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NZXT Avatar S Reviewed

By Chris Scott Barr

There are plenty of gaming mice on the market, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you. Maybe you want one that looks good, or perhaps you need a lot of extra buttons for your macros. Unfortunately, if you’re a leftie, your choices become rather limited, due to the design of most mice. Thankfully NZXT knows how much of an issue this can be, and they have released the Avatar S, which can be used with either hand.

The “S” stands for “small”, which may or may not be a good thing. If you’ve got smaller hands, then you’re probably going to love this mouse. If not, you could be facing some serious hand cramps after a couple hours of gaming. If you want the full scoop on this mouse, head over to GamerFront to check out the complete review.

[ NZXT ] via [ GamerFront ]

LG’s Put A Scanner In This Mouse So You Can Free Up Desk Space

LG LSM-100 Smart Scan Mouse (Image courtesy LG)
By Andrew Liszewski

Of all the PC peripherals that gobble up your precious desk space, the flatbed scanner has to be the worst offender. If there happens to be one on your desk right now, I’m sure it’s buried under a mountain of papers and other crap that has to be cleared off on the rare occasion you actually need to scan something. So LG has done a real solid for anyone who hates desktop clutter. Their new LSM-100 Smart Scan mouse has a scanning head built into it, so it just takes a couple of passes back and forth whenever you have a document to scan.

It’s obviously not as easy as just slapping a page on a scanner bed and hitting go, but I’m assuming it comes with the necessary software to automatically stitch several passes of a scanned document together for you. It’s also got some OCR capabilities, which is a must have for any scanner, and the ability to spit out documents to a wide variety of formats. The $150 price tag (available at the end of August in Europe and internationally a little later) might not appeal to everybody though. Particularly since I’m going to assume this mouse has some extra bulk and heft to it, which can’t be fun to push around all day.

[ Gizmag – LG’s LSM-100 mouse that doubles as a scanner set for release ]

Win A Smartfish Whirl Mouse!

By Chris Scott Barr

When you’re spending hours at your computer working on a research paper, you’re going to wish you had something a little more comfortable than the standard mouse that came with the PC. Why not get something that’s specifically designed with ergonomics in mind, like this Whirl mouse from Smartfish? Better yet, why not let us give one to you?

We’re continuing our back-to-school giveaways this week by offering up three Smartfish Whirls. No, you’re not going to be greedy and get them all to yourself. What do you need with three mice anyway? Instead, we will pick three different winners and send a new Whirl to each of them. Just drop a comment below, and we’ll pick a winner this Friday. Good luck!

Contest open to US residents only

[ Smartfish ]

Announcing The Winners Of The Smartfish Whirl Mini Mice!

By Chris Scott Barr

Well, it’s Friday, and I promised to hand out mice to three lucky winners. Since I like to keep my promises, it’s time to announce who those people are. In accordance with the rules that I made up, I picked the three comments at random. I thought about playing favorites, but then I realized that I don’t actually know any of you, and just went with the ones my cat pointed to on the screen. (It is possible that she may be playing favorites, as I don’t know what she does on the computer when I’m not around.)

The three winners are Ivan Gustavo Flores Molina, Billy Kent, and lizmoney. Each of you will be receiving a Smartfish Whirl Mini mouse! Congratulations to these three, and for those that didn’t win, we’ll be announcing a new contest happening over at a little later in the day, so stay tuned!

[ Smartfish ]

Win A Smartfish Whirl Mini!

By Chris Scott Barr

Who’s ready to win something? Well, that’s probably a pretty silly question, and there are few people in the world who don’t feel like getting something for free. Well it’s time that we did another giveaway, and this time we’re not just giving away one thing, but we’re giving away three Smartfish Whirl Mini mice! If you don’t remember, these are the cool mice that actually tilt while you’re using them. I’ve spent a good bit of time with mine, and love it.

So what do you need to do? Just drop a comment down below, and we’ll select three winners next Friday. Unfortunately the contest is limited to those in the US only.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series – Artist Edition

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series - Artist Edition (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

They spend their days being pushed around and largely ignored, but Microsoft is hoping to bring a little style and recognition to the lowly computer mouse by enlisting the help of a series of renowned artists. Their Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series already feature bright, colorful graphics, but they’re now taking things even further with six new designs that are sure to appeal to consumers, even if they’ve never looked at their mouse as a piece of art before.

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Nexus Makes Computer Mice That Are Silent

By David Ponce

Your computer mouse probably makes a clicking sound… every time you click. A Dutch company called Nexus has patented a mechanism that removes the sound. So what you have is a silent mouse. They figure you don’t really need the auditory confirmation that you’ve clicked, since you can see (on your computer screen) that you’ve done so. There’s a small one called the sm7000, meant for traveling. And now there’s a large 5-button sibling, called the sm8000. All 5 buttons are silent.

Uses for a silent mouse?

– Late night gaming.
– Late night… fapping.
– That’s it, really…

They’re $30 each and if you hit the jump, you can watch a video of the mouse not making any sound. And the links.

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Review – Rude Gameware Fierce Gaming Laser Mouse v.2

This post is syndicated with permission from

Rude Gameware isn’t the most well-known brand in PC gaming peripherals, but they are trying hard to make a name for themselves. They’ve recently released an update to their Fierce Gaming Mouse, dubbed v.2. When looking at the two, you can tell that they have made quite a few changes. So many, in fact, I hardly put the two in the same league.


Rude’s first foray into the world of gaming mice resulted in a rather generic and boring-looking product. This time around you can see that they’ve spend some more time on the presentation. Black plastic along the curves and silver buttons provide just the right accents to make it a little more noticeable. You’ll also find a braided cord and different colored LEDs under the middle button to indicate the current DPI settings. Overall, it isn’t the most flashy mouse, but certainly not one I’d be embarrassed to have next to my keyboard.

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Microsoft Express Mice Let You Express How Cheap You Are

Microsoft Express Mouse (Images courtesy Microsoft)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you find a wireless mouse stuffed full of rechargeable batteries to be a bit heavy, or extra buttons too confusing, and are right-handed, you might want to check out Microsoft’s new Express Mouse. At $19.99 it’s the cheapest mouse you can buy that includes the company’s BlueTrack Technology for more accurate tracking, but it forgoes wireless functionality in lieu of an offset USB cable which makes it look like using the mouse on the left side of a computer might be a touch more difficult for south paws.

It’s of course got a scroll wheel and left and right mouse buttons, though the overall design seems to be inspired by Apple’s Magic Mouse, which is the one area where you don’t want to copy Apple’s design choices. Available starting in April in your choice of Flint Grey or Hibiscus Red, with four other colors joining the party in June including Turf Green, Dahlia Pink, Ultramarine and Coast Blue.

[ Microsoft Express Mouse ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]