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This Mirror Takes Your Selfies and Posts Them Online

Selfie mirror

Take a selfie every day? Then this mirror is for you. It’s aptly called the S.E.L.F.I.E.–which is the abbreviation of the “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine.” It seems kind of forced, but at least they made it work with the acronym. Staying true to its name, the Selfie mirror takes your selfies without your outstretched arm or that monopod showing up in the frame.

It’s powered by a Mac Mini computer hidden on the other side. The mirror is equipped with a webcam and LED lights that are connected to an Arduino chip, which functions as your timer. All you have to do is say cheese, and voila! The mirror takes a snapshot and posts it to your social media profile in a snap.

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Wrist-worn Mirror Could Make Cyclists A Little Safer


When you’re on two skinny wheels sharing the road with multi-ton 18-wheelers, you can get a little nervous. Anything you do to increase your level of safety is a good thing, and the Rearviz wrist-worn mirror pictured above is as good an innovation as we’ve seen lately. Featuring a convex mirror for a wider angle of view, the device allows you to see what’s behind you without having to contort yourself away from the road in front. It’s made from waterproof materials and features a pouch to insert contact information as well as medical data that could come in handy if all your precautions fail and you find yourself on the way to the hospital. It comes in two sizes, one for the wrist and the other for the forearm and cost between $23 and $37. However we’re not exactly sure when it’s going to be available.

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Mind Over Matter: This Virtual Mirror Can Turn That Frown Upside Down

Virtual Mirror Mood Enhancer

Sometimes, all you need to see is another smiling face to turn your own frown upside down. That concept works even more if it’s your own smiling face that you’re seeing. I don’t mean an old photo of yourself; rather, I’m talking about a smiling image of your face in real-time.

This is made possible by the “Emotion Evoking System” that was developed by Shigeo Yoshida and other researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies.

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Panasonic Releases Digital Mirror For Physical Rehabilitation

By David Ponce

Remember in Mario Kart in single player mode, you were able to race against a ghost of yourself? The Digital Mirror from Panasonic is just like that, except not quite. It’s used in physical rehabilitation settings, where you have to relearn how to move parts of your body, and it uses a camera and monitor to help things along. First it’ll show you a video of an able bodied person doing the required movements, and will record you trying. You can later be shown your initial efforts and you can compare yourself and see your progress in real time.

It offers exercise programs such as “Stretch,” “Muscle Strength,” “Upper Limb’s Range of Motion” and “Balance.” Also, it is possible to select “upright position” or “sitting position,” depending on the state of the user.

Of course for something that will be used in a medical setting, the price will likely keep it out of people’s homes: approx US$35,412.

Panasonic will start accepting orders for the Digital Mirror starting July 20th.

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