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Lego Microscope That Can Zoom Micro Objects to 10 Times Their Size

Lego microscope by Carl Merriam

Carl Merriam has been working on making a fully-functional Lego microscope since last year, inspired by the LEGO X-Pod sets, and now the microscope is capable of achieving 10x zoom using actual Lego magnifying glasses. It is not the first time that Carl has been grafting Lego bricks into functional objects. He has been a Lego artist for the last 27 years and during this time he has made projects like Brownie Hawkeye. Amazingly, this project has been up on Lego Ideas for quite some time now, but managed to gain little attention.
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Extech Mini Microscope Debuts


By Shane McGlaun

Microscopes are cool and when I was a kid, I had one with a cheap plastic mirror that I used to look at bugs and onions up close. The thing was pretty bad and you could often see better just looking closely at the subject.

Extech has unveiled a new digital mini microscope that offers a 7x to 27x optical zoom lens with a 4x digital zoom for a total of 108x magnification. All of that magnification is packed into a device about the size of your typical digital camera.

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