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Microsoft Is Bringing Back The Iconic IntelliMouse

The original IntelliMouse revolutionized the industry of input devices being the first to feature a scroll wheel, optical sensor and later introducing one of the first ergonomic designs, as well as side buttons. It was truly ahead of its time and refined computer mice. Later, the mouse fell out of the market, taken over mostly by the likes of Logitech, and has been discontinued for 5 years, until now.

Microsoft is resurrecting the mouse with the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. The design picks up mostly where it left off, but adds a slick new dark finish (which looks a lot nicer than eggshell white), while also adding new features, such as 3 customizable buttons and Microsoft BlueTrack for use on glass.

It’s not the most exciting product I’ve seen, and it’s not much for gamers, but for most people the IntelliMouse is perfect. Comfortable and iconic design and high DPI range in an incredibly high quality package. If this mouse works well, it could be the best option for 90% of computer users. Hey, anything beats the Microsoft Arc (ugh, even the name makes me sick).

It’s listed on Microsoft’s product page at $40, and should be coming very soon.

Let me know if you’d like to see a review when the mouse comes out.

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Looking Ahead to E3: What to Expect From Microsoft

With only a few short months left to go until June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, new details about the conference are starting to emerge. Don’t worry. This article doesn’t need to come with a spoiler alert. There’s nothing significant about the recent leaks, but when you’ve been dealing in conjecture and hearsay like we have, every little bit counts. It’s nice to finally have some concrete facts to work with, even if they are sparse, and today we’re taking a closer look at what we can expect from the Microsoft booth.

Timing is everything
Microsoft announced its keynote press conference will be held at 2 pm PDT on Sunday, June 11th. For regular E3 attendees, you’ll know this is a switch up from the norm. Usually the big gaming companies host their special demonstrations on the Monday. This scheduling hasn’t always been kind to Microsoft. In the past, they’ve presented first thing in the morning, usually as a type of opener for Sony, which holds its press briefing in the afternoon. By claiming the Sunday for its own, Microsoft will gain more visibility for its game and hardware lineup, suggesting they’ve got a lot to show off this June.

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Um, No Thanks! Windows 10 Will Share Your WiFi Passwords With Your Friends By Default


Sharing is caring, but Windows 10 may have pushed the sentiment a little too far. A new feature in the upcoming Windows 10 is called WiFi Sense, and it aims to create a network of shared hotspots between you and your contacts. Unless prompted otherwise, the OS will share your WiFi passwords, albeit encrypted, with your Outlook, Skype, and Facebook friends and contacts. This means whenever they wander within range of a hotspot you’ve previously logged in to, they will automatically have access. And this is enabled by default. Sure, you can uncheck the sharing box when you log into a new network, but if you’re upgrading from a previous version of Windows, all your previously stored passwords will be shared by default. In order to avoid this, you have to know about it in the first place, and then go to “Wi-Fi—> Network settings—> Manage Wi-Fi settings, and uncheck basically all the boxes you can see.” Considering most of our “friends” are barely friends at all, but are people like former high school classmates that we looked up to see if they’d gotten fat and bald as we hoped… Microsoft may want to turns this admittedly well-meaning feature into an opt-in, rather than an opt-out.

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Microsoft Will Trade Your MacBook Air For A Surface Pro 3


The MacBook Air is a very capable laptop, so much so that its success pretty much ushered the era of Ultrabooks all by itself. “Capable laptop” however doesn’t stop companies like Microsoft from competing, and the boys from Redmond are pushing the Surface Pro 3 pretty hard. To reach their target demo, the company is running a promotion until July 31st where you can get up to $650 if you trade in a used Macbook Air. That amount then has to be put towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3. Considering the laptop/tablet hybrid starts at $799, you’ll have relatively little money left to pay. Whether or not you consider this a good deal probably depends on the amount of cynicism you harbour towards Microsoft’s products. But if you’ve got an MBA just lying around, now’s a good time to get something for it.

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Trade Your PS3 For An Xbox One, Get $100 Off


Been thinking about switching sides? If your PS3 is gathering dust in a corner, and you’re intrigued about the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0, or the new controllers’ rumble triggers, or the HDMI-in for cable TV passthrough, or voice commands… then you should know that Microsoft has just sweetened the deal for you. If you bring your old PS3 to a Microsoft retail store in the US, they’ll give you $100 off the price of the new console. This brings it on par with the PS4, at $399.

If you don’t have a PS3 but still want in on the action, you should know that they’ll also take an Xbox 360 S or E as a trade-in for the $100 rebate.

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Spotted At Harrod’s: 24K Gold Plated Xbox One

Harrod’s, the UK department store that caters to those of us with more money than sense, seems to be selling the above Xbox One. From the looks of it, it’s a 24K gold-plated console with a slight price increase due to the paint job: they’re asking for £6,000. That translates to about $9,770 USD, an amount that can purchase a small new car, or pay the rent for a year. But hey, how else are wealthy people supposed to feel special if products like this didn’t exist to remind them of how freaking rich they are?

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Rumor Mill: Specs for Microsoft’s Surface RT 2 Leaked

Microsoft Surface RT 2

If the rumors are true, then the world shall see the release of Microsoft’s Surface RT 2 on September 23rd. Windows rumor site Neowin is reporting that the second-generation device received a number of upgrades from its much-criticized predecessor. This includes a Tegra 4 CPU, a Haswell Core i5, increased RAM, an improved two-step kickstand, and a sharper 1080-pixel resolution screen.

Poor sales led to Microsoft slashing the price of the RT to $349 from $499, while the PRO version’s price was knocked down to $799 from $899. The twenty-third is barely a week away, so we should all find out soon enough if the RT 2 is coming…or not.

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Microsoft Takes Some Long Overdue Jabs At Apple In Ad

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.24.19 PM

This ad has been floating around for about a week, but in case you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a fun, lighthearted attempt by Microsoft to point out the iPad’s shortcomings. And it’s right on point. It’s reminiscent of Apple’s award-winning “I’m a Mac” ads in accuracy, yet different in its delivery. We’re not completely sold on a Surface yet, but that’s mostly because we haven’t gotten past seeing tablets as much more than entertainment consumption devices, rather than productivity machines. But maybe it’s time that changed, and the below ad sure has us thinking.

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Yes, The New Kinect On The Xbox One Will Turn Off, So Stop Worrying


Back when GMail was launched, there was an uproar over the implication that there’d be machines reading our mail, and tailoring commercials around our conversations. It was an understandably uncomfortable thought for some, but eventually we got over it. We suspect we’ll eventually get over a next-gen Kinect watching our every move, and listening to our every sound, even in the dark, should we wish to awaken the Xbox One while it’s on standby. But if you’re not quite ready to stomach that just yet and thought the new Xbox was the stupidest invention since HD Glasses, you can sleep tonight knowing that the Kinect will turn off, if you so wish. So will the entire machine, actually, if that’s what you’re into.

“Yes, you can turn the system completely off,” a Microsoft rep said. “This would use no power and turn everything off. We’ll share more details about how it all works later.”

So there you go, you can go to bed, unbunch your underwear, and look forward to the Xbox One hitting shelves this year, without having to worry about being unable to plot world domination from the comfort of your couch, should someone, somewhere be listening in on you.

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