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This App Can Tell You When Your Local McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine is Busted


Every so often, a genius comes around with a revolutionary idea that changes the world overnight. Penicillin, the Polio Vaccine, the Internet are all fine, but they never answered life’s greatest question; is the McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine down?

Say hello to Ice Check, an app which allows users to update the status of local McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines. Just like Waze, or gas price apps, other users will bit the bullet and report the status of whether you’ll be able to get that McFlurry, or whether you’re stuck with a 6-piece McNugget.

I downloaded the app and the good news is that my nearest McDonald’s has a working machine, the bad news is that the nearest McDonald’s listed is 50 miles away. Bummer.

Available now on the iOS App Store for free. The app’s not on Android yet, guess they’re stuck playing the guessing game.

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Marketing: McDonald’s French Fry Gloves


You’re looking at what Moroch, a Dallas-based advertising agency, cooked up for McDonald’s in October of last year. We… don’t know what the campaign was, when or where they were used, but these gloves are a brilliant idea if you ask us. Granted they may end up making you want to bite your fingers off, but that’s a risk we’d totally be willing to take.

No you can’t buy them, at least not yet, and we suspect you might get a lawyerly letter if you tried to market these yourself without permission. But… that wouldn’t stop grandma from making you a personal pair, now, would it? Not that we’re encouraging trademark infringement, but once an idea is set free, it’s hard to put it back in the box.

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