failure. I think that collectively we have had to send in our units a total of 5 times here at GamerFront. Luckily they have all been covered under the extended warranty. But when you have a failure that isn’t covered, what exactly do you do with that old broken console? Sure, you could keep it for spare parts, but what’s the fun in that? A better option would be to mod it into something useful like this guy did.

When you think about it, a bricked 360 makes a perfect arcade stick housing. Physically, it looks good and is plenty durable enough for you. Then of course you have the irony factor that you’re using a $200 machine as an arcade stick. Kudos to Seppun for this kick-ass mod.

[ TechEBlog ] VIA [ GamerFront ]