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Deal Of The Day: $1,170 Off On Mitsubishi 73 Inch DLP

By David Ponce

DLP. Now that’s a type of TV that’s on the way out, but not fully out. And as it turns out if you don’t mind some bulk, you can get seriously large images, at full HD resolution, in 3D, for very cheap. Just take a look at this 73 inch 3D HDTV from Mitsubishi. It’s got all the specs you’d expect from a regular HD flat panel, plus 3D, but with around 13 extra inches of viewing space than a comparatively priced LCD. Of course, there’s bulk: the machine weighs 90lbs. But at $929 after a whopping $1,170 rebate, it’s not a bad deal at all.

[ $1,170 Off On Mitsubishi 73 Inch DLP ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]