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Keep Tabs On Your Kids With FamilyMaps From AT&T


By Chris Scott Barr

There’s a part of me that wishes I were a kid growing up right now, since I wouldn’t be stuck with dial-up and an NES (Though I did love my NES). Of course there’s another part that makes me more than happy that I don’t live under my parents’ roof any longer. This new GPS tracking service from AT&T would definitely fall into the latter category.

If you have a family plan with AT&T for an extra $9.99 (for two phones) or $14.99 (for up to five phones) you can track down any other phone on your plan using FamilyMaps. You can activate this feature from either your phone or a PC and find out exactly where your loved one is. Depending on how you use it, you will get text messages with location updates, or you can watch them on a map in real time. Granted, the person gets a text message letting them know you’re tracking them, but they have no way to stop you from doing so.

I can definitely see how a parent would enjoy such a feature. It’s an easy way to make sure that they’re not going places that they shouldn’t be. If you’re worried about your own privacy, don’t be. The feature can only be accessed by the account holder on a family plan.

[ AT&T ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Bluetooth Headset from ChicBuds goes Pink


by Shane McGlaun

Guys have lots of choices when it comes to a Bluetooth headset. Most of the offerings on the market are masculine looking with black or silver colors and blocky designs that a dude can wear without feeling girly. The ladies on the other hand have but a few headsets that are decked out in girly glitz.

A new Bluetooth headset from ChicBuds has been announced that is called the PinkTooth. The PinkTooth has a lithium-polymer battery good for 200 hours of standby time and six hours of talk time. The glam part of the headset is the pink or white Swarovski crystals that decorate the earpiece.

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The Chairman Phone Gets Official


by Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of cool gadgets as you might imagine, but when it comes to smartphones the most money I am willing to pony up is the $300 or so the iPhone costs. There are a few phones on the market that are designed for those with wallets fatter than mine though and perhaps one of the most expensive was announced today.

Earlier this month we talked a bit about the Chairman phone from Ulysse Nardin, but at the time there were few hard specs for the device. Today a bit more on the specification side has been announced for the handset. The Chairman can be had in a few different styles including a solid gold version, a steel/gold version, and a solid steel version.

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