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This Is Why You Can’t Get WiFi Signal In That One Room In Your Home

WiFi Apartment

How is it possible that you got this powerful router, and yet this one bathroom on the second floor never gets any darn WiFi? Jason Cole, a PhD student in physics wondered the same thing, but instead of cursing at his phone like most of us do, he decided to investigate. The picture above is the result of his efforts. After “mapping his own apartment and assigning refraction values to the walls, then applying so-called Hemholtz equations to model the electromagnetic waves’, he obtained a clearer view of what happens to the signal as the router is moved around. And while he did determine that the most optimal spot to place it was in the center of his apartment, he couldn’t do that, so he used his work to find the second best spot, one which would generate the most “tendrils” of coverage to the most places.

While most of us don’t have the knowledge to find the optimal spot for our router, the image above does highlight the fact that moving things around even just a little bit can make a rather large difference and that after some trial and error, you may be able to improve your situation dramatically.

[ Jason's Blog (math heavy) ] VIA [ Engadget ]

The Fibonacci Cabinet Tickles Our Math Bone

The Fibonacci Sequence or the Fibonacci Numbers are arguably one of the most significant series not just in mathematics, but also in the natural world. If you’re uninitiated, the series goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… Each successive number is arrived by adding the two preceding it. And it’s important because it surfaces time and time again in nature, such as in the “branching of trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruitlets of a pineapple, the flowering of artichoke or an uncurling fern, and the arrangement of a pine cone.” The cabinet you see above is inspired by the Chinese medicine cabinet, only instead of having drawers all the same size, each of the seven drawers here is sized after a number in the sequence. Made of bamboo, each drawer is independent and the entire cabinet can be rearranged at will.

We love it.

We don’t know how much it is, but it apparently can be bought and is made to order. Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and links.

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